Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 16, 2014

I want this garden shed

I pass this garden shed each time I come and go to Casa Debbio. I think it may just be the cutest one I have ever seen.



It possibly doesn’t hold much, but who cares?


  1. wow, you are right, derelict and divine, almost a home for a little italian gnome!.. c

    • I love it, and the garden around it is lovely.

  2. It’s beautiful Debra

    • I wonder how old it is.

  3. Very cute!

    • I’m sure we could have one at Casa Debbio.

  4. for me too 🙂 Loved so much. Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • There is a cherry tree beside it, right now covered with cherries.

  5. It has great character ! ! Perfect

    • It is much more charming than a new one.

  6. Yes, I admired it too on the way to Casa Debbio. Really rustic! These are those simple things that add character to the landscape.

    • It is a pretty garden and always well kept.

  7. What a lovely sight to greet every day your eyes!

    • Vergemoli is a beautiful village, we love it.

  8. It looks much better than our modern tin shed!

    • We don’t have a shed at all. I think this would look great under the hazelnut trees.

  9. How delightful! The blossoms add a lovely touch. Gosh my garden shed is a mess..

    • It looks great at any time of the year, but spring is particularly pretty.

  10. It looks like it comes from a fairy tale!

  11. there’s a few like that around the back of Cembroni. they’re absolutely solid
    and seem to withstand all weather.

  12. I think I could manage a reasonable replica of that for you!

  13. What a charming, little structure. I love it too!

    Hope you are doing well, Debra. Sorry to have been gone for so long. We were without internet for two weeks and then I traveled to the US for nearly another two. So glad to be home again in Cuenca!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  14. Makes me wish I was 4 years old again…. That shed is its own little world! Gorgeous!

  15. I’m with you-it’s so darling and would love to see it every day out in my garden!

  16. I am in need of a garden shed and would love the one in the photo which, of course, is made even more special by the surrounding scenery.

    • It is a beautiful garden and the mountains behind it make a gorgeous setting.

  17. The setting is even more beautiful!

    • All of Vergemoli is gorgeous. I love it there.

  18. Love your blogs on your mountain house. Such a beautiful area, absolutely amazing!
    Any signs of peonies yet?

    • The peony plants are growing, but they won’t flower until next year. At least I hope o get some flowers.

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