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Perambulating in Perugia

This post is for Janine, who writes Destination Umbria. Perugia is her town and as well as being famous for chocolate it is a gorgeous hilltop town in the green heart of Umbria. It is a university and language school town and has a lively atmosphere in its historical centre.

We parked outside the old city in a huge free carpark opposite the station and took the cute mini train up to the centre…what a great idea.


We began our visit in the stunning main square, Piazza 4th November. It is surrounded by magnificent buildings, including the Cathedral of St Lawrence. Its history dates back to 1,000AD, but it was in the 16th century that the building took its present appearance. The loggia dates from 1423 and below that, sections of Roman wall are still visible. It is presided over by a stern looking gentleman.




The interior is spectacular.


Opposite the cathedral is the equally special Palazzo dei Priori…begun in 1270 with modifications and extensions over the next few centuries. A griffin and a lion guard the entrance.




Inside the building is the amazing Notaries’ room with a ceiling supported by 8 Romanic arches.


There is another entrance around the corner, with a fabulous doorway.


In between the 2 buildings is the Great Fountain, the end of the aqueduct that brings water to the centre of the town. It was built in 1277 and the decorative sculptures were built by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. It was intended to present a city at the height of its political and cultural power. It seems to be doing a fine job still.


By now it was time for coffee and we lucked onto the Sandri, in Via Vannucci,which has been serving coffee and delicious pastries since 1860.


We wandered around the narrow, winding (always) streets and found the most amazing and grand old buiildings.

The views over the countryside are lovely.




There is a pretty park in Piazza D’Italia.


We did a tourist thing and had lunch at one of the outdoor restaurants in Via Vannucci at the appropriately named Il Bacio ( Perugia is the home of Baci chocolates). Our pizza was excellent.


It is easy to see why Janine is a Perugia fan.


  1. So beautiful!

    • Perugia is a gem.

      • It sure looks like it! Such beautiful pictures…

  2. I love that word perambulating and I love the alliteration – great headline. Lovely images.

    • I don’t mind a bit of alliteration.

  3. All the photographs are lovely,thank you.

    • Tuscany is very beautiful.

  4. There are griffins everywhere in Perugia. My favour it mythical creature and the city’s symbol!

    • The original griffin and lion from the building are inside…very impressive.

  5. A visit is needed

    • You need to go to Spello too.

  6. Your meandering adventure through the narrow streets must have been delightful .. thus a treasure trove of photo ops and joy! …. and Perugia is a place that has been on my wish list.

    • We have been before, but this time we had a good wander around the city. There is much to see.

  7. Lovely photos! I really enjoyed taking this tour around Perugia with you. I kept noticing how many arches appeared all around town. They are in the doorways and windows and bridges. That is really interesting how that architectural detail repeats itself.

    • What we noticed about Perugia is that everything seem very big and grand, and yes, there were lots of archways.

  8. What a beautiful city….love the photos Debra.

    • There is lots to see in Perugia and that little train I to the city is wonderful.

  9. Can I hit the “Like” button about a thousand times on this post? I would if I could.

  10. What awesome interiors and such a beautiful town – it must have a positive impact on the psyche of the inhabitants of a town such as that – it would make you feel so proud and protective of its reputation, I imagine. Yum, yum things in the pasticceria too.

  11. Lovely photos. I really enjoyed Perugia.

    • It is an interesting place to visit.

  12. Of course I loved this post… once I’d wiped the tears from me eyes. Thank you Deb!!! I only wish I had been there with you to stroll and eat cake and drink coffee together at Bar Sandri. You’ve captured it all beautifully.

    • We will do it together one day.

  13. Definitely one for the Italophiles. I bet Janine isn’t the only one that would liked to have been there! Lovely post, Debra.

    • There is certainly lots to see in Perugia.

  14. How awful that Perugia will now for ever be associated in my and so many other English minds with the terrible murder of poor Meredith Kercher from Coulsdon, (near where I lived in London) by (and this is after a retrial this year) Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. There is a dark side to this city of drugs and sexual exploitation- now very well documented by many investigators – that has put me off from ever visiting it again – a pity because it used to be a beautiful and safe place to be in ( I lived there in the 1960’s).

    • That was and still is a horrible business. Who will ever know the truth.

  15. Always amazing what you can find on those narrow, winding streets…:) Almost always wonderful! Love your wandering photos.

  16. […] Perambulating in Perugia. This post is for Janine, who writes Destination Umbria. Perugia is her town and as well as being famous for chocolate it is a gorgeous hilltop town in the green heart of Umbria.  […]

  17. […] This post is for Janine, who writes Destination Umbria. Perugia is her town and as well as being famous for chocolate it is a gorgeous hilltop town in the green heart of Umbria. It is a university …  […]

  18. Thanks for taking me with you to Perugia. Some beautiful sights to see, and delicious food to eat. I love that gorgeous lion, and the beautiful painted ceilings. 🙂

    • I still find it amazing that these incredible places exist at all.

  19. Your post about Umbria and Tuscany make me realize that I need to make a return trip. The last time I was in that area I broke my foot on the first day I was there and was so limited to what I could do. Your photos are just wonderful.

    • What a pity about your foot. I dislocated my ankle a few years ago and hobbling around is no fun at all.

  20. What a beautiful jewel! Thank you for showing it to us Debra 🙂

    • …one of many precious jewels in Italy.

  21. Always happy to see your gander to Italian places. And you do take to see so much! Loving the interior designs on both historical buildings.

  22. I love your pictures, I am a big fan of Perugia loved my 5 night stay

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