Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 26, 2014

Some spring snow

Our run of gorgeous spring weather came to an end a couple of days ago. We have had some much cooler weather, rain and snow on the mountains around us. I love a bit of snow so I headed towards Montefegatesi so see what I could see.

It was a bleak day, but I was soon rewarded by the sight of Prato Fiorito with a snowy covering.



As I drove higher on the road towards Montefegatesi it was clear that spring had been put on the back burner for a while. Everything looked desolate and cold.




I’ll come up in a couple of weeks and show you a completely different scene. These trees will all be green and gorgeous.

Prato Fiorito looks pretty spectacular in any season and in any weather.




…and on the other side of the ridge.


I drove on to Montefegatesi and down the other road via Monti di Villa, Pieve di Monti di Villa and Granaiola.










I think it is very beautiful, but I am ready for spring. I have just planted a weeping cherry at Casa Debbio and I don’t want it to get cold.



  1. WOW! Amazing photographs… snowy peaks fascinated me in these photographs, so beautiful. Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • Our mountains are very beautiful, especially with their snowy tops.

  2. Beautiful shots. We’ve also had some end-of-season snow in the Dolomites – lots of skiing left for keen telemarkers! I’m never in a hurry for the skiing season to end..

    • Last year we had a drop of snow in May, I wonder what will happen this year.

  3. The milder weather we were enjoying only a few days ago, has been replaced by cold winds and snow. It all started about 4 days ago on the Galician region of Spain and – as it usually happens – it has reached Italy a couple of days later. In any case, the snow is beautiful. I only hope that it is not going to ruin the early spring flowers….

    • It is quite cold here just now. I hope spring comes back soon.

  4. Great pictures. Its amazing how the weather can suddenly revert back to
    cooler conditions.

    • I knew that run of good weather wouldn’t last, it was too early.

  5. Love the weeping cherry Debra- a beautiful addition to casa Debbio

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I hope the mufloni don’t eat it.

  6. Looks chilly – chilly but beautiful…

    • I love the mountains with snow on them, but I am ready for spring.

  7. How lovely to enjoy the snow when you know Spring is on the way! Your photos are exquisite.

    • I do love the winter landscape here, but I am really looking forward to watching everything turn green.

  8. It really is the opposite side of the world to us isn’t it! Very pretty though πŸ™‚

    • My life here is very different from my life in Australia. I often wonder how a girl from the Gold Coast in Queensland ended up in the mountains of northern Tuscany…I’m glad I did though.

  9. Beautiful images… it’s always great to see the snow capped mountains…

    • Our mountains are very beautiful. I love being here.

  10. Such a lovely drive up to Montefegatesi and through the other villages. Just love the weeping cherry. Perfect addition to the garden up there.

    • I had to buy that weeping cherry. It spoke to me in the garden centre.

  11. Nice photos! It’s incredible the difference a week makes isn’t it… it seemed like spring was here and then winter has one last go!

    • I was expecting the cold to return, it was much too warm last week.

  12. Although officially Spring,it’s yet to come.

    • Soon everything will be green. I saw the first poppies today.

  13. Who knew you had all those lovely mountains up there! Let’s hope the snow is just a last minute winter scherzetto.

  14. Bare trees … something so photogenic about them. Are those cherry blossoms or something else?

    • That is indeed a cherry tree, the blossoms are gorgeous.

  15. Shame the gorgeous weather has departed hopefully it will be back soon. The weeping cherry is beautiful.

    • It will be warm again soon. I can’t wait to see all my plants grow at Casa Debbio.

  16. Fascinating to see that snow in the higher elevations. Here so near the equator, we don’t get snow in the mountains unless they are over 16,000 feet or so. What would that be in meters–maybe over 5,000?

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • It snows occasionally at Ponte a Serraglio and we are only 150 metres above sea level.

  17. Desolate and cold, but stunning, Deb! xx

    • I love winter, but I have had enough now.

  18. We are cold in Varese too! GGGRRRRR …I was so enjoying the sun and 25 degree weather!

    • Last week was so warm and sunny we were fooled into thinking spring had arrived.

  19. Lovely, lovely – hot soup weather. We have just a whisper of that kind of weather here this morning, including some very welcome rain. The weeping cherry is so beautiful and the wall behind it is lovely too. It must be such delight to wander around that garden and see what is growing.

    • Now that spring is on the way it is an absolute delight to walk around the garden and watch things grow.

  20. That’s Spring for you! But it does look a bit grim, doesn’t it? I always felt colder when it was grey with a dusting of snow, than when we’d had full-on winter blizzards and snow piled up all around. The weeping cherry looks wonderful – what a magical thing it will be when it’s fully grown! πŸ™‚

    • The cold weather is forecast to move away in a few days…that sounds good.

  21. Looks sooo cold, Debra. Brrrrr!! Really beautiful though. πŸ™‚

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