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The beautiful church of St. Anastasia in Verona

The church of St Anastasia in Verona is a fine example of Italian Gothic architecture. The church was designed by 2 Dominican friars, Fra Benvenuto of Bologna and Fra Nicolo of Imola.

Work began on what was to become the largest church in Verona in 1290 AD and lasted throughout the 14th and 15th centuries. It was completed early in the 16th century, except for the facade, which was never completed.


The church is enormous and has a very beautiful interior. It is made up of 3 large aisles supported by 12 pillars in red Veronese marble.


At the beginning of the middle aisle are 2 interesting holy water stoups. The one on the left was carved by Gabriele in 1495. It features a hunchback, a figure popular with the superstitious. It was said that touching a hunchback on the hump brought good luck.

The floor dates from 1444 and is made up of 3 colours.



The one on the right is a little more elaborate and was carved in 1591 by Paolo Orefice.


The interior could double as an art gallery. It contains works of art, sculpture and beautiful frescoes.

The Centrego Altar was built between 1488 and 1502 and dedicated to St.Thomas Aquinas. The painting of Our Lady enthroned between St. Thomas and St. Augustine is by Girolamo dai Libri of Verona.


The Pellegrini Chapel’s walls are covered in a series of 24 tableaux in terra-cotta telling the story of Christ’s life by the artist Martino da Verona.


Don’t miss St. Anastasia if you go to Verona, it is surely one of the most beautiful churches in Italy.

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  1. Yes you are right – as good as any art gallery. Looks marvellous.

    • The church is beautiful, well worth a visit.

  2. love those stoups! Great write up, looks like a wonderful church to visit.

    • It would be easy to spend hours in the church, there is so much to see.

  3. S. Anastasia is indeed a very wonderful church – I’m amazed at the regional architectural variations in Italy – S Anastasia is definately gothic but so different from the gothic of Milan cathedral for example.

    • It is amazing how each one can be so different.

  4. How beautiful! Can you believe I sat in the bar in front of this church for two hours in autumn, while my daughter was doing her audition at the conservatory next door! I was too nervous to do anything! Now that she’s been accepted I think I will go inside one day Debra and say a thank you prayer! Such a beautiful place – thank you

  5. This is a poetry written on stone… Fascinates me, the colours of marble, sculptures, and stone works like a lace…they are all great and beautiful. Thank you dear Debra, this was amazing post again. Have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • You are absolutely correct Nia, the church is magnificent.

  6. The photographs are amazing.

    • Thank you I had a beautiful subject.

  7. Wonderful … and another of countless examples of old Italian churches are actually museum. Thanks as I didn’t know of this one.

    • The church is one of the most beautiful I have visited.

      • 🙂

  8. We have visited Verona, but not this magnificent church. Thank you for discovering it for us through your beautiful photos. Next time we go there, we will not miss it.
    By the way, we are in San Francisco right now and until mid January.

    • I’m sure you will love the church. Enjoy your stay in San Francisco. I am going to Lapland next week.

  9. Wonderful sculptures, Debra. It’s a really beautiful church. Thanks for the great pics. 🙂

    • It is amazing how there can be so many gorgeous things to see in these places.

  10. What a beautiful church and the photos are amazing Debra.

    • Thanks, I really enjoyed discovering the treasures in the church.

  11. Beautiful, thanks for sharing part of the history

    • The church is full of treasures.

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