Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 11, 2013

A cold and frosty morning

Does Ponte a Serraglio look cold in this photo?


It should. It was still zero at 10.00am this morning.





Once the sun hit the village it warmed up considerably.


If you look in the bottom right of the photo you can see a pair of cormorants who have taken up residence with a few of their mates.


I am quite sure that I will never tire of looking at Ponte a Serraglio…whatever the weather or the season.


  1. Beautiful photographs, I loved the shadows and reflections in the river. It seems cold like here dear Debra. Thank you, love, nia

    • It is cold, but it is very beautiful. The misty mornings make everything look quite mysterious.

  2. Your photos are incredibly beautiful Deb. A long way from the temp here in Brisbane. Very humid and very warm, sleeping with the doors and windows open and no sheet. Enjoy x

    • I like the cold mornings, especially when we have a blue sky to follow.

  3. i love your colorful photographs

    • Thank you. Ponte a Serraglio looks so different in the winter.

  4. Beautifully captured Debra. I hope you wrapped your hands around a hot chocolate after that photo shoot. Thank you. Helen

    • I warmed my hands with a cappuccino at the bar.

  5. Beautiful pics! The place looks like a painting, really!

    • Ponte a Serraglio looks beautiful every day.

  6. It may be cold but the sun is shining on a little corner of heaven.

    • I know. We are having the most gorgeous days right now.

  7. It looks stunning! I’d put up with those temps to live there, and no, I don’ think you’ll ever get tired of that view!

    • I don’t mind cold weather. I prefer it to the heat.

  8. My goodness….that is cold. The photos are lovely. Here is WA we are experiencing warmer weather – heading towards 39 today.

    • I know what I would rather have.

  9. Terrific photos. Love the reflections.

    • The river is very still at the moment, but it occasionally turns into a fierce torrent.

  10. I’m with you as I can’t get enough of that view. Thanks for frequently showing it!

    • I feel very lucky to be here.

  11. So, so beautiful!

    • Ponte a Serraglio is a magical place.

  12. I guess that the double cappuccino and the double sfoglia were fully justified.

    • I admit to having 2 cappuccinos, but I try to stick to 1 sfoglia.

  13. Ah, such a beautiful winter mood, makes one wanting to hold a cup of hot chocolate…

    • I think winter is a beautiful season, particulalry when we have these clear bright days.

  14. I love watching the seasons roll over on your blog – stunning photos, Deb! x

    • I love the winter here. I don’t mind the cold and the scenery is gorgeous.

  15. I echo Celia’s view – those are such beautiful photographs Deb. I find such weather invigorating – providing of course that one can be warm and cosy inside and warmly clad outside.

    • I really like to stand in front of the heater while looking out of the window to the village.

  16. You have inspired me to want to visit. We will be in Firenze in June and would love to end our trip spending a few days there. Can you tell me how far from Pisa Airport the town is. Thank you.

    • Bagni di Lucca is about 1 hour away from Pisa airport. June is a great time to visit.

  17. It looks VERY COLD!! and some of those first photos look like paintings…like Murillo or something. Amazing. Other worldly. From another time, too.

    • I will be much colder next week when I head off to Finnish Lapland for Christmas.

  18. Up the hill looking down at you in the cold and mist , we are basking in the warm sunshine! beautiful pictures!

    • I have been staying at Casa Debbio inVergemoli and the house sits in sunshine all day. It is interesting to drive down to the valley in the mist.

  19. The bridge looks so beautiful in the cold morning light. Fabulous photos. 🙂

    • I love the colours of the village in winter.

  20. It looks cold . . . but very beautiful.

    • It’s is amazing how different it looks in winter

  21. Looks like a postcard for some winter vacation-land. Was that ice on the river?…Surely those birdies are so cold….

    Buon Natale!!

    • Sometimes the edges freeze, but the water is moving so it doesn’t get a chance to freeze all over. I worry about the birds’ legs in that cold water.

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