Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 30, 2013

Blue girl in Florence

When wandering in Flornce with a lovely friend I spotted this delightful girl in blue on a wall near Palazzo Pitti.


She appears to be a sticker as you can see the edges curling and peeling. I expect she may not be there on my next trip to fabulous Florence.


  1. What a sweet thing to spot…a lovely little sticker.

    • She and her llttle doll were very cute.

  2. I love the way you spot those subjects around places that people would generally overlook as ‘unimportant’, yet can convey a sweet message. The Blue Girl is beautiful.

    • There are always lots of fun things to observe.

  3. Let’s try and find her again one day Debra! x

    • I think we should.

  4. Gosh she’s divine …

  5. How curious!

    • I wonder if there are others.

  6. Pretty!

  7. How lovely!! Almost like some Italian frescoes 🙂

  8. that is darling. I wonder what street artist is behind that? Was she just posted in one place, or did you see multiple versions of her?

    • I have only seen 1, but it was a sticker so there may be more. I will be on the hunt when I get back to Florence.

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