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Random Rome

I had an overnight stay in Rome on the way home and I spent the evening walking through the city towards Trastevere, the lovely area across the Tiber from the centre of the city.

Come for a walk with me.


The river bank is lined with pretty tents with restaurants, markets and cinemas for the summer. What a great way to spend an evening in Rome.

Trastevere is a fascinating area to wander in, with a surprise at every turn.


I had dinner at Ristorante Sparita.


First course was fried zucchini flowers.


Followed by seafood pasta.


I also photographed my neighbour’s meal which was a delicious pasta with pecorino and pepper served in a Parmesan crust.


My neighbour just happened to be Jimmy Barnes (Australians will know who this is). He was there with his family and I had a delightful evening with this charming group.

The river looked amazing on the walk back to the hotel.









  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love the effect of the tiny little photos together. And I can actually taste, I mean taste, that pasta with pecorino inside the parmesan crust. Italian comfort food at its most comforting. What are the fried items?

    • Zucchini fowers. I had some growing in my garden at Casa Debbio before I left and I just had to have them.

  2. The Trastevere is our favourite area in Rome. Thank you for sharing those lovely photos with us!

    • It is an area I need to explore more. There is much to discover there.

  3. Great photos of a special part of Rome Debra. We are currently enjoying a great day here in Siracusa, Sicily ….beautiful weather, great food, scenery fantastic …

    • I need to go to Sicily, maybe next trip.

  4. Fabulous photos of Rome. Such an amazing place. So old and so very interesting. There’s always something new to discover. Love the little pusscat. Thanks for these wonderful pics and the walk through Trastevere.

    • I would like to spend a lot more time discovering Trastevere, there are some fascinating buildings there.

  5. Love eating fried zucchini flowers! Simply put … Italy has so many sights, sounds, and scents. …. ahhhhhhh

    • Zucchini flowers are delicious, I like them stuffed and baked too.

  6. Loved the stroll with you. It looked like a beautiful evening.

    • It was a gorgeous evening, and meeting Jimmy and his family was a lovely bonus.

  7. ah – Trastevere! Debra, thank you for taking us through this lovely part of Rome which we both love and always spend some time there when staying in Rome. Have a wonderful time in A. Ciao, Carina

    • It is good to be home, but I miss Italy already.

  8. Beautiful. It brings back wonderful memories of my visit to Rome about 15 years ago.

  9. Great photos, Debra. The fried zucchini flowers really waved to me, and the tree pic is lovely. 🙂

    • Thanks, I love zucchini flowers!

  10. Dear old Trastevere. Some tourists complain it’s a mess, but I love it. Beautiful shots of Castel Sant’Angelo!

    • I love it too. It is old and a bit chaotic, but not really messy.

  11. I miss and I love Italy but with your amazing posts and photographs I am there. Thank you dear Debra, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • I think is time you visited Italy again.

  12. I love the photos. How wonderful and what a small world for I just did a post about my first trip to Rome just yesterday. Thanks for adding to my memories.

    • I will cross to your blog and see your take on lovely Rome.

  13. Was he wearing a gold and enamel Buddha round his neck Deb? I sold it to Jane years and years ago! Fancy meeting Jimmy there!!! Love the posts as usual and look forward to a week in Bagni di Lucca.

    • I didn’t see the chain, I should have had a closer look.

  14. Amazing Rome. i miss it.

    • Rome is fascinating, and a summer evening is a great time to enjoy it.

  15. I love your patchwork of Roman scenes! You must introduce me to the taste of zucchini flowers sometime. That seafood dish looks so delectable! Had to laugh about your encounter with Jimmy Barnes – he is a South Australian icon. Glad you enjoyed your time with him and his family. What a charmed life you lead, and rightly so.

    • It was great fun meeting Jimmy and his family. I would have had a solitary dinner if not for the chance meeting.

  16. A lovely part of Rome and fancy you sitting next to Jimmy Barnes – such a small but wonderful world

    • I also met Aunty Jack on this trip…what fun.

  17. BELLA ROMA!!!!!!!Never a bad photo!You sure did take your time getting home!!!!!!!!!How beautiful is that………you lucky lady!

    • I usually travel to Rome at least the day before I fly out as public transport in Italy is not always reliable. They are inclined to call strikes regularly.

  18. Rome and Cold Chisel….whatever next! Fabulous as ever you!

    • What a treat! I should have asked him to sing.

      • And he would have, for you!

  19. What!!! You met Barnsie AND Aunty jack? I might have to rip your bl**dy arms off!

    • I have to say that I was pretty excited about meeting Aunty Jack. He was wandering through Ponte a Serraglio with his lovely wife.

  20. Ok, so that’s two of us who are going to rip you b###y arms off. jimmy Barnes! and Aunty Jack – I would have had to say “I love you”! Lovely walk.

  21. what a beautiful time, a night in Rome (Roma) and dinner with the Jimmy Barnes and his family, I think a beautiful family. Good on you!

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  23. Rome was one of my favourite destinations in a round the world trip a couple of years ago! And how great to have Jimmy Barnes as your neighbour too!

  24. Great photos. The view through the branches is framed nicely. We will have to visit Trasteveri next trip to italy.

  25. Lovely post and collection of photos! 🙂

  26. Wonderful post and great photos, Debra. I was reliving memories of our honeymoon in ’01 and again in ’04 when we had dinner in the Trastevere and walked along the Tiber at night as you did. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Beautiful and off the beaten track images of Rome Debra! What a great idea to take multiple stopovers on your flight. We , sadly, never seem to have enough time 🙁

    • I am lucky that I am able to take my time when I travel between Australia and Italy. Breaking up the flight is a good idea.

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