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Laughing kookaburras

I really know I am back in Australia when I hear the sound of Kookaburras. I was walking home from the city yesterday through a little park near our house when I heard the familiar sound…it is good to be home.

I don’t have photos of the kookaburras, but they were in one of these trees.




I think it is wonderful that the birds seem to live happily so close to the city.

I have recently been to Lone Pine where I found a kookaburra willing to pose.





  1. Agree, it is wonderful that some species can adapt to live near us…

    • Kookaburras can become quite tame and allow themselves to be fed.

  2. Great photos Debra. Were they taken at Highgate Hill not far from Torbreck? Love the middle photo where city skyscrapers are framed by silhouettes of the trees.
    And welcome home,
    Robyn in Brisbane

    • That is exactly where the photos were taken, beside the little wooden pavilion on the top of the hill. It is nice to be home for a while.

  3. Welcome home. Hearing that reminds me of the little rhyme/song we used to sing as kids–I suppose in Kindergarten. I forget exactly how it goes–Kookaburras sits in the old gum tree. Merry, merry king of the bush is he. Laugh Kookaburras. Laugh Kookaburras. Gay your life must be. Something like that.
    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • You have the words correct. We learned this at school too. They are wonderful birds.

  4. It’s such an astonishing call isn’t it, it always makes me smile – even when we get an absolute choir of them at dawn!

    • I usually hear them around sunset. They do sound comic

  5. Living vicariously through you, Debra! Beautiful photos, as always and welcome home. Although perhaps you are truly the nomad and home is wherever you are, I think.

    • I do feel pretty much at home wherever I am, but I do like my time in Brisbane.

  6. Yes you’re right, the kookaburras are a sure sign you’ve arrived downunder! Another thing to add to my ‘looking forward to’ list. Enjoly the Sunshine State winter! 🙂

    • It was 24degrees and sunny today…perfect.

  7. Lovely evening photos Debra. I can imagine the sound of the Kookaburas in the trees.

    • Aren’t they wonderful birds?? They help to make up for the lack of fireflies.

  8. Every time I stay at my Mum’s in Sydney I am amazed by the bird calls in the mornings and my kids feel it is some type of wildlife film. She also lives in the middle of the city. Glad you are home safely! Xcat

    • It is good to be home for the winter.

  9. What colours do these birds have?

    • They are related to kingfishes and are white and brown. If you look on You Tube you can see them and hear their call.

  10. Yes, Debra. it is the sound of Australia and something we do miss. Glad to hear that you are safely back home. See you later in the year in Italy.

    • We have quite a lot of birdlife around us, including bush turkeys nesting in the garden sometimes.

  11. You’re missing all the rainy and cold summer in Europe. We’ve had two sunny, slightly warm days the last two weeks, getting a bit dreary.

    We loved the kookaburras when we visited the Atherton highlands in the mountains above Cairns back in Feb ’12. Loved the little fellows, darting among the trees, their laughing startling us, showing where they were hiding. Got a few good pictures with a telephoto lens that I posted. I wish I had video and sound.

    • I was in Italy for months of rain…quite enough to last me for a while.

  12. Don’t know what a Kookaburra sounds like….one more for the bucket list! Welcome home Debra 🙂

    • Look on You Tube for some kookaburra calls. You will be amazed.

  13. Welcome home, Debra! Love your pictures of Brisbane in the dusk. I adore kookaburras also. They look like they have perpetual grins and I smile with them when they open their beaks to ‘laugh’.

    • They are wonderful looking birds…and Brisbane is looking very good right now.

  14. Welcome home! We don’t hear many kookaburras here but the magpies had the same effect for me….

  15. We get magpies too, but the kookaburras have such a great call.

  16. I don’t think I’ve heard a kookaburra call before. How would you describe it? Like a human laugh?
    Glad you made it safely back to Brisbane.

  17. Certain sounds linked to certain places is always a lasting memory.

  18. WOW! So beautiful. Thanks and Love, nia

    • It would have been better with a photo of the kookaburras.

  19. What a magnificent city. I have fantasies of one day seeing it…

    • Australia is a beautiful and interesting place to visit…you must come one day.

  20. Welcome home Deb. The Adelaide Central Market is what says ‘home’ to me. Been there 6 of 9 days since I got home! MLT

  21. I remember when we used to get huge groups of them on our balcony! I loved their visits! 😀

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