Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 14, 2013

How does your garden grow?

We have no silver bells or cockle shells, or pretty maids all in a row at Casa Debbio, but we do have the first signs of grass.

Bardhi and his friend laid the bed for the grass a couple of weeks ago.



Just yesterday there were green shoots appearing.


This morning they have grown.



The vegetable garden has been planted.


There is a small flower garden.


The geraniums are thriving.




I haven’t decided on a permanent home for the big pots with Chinese lanterns in them, but I quite like them either side of our new path.



  1. I am planning to make a garden. This is inspiring. Thanks.

    • Our garden wil take years to be the way I want it, but we have started to see difference.

  2. It is looking beautiful, Debra!

  3. Soooooooo pretty!!! The stone thing–I’m trying to figure out what it is: in the first pic it looked almost like an outdoor grill or pizza oven, but in closer pix it seems to be a little house–sort of like for a guardian/concierge???

    • It is a barbecue. There will be a frog beside it soon on the volcanic stone, which was the doorstep of the original house. The stone walls, apart from the barbecue, are the original walls of the old house.

  4. Ahhh! bardhi told me his hair & beard were getting long….!
    The garden looks great

    • He has promised to cut it before you arrive.

  5. How beautiful Debra – the garden is really coming along. Love your pots

    • The garden is going to be beautiful.

  6. Lovely! I finally planted my garden as we had a very wet and cold spell. Finally summer has arrived in all her glory and the flowers are brilliant!

    • Good weather has arrived here as well and the sun is heavenly.

  7. I like the flowers Debra.Thank you.

    • It is getting better every day.

  8. I love seeing a garden as it begins; you’ll be amazed at how it looks by the end of summer! I hope you post more photos of it; it has great “bones.”

    • I will be leaving in less than 2 weeks, so I hope someone else will take some photos for me.

  9. Wow beautiful. Where is this? Im looking forward to planning my garden. My wife and i have just brought 4.3 acres.

    • The garden is at our new stone house in Vergemoli in northern Tuscany. If you look at the top of the blog and open Rent our Mountain House you will see the rest of the house.

  10. But there is ONE pretty maiden at Casa Debbio —- arevaderci and see you next time — many many thanks for the wonderfull hospitality !!

    • You are too kind. See you on your next visit.

  11. Congrats on a great new garden which looks so perfect with the house.

    • Bardhi is here again today working on the fountain and the run off pipe. It is all going to look fabulous.

  12. Hi Deb, long time no speak, looks like you’re well! Great to see the house coming along so nicely.

    • The rotten weather here this year has slowed us down a lot, but we have sun now and it is hot. I will be back in early July.

      • Goodness where has the time gone? Are you still in Brisbane or have I missed you??

  13. What a lovely garden, how you must enjoy spending time there and watching the progress.

    • It is great now, watering every day and watching it grow.

  14. Incredible Debra! Amazing job. I can see how busy you’ve been! Complimenti davvero! x

    • In the last few days I have been building stone walls to make a couple of little garden beds leading away from the grasses area.

  15. This new garden and path looks so inviting. It makes a very welcoming first impression. I love the red geraniums.

    • I think e red geraniums really suit the house.

  16. Lovely garden. The grass seems to grow very quickly in Bagna di Lucca.

    • Things were a bit slow this spring because of the cold wet weather, but it is moving along now.

  17. It is already looking quite lovely

    • …and it can only get better.

  18. It’s all SO beautiful, Deb! How nice to see Casa Debbio being finished..

    • I think you would love it here. You really must visit me.

  19. The place looks great Ma. Looking forward to visiting at the end of the year, if it all works out

    • I hope you can make it …I will be here.

  20. congratulations on the latest step in the development of your beautiful garden

    • It is coming along well.

  21. Alas we have no garden and my balcony garden is suffering severe neglect so I’ll have to content myself with your pics!

    • We only have a balcony garden in Brisbane…I will miss this.

  22. What a beautiful place – it’s so cheerful and bright!

    • It is gorgeous up here, especially at night with the fireflies flickering in the dark.

  23. Won’t it be hard to leave this magical home you’ve created? It’s lovely Debra.

    • It is going to be very difficult to leave, but I will be back in October. You will have to come up to visit me.

  24. Lovely garden. We are badly in need of a new lawn too!

    • I have just one more week here at Casa Debbio to watch the grass grow.

  25. Such a pretty garden you have! Beautiful.

    • It is a work in progress. I think it will be a few years before it looks the way I want it too.

  26. There is nothing lovelier than a summer garden! This looks very very promising and what beautiful light.

  27. I am really missing being in Lucca right now…I’m in Doha working and boy is it HOT plus 1 degree…Shall I just go ahead and buy that Casa and become your neighbor there??!?!?!

  28. It is beginning to look really pretty Debra. Cant wait to see pictures of it all ready and blooming 🙂

    • Unfortunately I won’t be here when everything blooms. I go home on Thursday and won’t see when the roses bloom.

      • What a pity 🙁

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