Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 27, 2013

Spring snow in the mountains

The weather this year has been bizarre to say the least. It is almost the end of May and we have had snow on the mountains around Bagni di Lucca. Sunday turned out to be a glorious sunny day and were rewarded with these magnificent views.





I was back at Forte dei Marmi and the beach situation had improved as well.




There was even some activity on the sand and in the water.


It is overcast again today, but we had a brief respite from the horrible weather…summer is creeping slowly towards us.

Click here to see a few more photos of snow around Bagni di Lucca on Bella Bagni di Lucca.


  1. Hmmm….. sitting here in Hong Kong about to leave for Bella Italia….. so, do we return to Bagni or do we go to Bali…… which way do we go?

    • How about Bali on route to Bagni!

  2. Maybe the area needs a flip of the calendar to get summer rolling!

    • If that is the case…hurry up June!

  3. So pleased the Sun is Shining for you – enjoy. It is our third consecutive sunny day in the UK however, we are expecting rain later today!

    • It is not looking good here again today, but it WILL get better.

  4. I think mid-June will be the turnaround. Ahh but I’m sick of it too! At least it’s not too hot to garden..

    • I would like it to change right now so we can get to work on our garden at Casa Debbio.

  5. The clouds look fabulous,thanks. Your photographs are amazing!

    • Thank you. I have a good subject.

  6. Great photos Deb – is that a surfer I see?

    • There were a few boys out on their boards…all in wet suits.

  7. Hope that summer is creeping towards you …. nice images of clouds …

    • The skies are gorgeous right now.

  8. The weather here in New York has been a little up and down also, one day it’s pooring rain, the next sunshine and hot; part day cool, other part cooler! Hope it will all settle down to summer soon.

    • It has been a cold, wet spring here…come on summer!

  9. Beautiful, sunny weather today in Le Marche. We even went to the beach! A bit cooler than normal, though…

    • It was sunny in Bagni di Lucca today, but not very warm.

  10. I love those snowy spring mountains! Great shots, too, of the guy playing soccer on the beach. Maybe he’s a foreigner since Italians don’t put on their suits until July….

    • I thought that lovely boy needed to be shared. There were a few people enjoying the day of sun by the sea, and a few were even in the water up to their ankles.

  11. I detect a smiling face in that first cloud formation – what a way to start the day! Love the slivers of snow still shimmering on the mountain tops and those hardy souls braving the waves. Those beach chairs beckon for some occupants – it’ll be a different story when summer comes with a blast in the latter months. Do you have to pay for your spot on the beach?

    • You do have to pay for a chair on the beach and it can be quite expensive…something Australians would not stand for.

  12. Looking promising Debra! Fingers crossed it continues to get warmer & that rain disappears!

    • Summer is just around the corner…I know it.

  13. I read in the news today that a snowstorm this weekend dropped three feet of snow on a New York ski mountain near the Vermont border. For crying out loud, it’s almost June. What’s up with that???!!!!

    • The weather is crazy this year.

  14. Yes – those snowy mountains were really wierd things to see when I went to Castelnuovo last Sunday at the end of May!!!

    • The snow didn’t last long, it was mostly gone the next day, but it is certainly unusual.

  15. The clouds are amazing! They have been one of the upsides of the turbulent weather we’ve been having, but enough is enough, isn’t it? Yesterday it was perfect in Milan and today we are back to our gray sky blues. Thought about you this a.m. when I heard on the news that Australia had been awarded for the third year running “the happiest country on the planet” designation. Why do you think that is? It’s always seemed the case to me, but why is it? Can you explain?

    • I am Australian, so I admit to bias. Australia is a great country to live in. There is opportunity for people to be successful. If you want to work you will find a job, and be reasonably well paid for it. There is a good safety net for those who need help. Our education system is effective and mostly free. We have a efficient medical system, which everyone can access. Our climate is mild and we have some spectacular landscapes, including some of the best beaches in the world. Our cities are not too crowded…yet. Australians are usually friendly and easy to get on with. There really is no reason for Australians to be dissatisfied with their lot. Obviously there are always those who fall through the cracks, and life is not wonderful for everyone, but collectively I can understand why Australia received this rating.

  16. Still not really beach weather in my book, Debra. (It needs to be over forty to get me near water – and that’s only my daughter’s swimming pool!)

    • We used to swim all year at Main Beach when I was young and I will still brave the surf on a warm winter day, but Forte dei Marmi wasn’t calling me that day.

  17. One thing this weather makes you do is appreciate a sunny day, or even just an hour of blue sky, don’t you think. I’ll glad you had a Sunny sunday!

    • It is amazing what a difference a blue sky makes. We are back to horrible today.

  18. I like rainy day too. Maybe you can try to capture rainy day?

    • If you look back through the posts you will find I have photographed rainy days too…we have had many.

      • Try visit my blog. Maybe u will like it. Don’t forget to follow! haha 🙂

  19. So beautiful moments you captured dear Debra, especially the blue sky with snowy mountains, amazing. Thanks and Love, nia

  20. Twelve months ago there was a post asking why some weather forecasts for Bagni di Lucca seemed to indicate very low temperatures for September, 10 degrees or so. The response suggested that the weather info was wrong. However it is still happening with very low temps predicted for July 2011. I am told that average temps for July in Bagni are around 27 degrees. Why is there such confusion and where do you look to find accurate indications of the weather there? Isn’t it in the interests of the regional tourist board to ensure we’re not confused by these forecasts?

    • I wish I could give you a good reason for the confusion. Yes, it would be in everyone’s interest to get the temperatures right. 27degrees sounds about right for July, or perhaps even warmer. September is usually warm as well. We are having unusually cold weather right now and we are all longing for some sun.

  21. Following your blog,Debra, watching weather in Milano where I’ll be next week, and emailing my researcher who said winter just won’t leave . . . she’s so disappointed, had a wet weekend last week at the beach.
    I’m packing, but can’t decide if I should take sweaters or coat . . . last year it was delightfully warm and sunny. Stay tuned!

    • I’m sure it will turn hot any day now.

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