Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 25, 2013

The last thing needed was a morning storm

I woke up this morning to heavy rain…again. Then I heard a loud rumbling sound like a large truck heading toward the house, but it was not a truck, it was thunder.

Sometimes in winter I find these morning storms exciting, but coming at the end of several months of miserable rain, I was not all that thrilled by the sound of thunder, and opening the door to the balcony to find it was 8 degrees.


The river is rushing past again and water is pouring in from everywhere.



The geraniums are looking dejected.


We are not the only ones affected by this latest bout of horrible weather. I was in Forte dei Marmi yesterday and I have never seen the sea so rough on the Versilia coast.


There was a damp crowd at the end of the pier watching the unusual scene. Occasionally one of the huge waves broke over the end of the pier.



I read in the paper this morning that several beaches along the coast had been damaged by the heavy seas. I had to return to Forte dei Marmi this morning so I had a look along the coast. Normally the sea is flat and calm, but again today the seas were rough.


Further south, at Marina di Pietrasanta, it was just as dreary.


The art on the pier seemed very appropriate today.





Lido di Camaiora was the same. These beaches and piers should be full of people enjoying the sun,sand and sea. The restaurants and shops should be full, but they are all virtually empty. You have to feel for the businesses relying on a good summer trade…let’s hope it gets better soon.


Washed up on the beach were countless blue things. I have no ideas what they are…any suggestions?




The weather MUST improve soon!!!!


  1. In winter it is nice,drammatic waves etc, but now we need sun…poor tourists!

    • This constant rotten weather is driving me mad!

  2. Dreadful and depressing, it can only get better…..

    • It can’t get much worse!

  3. This weather is doing my head in – have never known anything like it since I came here in 2005. It’s quite autumnal and it’s snowed on the prato fiorito and anywhere above 1,400 meters. There’s only so much one can do stuck at home. Let’s hope this year’s an exception… anyway your Colombia post certainly cheered me up – I hope tomorrow’s performance at 8.30 pm at Montecarlo’s teatro degli rassicurati of Marriage of Figaro will do the same – if the weather lets me get to it!

    • I have been here since 2003 and this is by far the worst year I have ever had here. It is driving me nuts!

  4. The weather made for some beautiful, dramatic photos.

    • The weather is certainly very dramatic…right now I would settle for some boring fine days.

  5. Those are portuguese man of war, or otherwise known as blue jellyfish.

    • I googled the jelly fish and their official name is La Medusa Velella vellella…or by-the-wind jellyfish. They are certainly strange looking things.

  6. Same weather in Loreto (Le Marche) and raining cats and dogs at lunchtime. Fortunately, we had a very long lunch… The sun is shining right now, but it is hard to predict for how long. Fairly cold as well.
    Do not touch the blue jellyfish. They sting. Not good for any beach to have an invasion of those little monsters…

    • The jelly fish were all quite dead. They are quite small and flat, not like any jelly fish I have seen before.

      • Debra,

        Even dead, their stingers still contain nasty doses of toxins. No touchee, girl! You don’t want that talented shutter-button finger wrapped up in bandages and slathered with benadryl and cortisone!

  7. I hear you Debra…Basta con questa pioggia! xx

    • It has been raining for months!!!

  8. IT MUST! The weather looks grim for Italy at the end of May. For a change it’s nice here today, sunny although still a little cold but there’s no need to swaddle up to go out.

    • It must change soon. It simply cannot keep raining.

  9. Rain does spoil our plans,but sometimes we pray for rain as well. We are human we are not satisfied.

    • I know that sometimes we ask for rain, but this has been going on since November last year. We will all have webbed feet soon.

  10. The weather has gone completely bonkers! We have had a beautiful day here, we’ve been to Bolton Abbey in North Yorkshire, shorts and t- shirts were the order of the day. The ice-cream vendors have done a roaring trade. But to be honest I would rather be in a wet Ponte than a sunny UK! A x

    • I don’t mind the odd wet day here in Ponte, but it is now ridiculous.

  11. Not good news for tourists headed that way, Rather incongruous sculptures for the beach-front, even if it reflects the mood of the hour, don’t you think?

    • Those blue things look lovely! Any wiser about what they are?

      • It appears they are little jelly fish. I could see tentacles, but they were quite short. They were strange little critters.

    • I thought the one in the water was particularly dour, and not at all what I would expect to see at a fun holiday place. It definitely suited the situation today, but is hardly cheery.

  12. The blue things are jelly fish that appear along this bit of coast at this time of year. They are harmless but if it gets hot they smell horrible !

    • There were thousands of them washed up along the beach. I can imagine that they would smell a bit when the sun hits them.

  13. When those bluebottle jellyfish are alive and floating, they have long tentacles trailing behind them which give a very nasty sting. When they are dead and washed up they make a satisfactory POP if you stand on them!

    • These are different from our blue bottles. They have a kind of flat sail on top instead of an air filled bubble.

  14. Oh my …. definitely not summer weather! …. Bagni still looks great in the rain.

    • It always looks lovely, but now I want some sunny days.

  15. hi deb sad about all that rain. at the moment in brisvegas it is sunny and a pleasant 21c. this week we have italian week here so there could be some good food around. also Miami had its 50th anniversiry a few weeks ago. i didnt go but i dont think there were any pre mid 70’s there. looking forward to catching up when you come back!! the colombian blogs were great too. chris 🙂

    • The weather will get better and I will get my garden going!

  16. Oh dear! Hope that weather brightens up before we get there Deb! Beautiful here in Brisbane today…taking off on Tuesday…so looking forward to it!

    • I’m sure it will be great by the time you get here. We will probablyy be complaining about the heat.

      • I sure hope so!

  17. Debra I’m sure summer is just around the corner for you. It’s funny to think it’s warmer here in Sydney and we are about to slip into winter.

    • Warm sunny days will be here soon…I just know it.

  18. It might be raining, but beautiful photos Debra. We need some rain here in Melbourne at the moment. In a few weeks we are going to Northern New South Wales coast and Brisbane for a holiday. Looking forward to warmer climate.

    • I wish I could send some rain to you in Melbourne…we have had more than enough.

  19. Endless rain here too, but this morning wind in the trees and so far – sun! I’m out in the garden after coffee! Xcat

    • Sunday has been a much better day…let’s hope it is the start of better things.

  20. Great post, I have seen that water really wild in December not in May. I hope you get your summer soon.

    • Today, Sunday, was a much better day with lovely blue skies.

  21. Lovely post! Very interesting to see a slice of Italy without the sunshine and blue skies. Let’s hope for the weather to improve soon and warm up. Spring has so far been colder and wetter this year. 😉

    • It has been quite cold the last few days, but today was much better.

  22. For once, I didn’t go into a deep blue funk in mid-May, when I left Venice after another 3 month stay. It was so dreary and wet for mot of the time. I wonder what your summer will be like!

    • I’m sure summer will kick in eventually…it must!

  23. if it’s any consolation, the weather has been the same here in Switzerland. Even the Ticino has had wet wet wet weather. On Friday we’re off to Virginia and it’s cool there too! But we’ll all survive! Don’t let it get to you! Love,

    • I wouldn’t mind so much if I wasn’t trying to finish the garden at Vergemoli.

  24. Watching the final stage of the Giro d’Italia on TV, in Brescia, the sun’s out, hope it’s made it’s way to Ponte!

  25. I was feeling exactly the same about the weather in France – but yes, a little sunshine yesterday and it looks like a glorious day today – hooray!

    • We have had 2 fine days, but rain is on the way again.

  26. We arrive in just under 3 weeks….hoping that your Summer would have well and truly kicked in by then! Not looking forward to leaving a Melbourne winter behind and finding the same weather over there!

    • I’m sure the weather will be wonderful by then…I hope so anyway.

  27. Stormy weather indeed – I hope the sun shines for you soon. The little blue things look interesting…

    • No doubt we will all be complaining about the heat soon

  28. I have just come back from 6 days in England where it was hot any sunny….!

    • Lucky you! It WILL happen here soon.

  29. […] here to see another of her sculptures by the sea at Pietrsanta, along with some truly crummy […]

  30. Reblogged this on coralboucher and commented:
    Hope it fines up for you soon but some wonderful shots of various scenes. Would love to go there

  31. hope it fines up for you soon. Wonderful scenery though

    • The weather did eventually get better. Summer was late arriving.

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