Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 23, 2013

I remember you

I went to the cemetery in Fornoli yesterday to say hello to my old friend Edoardo, who died last year at age 95. He was one of my favourite Ponte People and I miss seeing his lovely old face at Bar Italia.


Like most of the graves in the cemetery, Edoardo and Bianca’s is well cared for. Somebody visits regularly to clean the site and replace flowers on the grave. Almost all the graves have flowers.





Some of the flowers are artificial, but they are clean and obviously replaced regularly. There are also some lovely fresh flowers.



Some of the graves have angels watching over the residents.





This headstone features a football player. The almost 21 year old man, who lies beneath, was obviously a keen player.



I found the next one very touching. Parents finally got to join their young daughter.


Some of the residents lived to be quite old.


I like the way Italians remember their family members and care for their graves. My father chose to be cremated so we have to put imaginary flowers on an imaginary grave…but that is OK too, he will never be forgotten.
Dad was an atheist, but for some reason he believed in ghosts. If he was right, I hope he is enjoying a great game of ghostly golf right now.

Click here to see my first post about Edoardo.


  1. He is well missed in Ponte. Your old blog on Edoardo is a beautiful memory of him.

    • It is sad to see the old faces disappear from the piazza. I miss Edoardo.

  2. Yes, Edoardo was part of Ponte a Serraglio. May he rest in peace!

    • I’m sure he is dancing somewhere and having a good time.

  3. What a beautiful cemetery Debra! Your friend sounds like a special man.

    • He had a twinkle in his eye and liked to tell me jokes in Italian. Some I could even understand.

  4. I love wandering around in cemeteries – it somehow puts life into perspective. I didn’t know Edoardo but I understand how these wonderful characters can be so much missed. Although I haven’t been in this part of the world that long the grim reaper has already taken several people I shall sorely miss, including the builder who helped me get my then “new” purchase into some kind of order. He died quite young and when that happens it’s even worse and seems so unfair.

    • I’m sure you would have seen him at Bar Italia, he was there just about every day. The group of old men there is getting smaller.

  5. It’s lovely to see all the graves so well tended. I hope your Dad is enjoying that ghostly game of golf somewhere.

    • Dad was an excellent golfer and he loved to play. I have never learned to play, but my son has inherited an interest.

  6. I remember Edoardo well. He was such a special and charming old Italian gentleman. Pleased to see how beautifully kept the burial sites are kept.

    • He was lovely, and he had his eye on you as well.

  7. I love your words here Debra. Italians have a way of keeping their departed so close. xx

    • I think it is wonderful that the graves are so well tended.

  8. Our cemetary in Crasciana is a lovely place as well, it has the best sunsets and is so peaceful. The amount of marble used is starteling as it is soooo expensive here in the States. Isnt it nice they are so well cared for.

    • Cemeteries get some of the best positions, especially in the mountain villages.

  9. Very thoughtful post. I know how important it is to visit loved ones at the cemetery. I don’t really like doing it myself but realise how much it means to my mother-in-law. Xcat

    • I find it very sad to wander among the graves and imagine the lives of the people buried there.

  10. I remember Edoardo too, I remember you writing about how much he liked to sing. How lovely to see well tended graves – it says a lot, I think, for a culture which honours and cares for the dead in such a way. Cemeteries have stories to tell too.

    • Edoardo was a real character and he is missed at Ponte a Serraglio.

  11. My advice is stay away from cemeteries — you’ll be there long enough !

    • I quite like them…from above.

  12. Some cemeteries can be really beautiful-this one is hauntingly pretty!

  13. I was thinking of your Edoardo post just recently… I think it was just one of those posts that struck a chord with me.
    It’s wonderful that you get to go somewhere and remember your old friend. I often think our Australian culture when someone dies, is seemingly confused. We’re almost expected to move on and not dwell on their memory…bugger that. Their memory should be rejoiced and remembered. Like Jan said, honoured.

    • I like to be able to visit old friends this way. He had a long life and he is remembered affectionately by lots of people…very nice.

  14. Wonderful remembrance of your friend. My recent trip to Italian cemeteries was interesting – so different from American cemeteries. Great beauty … and I recall a statue of a lady/angel elegantly placing a rose on the tomb. Wonderful!

  15. That cemetery is such a beautiful place, and not at all depressing as are some that I’ve seen.

    • I don’t find the cemetery depressing at all. It is in a beautiful position overlooking the town and the river valley and it is beautifully kept.

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