Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 25, 2013

Tuscan rooftops

I can never see too many Tuscan tiled rooftops…old, new, I don’t care, they are goregous.






































Best of all, one of these is ours.


  1. Rooftops, doors, gates . . . it’s the same attraction, I think. These are especially beautiful, Debra. Beautifully photographed as usual!

    • Thank you. There are many wonderful things to photograph in beautiful Italy.

  2. I love collections like this, thus a wonderful collection. Difficult to pick a favorite because you have so many great images.

    • Most are taken fairly close to home. Bagni di Lucca is full of fabulous roofs.

  3. Your photographs are amazing, really makes you open your eyes to things. Rooftops fascinate me, but I have never photographed them. seeing your beautiful photos inspires me! Well done Debra yet again, I love your blog…

    • You have lots of lovely roofs close by to start with.

  4. Sure makes my ColourBond roof look dull and boring!

    • Some of these roofs have been gathering their charm for centuries.

  5. A beautiful collection, Debra. You really spoil us! Thank you.

    • I don’t think I have seen your roof. Is it tiled?

      • Yes, it is. We had it totally repaired when we bought the place 5 years ago. An expensive job, but it was very well done. And they had to match the original tiles…

  6. Some lovely shots here. I have to say I’m tired of snow on roof tiles right now – especially our own. Looking forward to some baking hot summer days..

    • I am sick of the cold weather too, I want spring.

  7. What a great collection of roofs, Debra. I agree. You can never admire them too much–complete with moss, rocks, pigeons… Wonderful!

    • I particularly love the ones with rocks on them. I can imagine it must have been difficult to get those rocks up there.

  8. natural intriguing beauty. Thanks for sharing

    • Tuscany is a beautiful part of Italy.

    • Tuscany is a very beautiful part of Italy.

      • I totally agree ! beautiful indeed

  9. How lovely to have your own Tuscan roof. And the house beneath it of course!

    • We are very lucky indeed to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

  10. The roofs are beautiful.

    • I really like the ones covered in moss and lichen.

  11. Always loved the Tuscan rooftops. There’s a story under each of them, they’ve seen the days… The shots from above like in Florence and Siena are especially fascinating.

    • It is always a good idea to climb to a high vantage point to get a good view of these lovely towns.

  12. Wonderful roof tops, Debra. They are all so photogenic, as are most sights in Italy. 🙂

    • Italy has a lot to like.

  13. Just gorgeous! Thanks for refreshing my memory Debra 🙂

    • It was that last photo I took in nearby Fornoli that gave me the idea to go back through my photos and find rooftop ones.

  14. These are BEAUTIFUL! I love the incredible range of color. You think terra cotta/tile and one color, more or less, comes to mind. But it is not at all the case, in reality. And the moss covered ones! God, too beautiful. Thank you so much. Such an impressive collection!

    • There is an amazing range of colour and shape and they are all lovely.

  15. They absolutely are, Debra.

    • I feel very lucky to be able to spend so much time in this gorgeous place.

  16. Excellent photos. I don’t recognize your new roof there. Did I miss it?

    Please enlighten me, what is the purpose of the rocks and stones placed in top of the roof tiles?

    • The roof with rain falling on it and the water spout is our roof in Ponte a Serraglio. I believe the rocks are there to help keep the tiles on in strong winds.

  17. Love the silhouettes of the rooftops.

    • Me too. It is great that some of our mountain villages cling to the sides of the hills and we can walk among the rooftops.

  18. I do like this post. Love these rooftops.

    • They are stunning, and the really old ones have a charm of their own.

      • Absolutelly!

  19. Old or new, doesn’t matter they all have such a distinctive Tuscan look.

    • I will have to do a comparison with other parts of Italy.

  20. Yes – fabulous photographs and Italian rooflines are, indeed, a treat. The roof apex is always at an angle greater than 90 degrees (or less than that in snowy areas) and this is what gives them interest (quite apart from the materials used, the terracotta colours, the fact that the roof often has wide eaves, that there is a nice gap between the top windows and the start of the roof, that often the roof isn’t straight at all but contoured by maturing timbers! The UK ubiquitous semi-detached house roof always seems to have the standard and boring 90 degrees used in the apex, the factory product materials used – in, fact everything opposite to Italy. Also, how many Italian cities allow skyscrapers to disfigure their historic centres? The absence of those mammon monsters also contribute to the unique charm of so many Italian urban centres.

  21. Great work, Debra, Yes, the camera comes out whenever I find myself in a tower above a Tuscan village.

  22. What an amazing catalogue…I love the warmth and the forever quality of the terracotta. Beautiful post! x

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    I love Tuscan rooftops!!

  24. Reminds me of my trip to Florence last year. Such beautiful architecture and I just love the terracotta roofs. Great series.

  25. Those orange tiles give such a sense of place… great collection of shots!

  26. They are so lovely; the grand ones and the humble……yes, colour bond doesn’t quite make the cut does it.

  27. the pictures are so beautiful, i love red tiles. they are cosy and give a nice color and a nice view to the village.

  28. I agree – what a fantastic assortment of beautiful roofs!

  29. The colors are fabulous, and just love to imagine all of the things that have happened under those tiles over the years…lots of stories, for sure!!

  30. Lovely shots 🙂

    • I don’t think it is possible to take a bad photo of these roofs.

  31. Magnificent shots, love the character that the moss and lichen adds to the tiles.

    • The lichen makes the tiles look even better than they do when they are new and clean.

  32. I used to visit Italy every year when my son lived there, and your photos made me want to pack my suitcase.

    • I am lucky that I can spend so much time here each year.

  33. Thanks for the feast of the eyes! Gorgeous!

    • I am surrounded by these lovely rooftops.

      • I just LOVE your blog and photography Debra! Every time I open a post, I’m delighted. I don’t always have time to read all the words but if I’m short time, I still go the entire way through each post to delight at your amazing photos. I think I’d love living in Italy. It is magical! Thanks for sharing your world! Although I don’t always comment, just know I’m one of your biggest fans!!!! Nicole

      • Thank you for your lovely comments Nicole. I admire your blog and you for the stand you take to help make the world a better place.

  34. That is an amazing set of photos. Amazing!

    • Thank you. I had fun collecting them.

  35. I love the tiles too! During my trip to Tuscany, I was enamored with doors and came home with hundreds of wonderful pics of all the unique kinds.

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