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Villa di Petroio, a beautiful house in Tuscany

I was invited by Tuscany Now to visit Villa di Petroio near Florence with a group of fellow travel bloggers…lucky us.

Villa di Petroio is a 12th century property near the town of Rufina. The estate produces wine and olive oil and has several delightfully restored houses available for rent. The houses are surrounded by vineyards and have gorgeous views of the hills that circle the estate.









I had a little snoop inside because I knew you would want me too.




I absolutely love the kitchen downstairs. There is a much bigger one upstairs, but this one is the one I would use.


We were entertained by a wonderful group of musicians called Gli Amici Di’Chianti. The 4 performers wear traditional, early 20th century Florentine costumes. They sing “Stornello”, traditional improvised Tuscan verses and of course, there is audience participation. It was a lot of fun.

Lunch was delicious. We had bruschetta, porcini risotto, the best chinghiale (wild boar) I have ever eaten, rosemary potatoes, followed by the best tiramisu I have tried. Heavenly hot chocolate came a bit later.

The family dogs enjoyed the day as well and were on hand in case any tasty morsels fell to the floor.

I had a wonderful day. Thank you Edoardo and family and Simon for the inivitation. Meet Edoardo and his delightful Mum and wife.



I love your Villa and I would like to announce that I am available for adoption.

If you are thinking of gathering a large group of friends together for a holiday in Tuscany, this would be an excellent place to choose. Everything has been designed to make your stay memorable, the area is gorgeous and the Villa is only 40 minutes from Florence.

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  1. What a great day you had! Must visit villa Petroio myself.

    • It is a gorgeous villa. It must be spectacular in the spring.

  2. Your photographs are stunning. Thanks for this.

    • The villa will look even more lovely in a couple of weeks when spring finally arrives.

  3. even the dogs are gorgeous, what a wonderful day and so much to take in. The house looks stunning, ciao lisa x

    • The dogs were lovely and very keen to make friends.

  4. It looks wonderful and I love that door handle!

    • Isn’t is gorgeous, I want one!

  5. as always your photographs fascinated me dear Debra, they are so beautiful… Thank you, love, nia

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stay at the villa for a month??? There is a huge swimming pool with amazing views all around.

  6. Wow, what a fabulous place. Lucky you indeed and I’m so glad you had a snoop inside – I really would be quite happy to be part of the below stairs team in that kitchen. The musicians look like tremendous fun as well as being interesting.

    • I love the green tiles in the kitchen. The musicians would be great at any party.

  7. What an exquisite setting and dreamy interior…. I love the idea of making a career of visiting beautiful villas in Italy…. And I’m delighted they had the good sense to invite you too! The post is irresistible!

    • I would love to have a career visiting villas in Italy…what a good idea.

      • 😉

  8. Can they adopt me too? 😉

    • I’m sure we would be very useful additions to the family.

  9. It looks so beautiful! I think you have the best job on the planet 🙂

    • I write my blog for fun, not profit. It would be perfect to do something you love and get paid too.

  10. What a marvelous post, Debra! For a few moments, I was completely there, smelling the food, hearing the music, petting the dogs – ahhhh . . . . I also loved the doorway from the inside, with its arched top – wonderful detail.

    • It is a beautiful villa. I feel very lucky to have spent the day there.

  11. Gorgeous, I’d love to visit Italy one day.

    • Italy has more beautiful places per square inch that anywhere else in the world. You must visit.

      • Thank you, I definitely will.

  12. Debra — your photos whet my appetite for another Italian adventure, Plan to go in late May or early June to visit that magical place. I plan on visiting
    new places, smaller towns in the lake district.

    • How lovely. May is a beautiful month to be in Italy, before the crowds arrive.

  13. What a fantastic day you must have had. The Villa was stunning and such beautiful surroundings. I am sure the lunch was Devine… Your photos were so good you wanted to jump into the picture and Enjoy!

    • Sorry I didn’t leave my name Gill…

      • It is a beautiful villa. I have grabbed some ideas for Vergemoli.

  14. Such a great post Debra. This is what we dream of when thinking of going to Italy

    • It is exactly what we think of when we think of a Tuscan villa…absolutely heavenly.

  15. Bugga B’d Luca , I’m going here for my holiday !

    • You would love it, but I’m not sure if it has a tennis court.

      • It DOES have a tennis court!! I will be going there in July, with my family.


      • What a fabulous time you will have! The villa is gorgeous and the owners are delightful.

  16. Sounds and looks like a fun day. The villa is somewhere I could happily while away a week or two.

    • I could quite happily settle in the villa for a lovely long holiday.

  17. How beautifully you captured the day, Debra. These are the kinds of things that lure me back, as well.

    • The charming family made us all feel very welcome. It was a lovely day.

  18. The epitome of warm and cosy and Tuscan. Love the dog painting over the sofa and the colors in the kitchen!

    • I want that kitchen! I saw some tiles like that in Florence in a gorgeous design place and I wish I had a place for them.

      • Do you remember the name of the store in Florence? I’d love to go dome time…yeah, that kitchen is happiness in brick and mortar. Pure bliss.

      • I don’t remember the name of the shop, but it is quite famous and is on the Palazzo Pitti side of the Arno and a 10 minute walk from the river.

  19. What a place and what a feast! Fabulous.

    • It was lovely. I am so glad I was invited.

  20. Lovely details and mesmerising landscape. Makes me feel like some so
    summer light!

    • It is going to look even more gorgeous in a few weeks when it all turns green.

  21. I was invited to this also. Sorry that I didn’t go now. It was a goreous day on Saturday and what a great place it would have been to enjoy it.

    • I wish you had come. It would have been fun to meet.

  22. Wow … lucky you! A great day and great pics to share … and cheers to the food!!!

    • It was a lovely day at Villa di Petroio. I wish I could have shared the lunch with you.

      • 🙂 …. and tell Marco at the restaurant close to you I said hello … well, he won’t remember me. … he had the one guy … right?

      • I will say hello to Marco for you. He is not well right now and is due to spend a few days in hospital.

      • Oh no … strength to him!

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  24. What a wonderful day Debra! The food looks as fabulous as the house! Green with envy 🙂

    • Everything was fabulous. It would be a wonderful place to holiday with a group of friends.

  25. Good to see that blogging has a few perks!

    • It was a lovely surprise to be asked along to this gorgeous villa. I would be most interested to see more of them.

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  27. I think I’d be very happy there !!

  28. Beautiful!!!

    • I would love to stay there for a while.

      • Me too! 🙂

  29. I will be spending 2 glorious weeks here in July 2013 with our whole family. Summer can’t come quickly enough…

    • Lucky you. Have a great time.

  30. So envious what a fabulous day…. porcini risotto and tiramisu yes please, wish that was my lunch today!
    What a lovely family and a memorable day for you Debra xx Carla

    • Lunch was delicious. The tiramisu really was the best I have tasted.

  31. There is nothing about this post that I am not jealous of! What a beautiful villa, looks like great company and I would eat everything off that table! Thanks, as always, for sharing great Italy tips!

    • I am happy I was aksed to visit. The owners were particularly charming and the food was delicious.

  32. There are such a wide variety of wonderful villas in Tuscany Italy. Each has unique architecture and characteristics that are sure to please any eye. I was fortunate to be able to marvel at these magnificent structures last year when I visited for my graduate fellowship program. One of my favorites was the UNIESCO heritage site: Villa Medici Poggio a Caiano which was home to the famous Medici family, a powerful royal family during the European renaissance.

  33. I want that kitchen – Helen

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