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Eataly…in New York

The first Eataly started in Turin in 2007 in a old Vermouth factory. Eataly sells delectable delights from all over Italy and has been described as a grocery store with tasting rooms. In 2010 the Italian megastore opened in the shadow of the Flatiron Building in New York.

I have visited Eataly in Turin several times, so of course I had to try the New York version. There are 2 entrances, one on 23rd St and another on 5th Ave. Apparently when the store opened there were queues snaking along 5th Ave for quite a way. I’m not surprised, it’s great…come for a wander.

Early morning, just as the store opens is the best time to have a good look, when there are few people around.





There are several places to sit and sample the delicious food and coffee.









This must be the Rolls Royce of coffee makers.


At least you can get a good Italian style coffee at Eataly, something not all that easy in USA.

The space fills up in the afternoon.


The choice of food is excellent, if a little expensive.


Don’t miss Eataly if you go to New York for a little slice of Italy. Click here to see Eataly in Turin.

Eataly is open every day from 10.00 am until 11.00 pm, except Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Caffe Lavazza, at the 5th Ave entrance is open from 8.00 am until 11.00pm. Check the website for the opening hours of the restaurants within Italy.


  1. Luscious photos, Debra! Are those lemons REAL??? There’s a newish Eataly in Rome, too, which this reminds me of. Fun place to visit with a hip new restaurant across the street.

    • They are Meyer lemons and looked absolutely delicious. I have been to Eataly in Torino and Bologna, but not the one in Rome yet. It was great to see it in New York.

  2. Looks like my kind of place! Question – what’s in the left wine glass?

    • I zoomed in on someone’s lunch there so I don’t know what it was. It is an odd colour.

  3. It looks superb and it must taste heavenly! Thank you, Debra!

    • The place was absolutely packed on a wet Sunday afternoon. I actually went a few times, for the coffee.

  4. Having been there just three weeks ago, your photos brought back vivid and fragrant memories.

    • I think it is a wonderful addition to the food scene in New York.

  5. I am happy to say that I have been to Eataly in NYC and LOVED it! I wish there was one on the west coast. I had the best panino when I was there.

    • I would like to have one in Brisbane, but that is extremely unlikely.

  6. We went to Eataly in nyc this time last year. A great place packed full of delicious goodies! Very popular, very busy, definitely not to be missed. Your photo of the olives is mouthwatering! Yum!

    • Those olives looked amazing. I wanted to pinch one off the plate.

  7. Oh my goodness this place looks like a slice of heaven! I would love to have a store like this near me! Oh I love NYC!

    • I love New York too, and Eataly fits very well there.

  8. Oh I have been there last summer when I was in N.Y. A mouth watering place so Italian, thank you 4 sharing

    • I loved Eataly in New York. It is very similar to the 2 versions I have been to here in Italy.

      • Is there any version like that in the Toskana, I am going there this summer

      • There is an Eataly in Torino, Rome and a small one in Bologna. The central market in Florence is incredible. I would go there.

  9. Looks sensationally delicious Deb. Don’t the American Italians do food very well at least in NY and San Francisco for sure

    • It is good to see a chunk of Italy transplanted to New York. We have been to Eataly in Bologna. I was just looking at the recipe book you bought for me there yesterday.

  10. What a wonderful photographer and visual raconteur you are

    Frank Sullivan

    Frank Sullivan

    • Thank you for your lovely comments…and continuing to follow the blog.

  11. Your photographs are stunning.I wish I could visit this Eataly.We have one called the farmer’s market in Montreal.I was there for a week.I loved walking around.The Eataly of course is impressive. All the best to you.

    • I think farmers’ markets are a great idea. It is good to know where your food comes from, and to meet the people who grow it.

  12. It looks like it has a bit of everything that you could want Italian! 😀

    • It is certainly very popular in New York.

  13. Food glorious food Debra 🙂 I have wanted to go to Eataly for a long, long time. Your beautiful photos have made me want to go even more.

    • Eataly is wonderful, I’m sure you would love it.

  14. Great photos Debra…brings back lots of memories!

    • Eataly is a great addition to New York.

  15. Really nice to see what the NYC Eataly looks like. I haven’t been there – gosh its huge – but have been to the store in Turin. What’s not to like eh?

    • There is lots to like at Eataly, wherever it is.

  16. Oh my! great photos! Debra I did not realise you had covered this fabulous restaurant so early on…in future I will need to consult your blog before I go anywhere ….. this post brings back many wonderful, happy shared meals with my daughter in April this year at Eataly. We went back 3 times! I love N.Y!!

    • I have been to Eataly in Torino and Bologna as well. I need to track down the one in Rome next.

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