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Mangia, mangia!

One of the best things about Italy is the food. The fresh produce is excellent and often the best meals are those where the food is served simply. In every city, town and tiny village you are likely to find great places to eat.











































You won’t go hungry in Italy.


  1. For us who are not in Italy, it so hurts to look at all this.

    • Bwahahaha. I look back at the pictures to compliment your images. I virtually smelled your photos scrolling through it. URGH, painful cravings.

      • You clearly need a trip to Italy soon.

      • Can you give my employer a call and him that? Hehehe 😀

  2. Great collection of prints!

    • Thank you, and I enjoyed eating some of those meals as well.

  3. Deb the pictures are just delicious . Where was that amazing flaky pastry served. Looks so good.

    • The sfogliatella was in Naples….and it was good.

  4. Love the pics of the men in Casabasciana with what I think was wild boar?? and of Paolo’s fresh potato bread….these all all lovely Deb!

    • Yes it was wild boar in Casabasciana. I hope I get invited back there next year.

  5. “Mangia, mangia que te fa bene”. It must be Italy’s motto. Delicious food! And your photos are superb…

    • Italians know how to eat well.

  6. Enuf’ said!

    • I hope the photos made you hungry.

  7. Yum! Glorious post! Especially like the deli shots, and the Tuscan kale! Wish we could grow it like that! 🙂

    • That deli in Florence is amazing. I love cavolo nero. I pay $5 for a small bunch at home and 20cents for the same amount here.

  8. Fabulous pictures.
    My Aussie friends have enjoyed meeting you Debra,

    Pam Proctor

    • We loved meeting them too and we are having dinner together tonight.

  9. YUM!!!

  10. That looks good!

    • There is much to love about Italy.

  11. Oh, you make me hungry, Debra! Looks delicious. ALL OF IT!

    • We are certainly spoilt for choice here.

  12. This is all adding to my excitement,
    I can already picture kim and I some
    were near Piazza Navona or Campo de’
    Fiore next Sunday having a delicious
    lunch with a nice red.
    Can’t wait.

    • Rome has some wonderful places to eat. Have a coffee at Tazza d’Oro for me.

  13. torture being away from the land of fabulous food.

    • Where are you now?

      • uk. cold, wet, windy. i’m very lucky in that my wife is very good cook, but we cannot recreate the magic of italian food at home. as you know, so much is dependent on temp, quality of raw ingredients,musty old buildings and other environmental influences which can only be fully understood/appreciated in bella italia

      • Today has turned cool and wet after a very hot steamy day yesterday.

  14. There is nothing like fresh produce!!! Feel like plucking that lobster out and cooking it right away. Wonderful!

    • The local markets in our village have beautiful produce, but what I am enjoying right now is picking ripe figs off the trees around the village and eating them immediately.

  15. I bet you had fun putting this together Debra!!!! A little unkind for those of us so far away but all the more incentive to get back. You know I dashed to the shops quickly this morning before I saw this post…. the awful food on offer….ahhh! The people scoffing bad food, unthinking, on the streets, drinking coffee from paper cups and rushing for no real reason…. All makes me appreciate having Italy in the background.

    • Italians expect to find good food when they shop….it is an attitude. If good food is expected it will be delivered.

  16. Thanks for the bountiful feast!

    • No problem, I have enjoyed collecting these photos.

  17. Stop… stop…. this is unfair! Your photos are too tempting…. I’m booking next year’s trip now! Buonissimo!!

    • I’ll book a table at my favourite restaurant in Lucca for us.

  18. Simply delicious Debra.

    • There are other things to do in Italy besides eat, but food it right at the top of the list of great things about this country.

  19. I would not blame you if you never returned to oz

    • I come back for mangoes, Tasmanian ocean trout, delicious reef fish, pineapples, Asian food……we have great food in Australia, but it is expensive.

      • Yes it is expensive here, I think food along with electricity charges and other operating overheads are out of step with average incomes compared to US & Europe. Cost of cars completely out of step too. My morning rave.

      • I think owning a car in Italy is more expensive than Australia. Food is cheaper here, but gas and electricity are extremely expensive.

  20. I agree with you that the best food is in Italy. It’s simple, tasty and fresh.

    • Just what food should be.

  21. A feast for the eyes, Debra! I hope you look at your post in the WP Reader – the photos look like a collage of the most colorful beautiful images, seen all at once. I’m so “hungry” for Italy – we are starting to plan for a trip there, can’t wait!

    • All this lovely food is waiting for you.

  22. Goodness! I’m starving now.

    • You need a quick trip to Italy.

  23. I bought a small plastic wrapped tray of tiny tomatoes today like those in your first photo – how I would love to see a generous mound such as that in my greengrocers. And I thought that must have been a sfoglia I spied too. There is such beauty in these pictures – oh to get my little chops in amongst it all.

    • I can still taste that sfoglia in Naples.

  24. Oh dear! I made the mistake of reading this BEFORE I’d had breakfast!

    Deb, your cookbook must **become**!!

    • I think Italy has been well covered with books. I’m not sure I would have anything to add.

  25. I’m speechless and now starving!

    • I have just had an enormous feast with some delightful Australian ladies who are staying in your apartment in Lucca.

  26. Oh dear Debra, what did you do in this post, I am almost lost! I miss Italy days… They all smell now, your photographs 🙂 so beautiful, so delicious… Thank you, love, nia

    • The food here is delicious….I will never be thin

  27. Ahh Italian tomatoes…they really are so delicious! 😀

    • And the cavolo nero,peaches, pears, figs, pasta, etc, etc

  28. oh how I miss the food in Italy…

    • I do too when I go back to Autralia.

  29. The Italians are artists with food, and you, Debra, are an artist with your camera!

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    This post made me hungry!

  31. I love your exuberant photos – what a fantastic celebration of food! I must grow some cavalo nero next year, it always does well here, this year we are growing a new kale crossed with brussel sprouts (!) called flower sprouts. I love the photo of the man sniffing the bread too and all the courgette flowers – just beautiful Debra !

    • Thank you. I do love cavolo Nero. I can’t get enough of it when I am in Italy. It is very expensive in Australia

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  33. These are awesome♥ When I graduate I’ll definitely go to Italy!

  34. Bellisimo…..I when to Sicilia and the Gelato e la Past was awesome. we go back every year, il piccolo paese Trappeto, bellisimo spiaggia… buon viaggio.

    • There is nothing to compare with Italian gelato.

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