Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 19, 2013

Sun and snow at Casa Debbio

We have had heavy snow in the area recently so I thought I should go up to our house in the mountains to see how Casa Debbio had coped with the snowfall.

The road to Vergemoli has been cleared and it was a lovely drive up the mountain. I had to pull over occasionally to take in the gorgeous views.






The road to the village has been cleared, but the road to our house is still covered with snow, so it took me a bit longer than the usual 10 minutes to walk to Casa Debbio.



The house faces north and was bathed in warm sunshine all day. Most of the snow around the house has melted, but there is still a little bit left.



The area beside the house is where our garden will be soon. The stone backdrop is all that is left of the original house.


I could see lots of animal tracks in the snow. We certainly have some deer nearby.


It was delightful to sit in the sun just gazing at our glorious view.





Soon it was time to make my way back through the snow.



From the track I can see some snow on the roof.


Vergemoli looks pretty with its snow trimming.



I only had one stop on the way down the mountain.



I am really looking forward to spending more time at the house soon.

My next post will be from New York where I will be visiting my son for a couple of weeks. I love New York and I am keen to revisit my favourite places and discover a few new ones.


  1. Debra, these photos are truly lovely. What a picturesque spot you live in! Your house and yard are just what I pictures in my head the first time I read Under The Tuscan Sun.

    • The house is not quite finished yet. There are a few small things to be done inside and as soon as spring starts we will be working on the garden. The house stands by itself on terraced land which was once a farm. We are hoping to have fruit trees and some wisteria and roses in a few months time. It will be ready to rent by June.

  2. Great pics Deb! Wish u could visit Tennessee!

    • I would love to visit Tennessee one day.

    • I would love to visit Tennessee one day.

  3. How lovely! How high up is the house? Any ski slopes nearby? Enjoy New
    York! Xcat

    • Casa Debbio would be about 620 metres above sea level. There are ski fields at Abetone, 40 kilometres from our Bagni di Lucca house. I think there may be others a bit closer, near San Pellegrino, but I know little about them.

  4. Beautiful! Hope to see it when we are there in May!

    • That can be easily arranged.

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  6. The blue winter sky and snow and your photography they are all so beautiful, Thank you, I imagine now during spring time… Love, nia

    • With a bit of luck that fence will be covered with roses and wisteria.

  7. Really beautiful! My compliments Debra!

    • It is a beautiful position. The only sounds are from the spring we have on the property and the birds.

  8. I love the shot of your tall tall house all shuttered up. Such stunning views!!!!

    • I can’t wait to have those shutters open and geraniums tumbling from window boxes.

  9. It’s so beautiful up there, Deb, but I bet it’s cold! Have fun in NY! xx

    • It was really warm on the terrace while the sun was out, but it soon became very cold when it went behind the mountain.

  10. It looks beautiful! Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay in New York. I love that city!

    • I love New York too. It is a couple of years since I have been there and I am very keen to get back.

  11. They are views I would never tire of looking at. Great images.

    • The view is constantly changing, with the weather and the season. It is so beautiful and the air is so clean and fresh.

  12. Awesome scenery. The first photo looks a little bit like the Matterhorn !

  13. It’s so lovely and I imagine it must be so in all seasons.

    • You really have to come to see the house one day.

  14. When do you move in? And I’m looking forward to your NY post!

    • We will be living there on and off for the next few months, but it will be for rent from June.

  15. That blue sky is amazing against the backdrop of crisp white snow! beautiful

    • It is a beautiful place. I have been enjoying spending time up on the mountain.

  16. Bel blog!! Lovely!!! I’m following you!! Kisses from Florence

    • Thank you in lovely Florence.

  17. Glorious indeed! You captured such good views that day.

    • It always looks good up there, even in the rain and mist.

  18. Great views, and I look forward to seeing more when things start to bloom. Welcome to the US, and enjoy New York. Stay warm!

    • There are still a few fruit trees growing near the house, including a lovely big fig tree in front. You can be sure I will be showing you our garden when we plant it.

  19. Beautiful Debra. Happy travels to New York, I hope you get to do some wonderful catching up with your son.

    • It will be fun to spend some time with him…it has been a while.

  20. Lovely photos…I know you will be happy to return and plant your roses.

  21. I didn’t realize you were building a house in the mountains. Gosh what beautiful scenery. I look forward to seeing the summer photos.

    • The project has been underway for a couple of years.

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