Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 19, 2013

Hello Hong Kong

I had a stopover in Hong Kong for a couple of days. The weather was delightfully cool, great for walking all over this amazing city.

10 minutes walk downhill from where I stayed is Hong Kong Park, a good place to start.


I have walked through the park dozens of times, but I came upon a cute little pond with a collection of frog sculptures for the first time.


Beside the frogs I thought I spied a turtle basking in the sun.


He turned out to be a sculpture too. I watched for ages for him to move, then I spotted other very still turtles nearby.



The fish are real, but not the turtles, but they are incredibly lifelike.

I took the tram to the Peak. It is years since I have been to the top and everything has changed. The view from the observatory is still spectacular ( despite the smog )


But the quaint old fashioned market place has been replaced with a multilevel shopping centre.


I visited the tiny temple in Peel Street, where people can duck in quickly to light a candle or burn incense.




From here it was back to Hollywood Rd and the antique shops. The stunning Man Mo temple is here too. It looks ancient, but was built in 1847.








On the way back to the city centre I passed this interestingly named restaurant.


I wonder who Joyce was, and where she went.

I walked through the central markets. I love fresh food markets. Most of the produce I recognised.











…but some I did not.


These fairly unattractive things were about the size of large grapes…any ideas?


I think these may be mangosteens, but I am not sure.


These are salted duck eggs.


Any suggestions?

The fish was very fresh, some of the poor things were still jumping.


The display in the meat section left a bit to be desired…a trip to Italy might help the vendors. The lack of flair didn’t stop the customers, the stands were all busy.




Down in Pedder St the lovely old Shanghai Tang building is now Abercrombie and Fitch…there are some compensations.


I thought I should go inside to share the delights with you.



It is about to be the year of the snake, but only a few displays have appeared. I quite liked this one.




I find bamboo scaffolding amazing. There is lots of it around the city.






It must be strong and safe, but I don’t see too many safety harnesses.

Hong Kong is food heaven. You can eat excellent food in any style you like. It is difficult to choose where to go.

Sevva at the top of the Princes building is a favourite. The lighting was too low to show you my dosa, but it is worth going to Sevva for the gorgeous setting alone.



My favourite meal was at Roka in Pacific Place. My black cod was too delicious for words, and the grilled eggplant with ginger and mirren…I wished I could keep eating it forever.





There was time to visit my favourite shop in Landmark, Dries Van Noten.


…and watch an event at Bulgari with a very important person…I had no idea who she was, but she was very popular.



I did like that snake necklace.

Soon it was time to head off for Helsinki. Goodbye Hong Kong until next time.



  1. Hong Kong is always amazing isn’t it? Such a mix of old and new but slowly new is taking over….

    • The isn’t much of the old left in Central…except the food market area.

  2. Wow what an amazing tour of the city. The produce in the market looked so fresh and tasty – cherries at this time of the year? I’ve never seen bamboo scaffolding.

    • The cherries may very well have come from Australia, we had a bumper crop this year.

  3. So pleased you went to Colette’s and my favourite Sevva. Wish I was there.

    • It never disappoints.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and yet again, fabulous photos

    • Hong Kong is a lot of fun.

  5. Hong Kong is always a great stopover on the way to and from Europe. And the food is terrific! I do miss it. Fortunately, whenever I go to San Francisco I enjoy going to all the great Asian shops, markets and restaurants.

    • I love the food in Hong Kong. I always try to stay with Asian food as I know I won’t be getting any in Italy.

  6. Fabulous food photos, Debra!

    • Hong Kong does food very well.

  7. This is a place I would like to visit soon, one day. An amazing city and beautifully photographed by you, Debra. Thanks. Have a good time back in Italy.

    • Hong Kong is amazing…go in winter…it can be very hot in summer.

  8. Debra, everything is gorgeous. The food looks so vivid and appetizing!!

    • Hong Kong has so many delights to discover, I love my stopovers there.

  9. Oooh…..very nice “delights’ inside. 😉 Love the fake turtles. They do look so lifelike. Your food at Roka looks scrumptious. I know that feeling about wanting it never to end. 🙂 I’m not really into snakes, but I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at that gorgeous necklace. Great post, Debra.

    • I am a snake in the Chinese horoscope. I wish I could be there for the New Year.

  10. I haven’t been for decades. Your photos certainly make a return visit sound appealing, Deb! x

    • Hong Kong has changed a lot in the last few decades. I doubt that you would recognise it.

  11. The purple fruit were mangosteens – my favourite fruit of all time – you should try next time – the purple sap will stain – the other fruit were longans – a type of lychee

    • I will try them next time, they look interesting.

  12. Oh Debra, you really are naughty sometimes. 😀
    The turtles looks so real! It fooled me too.
    Hollywood Rd. huh? 😀 Me so jealous now. I wanted to go this year, not likely to happen now.
    Awesome, awesome night shot of the city buildings.

    • The night shot is taken from the window of my friend’s apartment. They have a great view.

  13. I enjoyed your tour around Hong Kong immensely. I’m also intrigued by the bamboo scaffolding – they’re quite beautiful structures as it is.

    • Last time I stayed in Hong Kong my friend’s building was covered in scaffolding, so I got to see it close up from the inside. It is obviously very strong and secure, but the no safety harness bothers me a bit.

  14. You got all the best pictures and perfect, I like it.

    • I loved my 2 days in Hong Kong.

  15. Beautiful images that brought back fond memories. There is a delightful little tea house inside HK park called Lok Cha. They serve a variety of teas and set vegetarian snacks that are wonderful. I remember stopping there one evening before heading to the night races 🙂

    • I have been there several times and I love it! The food is delicious and the setting is delighful.

  16. Wow! I miss HK! You have such awesome pictures as always

    • Hong Kong is a wonderful city. I love stopping there on my way to Italy.

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