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Marvellous Monteriggioni

This beautiful medieval town sits on the top of a round hill not far from Siena. The wonderfully preserved walls, measuring 570 metres around, follow the natural contours of the hill. The walls and the buildings inside are some of the best examples of medieval architecture in Italy.

Monteriggioni was built by the Sienese in 1213 as a defensive fortification. It withstood attacks from Florence and Volterra.



A Romanesque church dominates Piazza Roma, the main square of the tiny town.





The interior is very pretty.


You don’t often see a smiling Madonna and baby.


We had lunch in the most obvious place… was just too cute for words.


The inside was lovely too, but how could we resist a table overlooking the square?



It was a good choice, the food was delicious…..pasta followed by Cinta Senese pork with fennel sauce and polenta.



There are stylish shops in the town and a great looking hotel, with a delightful entrance.





We found the most amazing shoe shop.



The town is very pretty.







For the tiny sum of €2 you can climb to the top of the wall for amazing views.






Monteriggioni is a beautiful little hilltop Tuscan town…..don’t miss it.


  1. Yes worth a visit but I remembr the main piazza being open and not having the garden in the centre. Do you know if this is newish

  2. The walls in the first and second photo are amazing. Hard to believe they are still standing and in such incredible shape. Wow!

    • They certainly built things to last centuries ago.

  3. Stayed in monteriggioni about 30 years ago and fell in love with it then. It still looks magical. Colleen

    • We went years ago, but I don’t remember it being as lovely as it is now.

  4. Great photos, Debra. Another beautiful town and there are so many in Tuscany, that it is hard to choose the nicest one. This is why Tuscany will always be Italy’s most coveted region.

    • One lifetime would not be enough to see all the delightful towns and villages in Italy.

  5. Well, Marrickville is nice in its way, but Monteriggioni has a little more olde world charm.

    • Perhaps when Marrickville is a little older….

  6. such a beautiful countryside! 🙂

    • It is hard to beat Italy for beautiful landscapes.

  7. wonderful shots!!! So wish I was back there. I felt like I could step right into some of those shots.

    • I have only one week left in Italy before I return to Australia. I have to make the moat of it.

      • INdeed! La Dolce Vita before coming back to La Caldo Vita 🙂

      • I love Brisbane, but I am not looking forward to the heat.

  8. Thank you for an introduction to an amazing-looking town! You have so many perfect ones in Tuscany. The food and the shoes look luscious too. Grazie mille!

    • We have been passing this place for years on our way to Siena and beyond…..I thought it was high time to call in again for a visit.

  9. A lovely small town that we vist each time we go to Italy.

    • I’m not surprised you keep returning to Monteriggioni.

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  11. Delicious, at of it. And I love the look of your lunch and the round window especially…. and what was the pasta by the way???

    • The pasta was a handmade pici, but I don’t remember the sauce ( except that it was delicious )

  12. How lovely! Thank you for taking us all around Tuscany with you.

    • You can come along any time

  13. Wonderfully charming village! Debra, when I look at your photos it puts me right back in Tuscany again. 🙂 -Niles

    • There is so much to see in wonderful Tuscany.

  14. Tuscany is on my list. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing your visit.

    • Tuscany is a gorgeous partvof Italy….not to be missed.

  15. Just gorgeous and once again your photos are stunning.

    • Thank you, we had a great day in Monteriggioni.

  16. I would love to be able to travel the length and breadth of Tuscany. It’s so beautiful. Love all your photos, Debra, especially those shoes. It seems to be my day for funny shoes. 🙂

    • The shoe shop was amazing and quite unexpected in a tiny town.

  17. What a gorgeous medieval town! Tuscany seems to have no shortage of such beautiful places. I recently dug up some photos of a trip to Italy I did 10 years ago – Volterra and San Gimignano were there, but I didn’t make it to Siena.

    • You must go to Siena. The duomo there is my favourite in Italy.

  18. It’s like the set of a gorgeous film! 😀

    • It would make an excellent setting for a film.

  19. Wow .. you have a way a finding gems to add to great places to visit!

    • Monteriggioni is quite well known I think….it was certainly busy the day we were there.

  20. What a stunning town. Love that shoe… I think they would look quite fancy on my feet.

    • The shoes were very interesting indeed.

  21. The town looks amazing, I wish we had taken the time to visit it but after a long day of exploring Volterra and San Gimignano we just stopped outside the walls to see the external structure before heading back to Siena. Next time…

    • We have been passing it for years. I’m glad we stopped in for a visit.

  22. You just took me back in time 🙂 Thank you. I too love Monteriggioni! glad you stopped!

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