Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 23, 2012

The 2 poo fountain at Orvieto

There is a fountain between the railway station and the funicular taking visitors to the gorgeous town of Orvieto that defies belief. To say that it is ugly would be an understatement. In a land full of beautiful sculpture someone felt the need to create this.






It seems to be made of the same tufa that forms the bricks used for the lovely houses of the town. There is no way of photographing the fountain to make it look good.

What a pity that is what visitors see when they leave the station. Let’s hope sanity prevails and this eyesore is removed. Let me know what you think if you go to Orvieto.


  1. neat concept.

  2. I’ve seen this monster object before and have tried to rationalize it, but no, it’s impossible… it’s a very bad piece. As a graduate of two schools of fine arts in the States and having studied art in Europe I can very safely say that the Poo sculpture is much the example of students being taught by teachers who are still amateurs themselves. I’m not adverse to modern art, far from it, but I am adverse to the works of the artistically unskilled who have their work judged and accepted by those who ALSO have no knowledge of the arts, quite unlike the great patrons during the Renaissance.

    • It has nothing going for it. I don’t understand how it was ever built.

  3. Yukky Art for sure. Yes looks to be a real eyesore, but from all the other divine pictures its the only bad picture, in such a pretty town.

    • I think we can forgive Orvieto for this ugly fountain. The rest of the town is gorgeous.

  4. This is in an *art* category all of its own!

    • Art can sometimes be difficult to understand.

  5. Yes, the fountain isn’t the perfect welcome is it? But sounds like the town beyond is lovely, so maybe that matters more. I should be back to my regular blogging schedule Monday morning. I’ve missed everyone.

    • The town is delightful, we should just avert our gazes from the ugly fountain.

  6. Your description title is very apt, Deb. 😀

    • I thought it was an accurate description.

  7. Nice fountain …. but I could do without the additions along the rim.

    • Maybe they will erode away with the wind.

  8. One word, “SHIT”

    • Harsh, but true.

  9. Really ugly, Debra. Definitely a “poo” fountain. What WERE they thinking?!!

    • Who knows? There are some strange things done in the name of art.

  10. Who in their right mind would okay a public project like this? It’s horrendous!

    • It has nothing going for it at all.

  11. LOL your title is really apt for the “sculptures”! 😛

    • I thought it was apt.

  12. ???????? ….yikes!! THAT commission was rigged!!

    • Perhaps the “artist” was a nephew.

  13. It looks as though one poo is also trying to escape this hideousness…!

    • Can you blame it??

      • hahahahhahaahhaha!

        Perhaps a second commission to, uh, *enhance* the turdlies, especially the one on the rim? I shudder to think of the submissions for consideration, though there may be laughter to be had! >:-D hahahahahhaha

      • Perhaps a little dress could be put on the one crawling out of the fountain.

      • I. Can’t. Breathe. From. Laughing. hahahahahahhahah! oh my gawd! hahahahhahaha!

        I’ll help sew! It’s gonna need a big dress!

  14. HA that is hilarious!! I’ve been to Orvieto but don’t remember seeing that. what a beast for such a magical town. I love the name you’ve given it though, made me laugh!

    • Perhaps they could adopt the name officially.

  15. Aw.I’m trying to find something good to say about it…’at least it’s different’, ‘some artist tried very hard’, ‘any city fathers who spend money on art are to be commended’…however…

    • You would be flat out trying to find a good word about this.

  16. LOL – Artists!!!

  17. It looks like a big animal trying to drink the water out of the fountain ??? Er, it really doesn’t look appealing, Debra. Ooops.

  18. art eh? lol. It’s ugly I do agree.
    Ciao, Francina

    • There isn’t anything good to say about it at all.

  19. The rail station is tiny, clean and so peaceful! It gives the feel of a tiny,tidy town and pure bliss ahead. The funicula is right across the road and after a little walk up the hill to the town there is beauty galore. I loved Orvieto.

    • Orvieto is one of the loveliest towns in all of Italy.

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