Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 14, 2012

Famous faces in the Villa Borghese, Rome

One of my favourite places in Rome is Villa Borghese. I always try to find time to wander and discover new things in this enormous park. On my last trip to Rome I found a gorgeous tree lined avenue with busts of famous Italians.















Somebody loved this one.





It became too dark to continue so I went to the edge of the park for a spectacular view over Rome.



The Borghese garden is a great place to escape the bustle of the city. As well as the beautiful gardens and green spaces, there are restaurants and cafes and museums. The gorgeous Galleria Borghese is one of my favourite galleries in Rome. It is full of exquisite sculpture and has an excellent collection of the works of Bernini.

You may need to book ahead to visit the Galleria Borghese.


  1. Looks like you were in good company on that walk! Great photos, my friend.

    • Villa Borghese is a beautiful place to walk and company makes it even better.

  2. Thanks for the tip for whatever my next trip to Rome may be. Meanwhile, the first and last pic serve as wonderful bookends to the collection.

    • A walk through the Villa Borghese should be part of every trip to Rome.

  3. That was a beautiful walk. I felt like I was there.

    • Thank you. I will be back there in just over 2 weeks….wonderful

  4. BEAUTIFUL! What handsome fellows! I haven’t been to Rome in too long, so it was great to see these. Those first few, before Dante, are quite good looking aren’t they? Love those noses.

    • Dante always looks so serious doesn’t he?

  5. Did you have a favourite of your own Debra? Rome is so beautiful. Places like the Villa Borghese, especially when it’s full of locals, always makes me want to pack up and live in Rome. Lovely post and such great photos!

    • Of course I have a favourite here. It is the gorgeous last face of Fausto Cecco, a famous Italian aviator. Isn’t he beautiful?

  6. This is a great post-thanks so much!!!

    • I hope you get to the gardens when you are in Italy next time.

  7. Aaahhh Roma…..isn’t she beautiful. Lovely post Debra.

    • Yes, Rome is a beautiful city and the gardens are one of the best spots in the city.

  8. What a wonderful find!..Will be in Rome this October! My first trip! Thanks for sharing this beautiful locale!

    • Have a great time in Rome! There are some more Rome tips in the “Rome” category, perhaps they will be helpful.

  9. I am also going to Rome this fall. I will be visiting Villa Borghese for sure. Great pics.

    • I will be in Rome soon too….can’t wait.

  10. Last time i was in Roma we visited the Borghese gardens however not long after we arrived it rained so hard that we had to leave. the little we saw was wonderful, I will return next time in Roma. Thanx Debra for reminding me how lovely this Oasis is L

    • You will have to go back to see it all again…without the rain.

  11. I always word-associate Dante with Inferno; it’s no wonder he looks so severe – the majority of the others have very sensual mouths – but Dante was having none of that!

    • I have never seen a bust of Dante where he looks cheerful.

  12. Will have to remember to call into VIlla Borghese next stop, love the night shots Debra. Thank you

    • Villa Borghese is a must when you visit Rome.

  13. I really want to go back to Rome one day. There was something about it that was intoxicating! 🙂

    • I will be back in Rome in a couple of weeks…..can’t wait.

  14. What beautiful views of Rome by night. It looks enchanting and it’s somewhere I would love to visit.

    • I stood for a long time looking at that view from the gardens. Rome is a beautiful city, hectic, but beautiful.

  15. Italy is in my bucket list. I hope to visit there soon. I will probably stay there for 6 months. Just enough to go around the country… 🙂 Great shots by the way.

    • Thank you. You should be able to see lots of Italy in 6 months. I spend 6 months there every year….I love it.

  16. Fabulous, thanks Deb! I love the one with the smooch!

    • Somebody loved him!

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