Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 2, 2012

A drawbridge in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is built on 90 islands. It is a maze of canals……more canals than Venice, and has 1,281 bridges. 65 of these are drawbridges, necessary to allow higher vessels to pass through.

Some are old wooden bridges and some are new. There was a particularly interesting modern bridge near where we were staying and I happened to be around one day when it opened.








It all happens quite quickly. The bridge opens, the boats pass through, the bridge closes and everyone goes on their way.


  1. Just an aspect of a normal day.

    • Amsterdam is a wonderful city. I love the canals.

  2. Hi Deb! Checking on you and catching up on on your blog!

    • Great to hear from you Mirella! I hope all is well with you.

  3. You were lucky to see the drawbridge happen in front of your eyes, Deb. I love the fact that mostly bikes and pedestrians go over the drawbridge. Very environmentally friendly! Looks like the style of the drawbridge hasn’t changed that much since Van Gogh’s time, only the materials have changed.

    • I loved my week in Amsterdam….so many lovely surprises.

  4. I love Amsterdam, even lived there for a while. But had no idea it was built on so many islands! Fascinating. Love the little bridge.

    • Amsterdam is a great city, I would go back anytime.

  5. Amsterdam is also called “the Venice of the North” for obvious reasons. Beautiful city and your photos of the bridge are great… as usual.

    • I had heard that Amsterdam was called the Venice of the North, now I know why.

  6. Hi Debra: Amsterdam in very nice. i remember when i was in France and lost weight then i was in Amsterdam for a week and i gained it all back and more. the food there is to die for. Not like Italian food but so many choices. Ciao.

  7. How interesting, Deb. I’ve never seen a bridge that looked quite like that. Hope you’ve had a lovely day.

    • I saw a few bridges opening, but this one was the cutest.

  8. So interesting to see something so sophisticated and so simple in a major city. I had not realised that Amsterdam consisted of so many islands. The things one learns from blogs, thank you L

    • You should visit Amsterdam, it is a fun city.

  9. Very interesting to see this bridge and also learn that there are more canals in Amsterdam than in Venice.

  10. I had no idea that Amsterdam had more canals than Venice. I have only seen a drawbridge lift a few times but when I have I have been amazed by the engineering that makes it happen.

    • I didn’t know about the canals either until I got there. It is an amazing city.

  11. Those Dutch have got it going on Debra. Beautiful old architecture and fabulous modern design. You make me want to get to Amsterdam!

    • I think you should go to Amsterdam….on the way to Italy.

  12. I believe I saw this bridge, or maybe one like it, when I was in Amsterdam this spring. My favorite bridges were stone with rounded arches and white lights strung around the arches. Beautiful.

    • There are lots of lovely bridges to choose from in Amsterdam.

  13. That’s an interesting bridge Debra! We visited Amsterdam in the mid eighties. Seems like a lifetime ago 🙂

    • Perhaps it is time to go back.

  14. ciao! thanks for (ad)dressing my blog. i checked yours and it’s just a luvFAB.


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