Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 4, 2012

Art Nouveau houses in Antwerp

The guide book for Antwerp suggested a trip to the residential quarter just outside the city centre in an area called Zurenborg, to see the beautiful Art Nouveau style houses there. We always do as we are told, so we boarded the number 11 tram at Centraal Station and found the street called Cogels-Osykei and went for a walk.






This house above was practically text book Art Nouveau…I love it!












Do you see someone standing on the roof of this house?


It’s Humphrey Bogart!




The next one is for sale.



Would you like these chaps to welcome you home every day?




The houses were built between 1894 and 1914 and were saved from destruction in the 1960s after protests from the community within the city and beyond.

At least one new one has snuck in.


I like it.

On the way back to the tram we spotted this pair of interesting buildings. They were by an old railway line and I am guessing they might be water towers.


Any suggestions?


  1. Beautiful houses. I like the one in sale!

    • I would happily have any one of them.

  2. Extraordinary Debra. I love contemporary Belgian style to pieces but I hadn’t realised the deco period was so refined. I love the soft colours and fine lines. really so delicate and just beautiful. Thank you!

    • Antwerp was a surprise to us too….and the chocolates were excellent.

  3. Love the houses 1894-1914; elegant! Great pictures!

    • The whole area was full of these gorgeous houses.

  4. Very interesting indeed … and a great suggestion by the guidebook. Bogart on the roof is priceless. 🙂

    • For a moment we thought it was actually a real person up there, but on closer inspection we realized there must be a Bogie fan living inside.

  5. Oh wow, these are beautiful. I love that first round window you featured, and perfect finishing off with the modern version of a round window. I’m missing the Netherlands about now….

    • These were some of the best examples I have seen of Art Nouveau I have seen. Helsinki has some gorgeous ones too, but a completely different style.

  6. Lovely photos and post, Debra. Rafael has also enjoyed it. As I keep on saying, you have an architect’s eye and find details that other would have missed. I love Art Nouveau architecture and decorative arts! Plenty of fine examples here in San Francisco!!!!

    • I loved San Francisco when I visited a few years ago. I’ll have to go back to stroll the streets looking for Art Nouveau.

  7. It would be a dream to live in one of those beautiful homes. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • The houses are very big. I suppose some of them would be converted to apartments. I would be happy to go home to any of them.

  8. Art deco architecture is always fascinating. Well done to the community for not allowing them to be pulled down and maintaining this area as an attraction.

    • It would have been criminal to replace these beautiful homes with modern brick flats.

  9. I’d love to visit Belgium one day-I hear the food is great and now I know that the houses are interesting!

    • Have some Belgian fries and chocolate for me.

  10. Beautiful houses – the chap on the roof looks a bit James Bond -ish.

    • Perhaps James Bond was modelled on Humphrey.

  11. I thought that looked like Humphrey Bogart but then I thought, no. Why would they have a statue of Bogart on the roof of a building? But I like it. He’s one of my favorite actors. 🙂

    • Why indeed would you have Humphrey on your roof???? They must be extreme fans and have a great sense of humor.

  12. Art Nouveau is my favorite! 🙂

    • You have beautiful Art Nouveau in Helsinki.

  13. Incredible photography

  14. Gorgeous buildings! And you capture the details so well Debra 🙂

    • Antwerp is a beautiful city, we loved our time there.

  15. Loving the Humphrey Bogart!

    • Perhaps you could get one for your house.

  16. I love these buildings and the details are simply gorgeous. I particularly like the “sunflower house”… beautiful, despite the fact that I normally think that “gold” details are too bling-y 🙂

    • I love the details on these houses.

  17. I love the architectural details that make cities and neighborhoods unique and certainly one of the unexpected perks of traveling. You caught so many – I’ve bookmarked this post so I can return again to feast my eyes! Thanks, Debra.

    • Antwerp is a lovely city. We had fun wandering the streets finding beautiful things.

  18. Love this art period. Haven’t ever seen this many buildings in the style. Gorgeous

    • Antwerp has an excellent selection of Art Nouveau, so does Helsinki.

  19. There’s so little Art Nouveau around in the UK, I think I am putting Antwerp at the top of my travel to list ….

    • You should also go to Helsinki. The city is full of Art Nouveau.

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