Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 31, 2012

Lunch at The Sourced Grocer

One of the things I love about being home in Brisbane for a while is eating at my favourite spots. The Sourced Grocer at Teneriffe is one of those places. They do excellent breakfasts, coffee and cake and lunch.

I have been taking photos of my lunch and other people’s lunch ( usually friends, I’m not a stalker) Take a look at some of these delicious things to eat.


The very special soup.


Quinoa salad, this is my absolute favourite lunch here.


The tuna salad is delicious.


The salmon salad looks good too.


Try the smashed avocado with labne on toast.


Sardines on toast never tasted so good.


Mozzarella, tomatoes and white anchovies…..yum.


Falafel with salad.


I have a few more things to try.

There is a wonderful grocery store here as well. We wrote about the Sourced Grocer shortly after it opened. It has gone from strength to strength and is a great addition to Brisbane’s food scene.
Click here to see the first post.    11 Florence Street, Teneriffe, Qld 4006


  1. OMG!! I was just there! visiting Brisbane (from Sydney) last weekend driving around Teneriffe knowing there just had to be a good cafe-restaurant and we could’nt fine one …so went up to beautiful Paddington instead. Next time I’ll consult with you Deb! The food looks wonderful…great photos 🙂

    • The Sourced Grocer is great, but I’m sure you found something good in Paddington too.

  2. Visions of you as a food stalker Debra! You would be very persuasive I know. This looks a wonderful place for lunch. Especially the soup!

    • I could stalk food. The food is great at Sourced Grocer.

  3. Special place – I try and get to Sourced Grocer most mornings when I’m in Brisbane. It is in fact the very place that I first met you Deb. I’ll be back in Brisbane next Monday and Tuesday – any likelyhood of our paths crossing for one of their amazing breakfasts and a coffee?

    • I could do Monday morning.

      • Monday morning will be great for me. Do you have a preferred time, I am flexible.

  4. You had me at the soup!

    • I havn’t tried the soup, but it does look good.

  5. That is some beautiful, healthy, clean looking food. Wow. Any idea how they make the quinoa salad? I’m a quinoa novice, though I do have a bag of it in the cabinet as we speak.

    • I have never done anything with quinoa except eat it. I need to experiment.

  6. All of those dishes look superb – glad I read this just after dinner! I would love to try the smashed avocado with labneh and the insalata caprese with anchovies. What a mix of Mediterranean delights!

    • We have great food here in Australia.

  7. It looks delicious, and it must taste even better!!! A prominent American doctor recommended to have sardines on toast on a regular basis to improve our cardiovascular health and our bones. I love them, so no problem…

    • I like sardines too, so it is no trial for me.

  8. The food looks so wonderful – wish you had some of the recipes. Just love the Aussie restaurants.

    Pam Proctor

    • I’ll have to sneak around while they are making the dishes. I really like the quinoa.

  9. They all look delicious. I would love to visit your country some day.

    • I hope you do come to Australia one day.

  10. You are clearly the Resident Foodie wherever you go, Debra. This food looks scrumptious and very healthy!

    • All the food here is delicious….and good for you.

  11. Looks extremely yummy…..on my list when I get home.

  12. I have just made a mental note to have lunch at the Sourced Grocer. It just looks so great. thanx Debra

    • It is a great place to eat and shop.

  13. Looks yummy, Deb. Think now I may have to get myself something to eat. Made me hungry! LOL

    • I hope you have something delicious.

  14. And now I am hungry. I love the way they serve sardines and even thought it’s nearly midnight here I am very tempted to toast some bread and open a tin of sardines.

  15. Debra, Do you know what ingredients were in the Quinoa Salad?

    Pam Proctor

    • Not really, but I will take more notice next time.

  16. Quinoa seems to be all the rage at the moment. I think I might need to blog about it shortly. Kim*

    • I think you should…..a recipe would be good.

  17. The very special soup looks delicious!

    • That was my friend’s….I haven’t tried it yet.

  18. ooh yum, the sprouts at the counter would have me going there for a meal.
    I have a beautiful recipe book from my local library called “Quinoa, the everyday superfood”. I have been enjoying quinoa flake porridge with fruit and yogurt for breakfast for many months now. I has some great recipes and yes, it covers desserts.

    • I will look for it, thank you.

  19. Hehe for a moment there I thought that you were taking photos of stranger’s meals! 😉

    • It has happened on the odd occasion.

  20. The soup looks especially good. That place shouldn’t be too hard to cross off my bucket list. My little snapping jaws would go into overdrive there.

    • I’m sure you wil love it.

  21. The food certainly looks delicious-love the idea of the sardines in their tin!

    • The sardines are very good.

  22. I should learn to NOT read your posts at lunchtime! LOL! Now, I have to log off and go eat, you’ve made me so hungry looking at these dishes….

    • I’m sure you will prepare something delicious.

  23. cruel Debra. I have a sleeping babe in my arms, not being able to move and I’m very, very hungry!

  24. Take me there Debra, haven’t been yet & I am back in town. Looks like my kind of place too. Roz

  25. Yes, this is cruel … I can’t get amazing (western) food like this in Chiang Mai 🙁
    Love the menu written on tiles, very creative.

    • We have a great variety of food here in Australia….I love it.

  26. Your food photos are so good Debra, and they are making me hungry.

    I am a big fan of quinoa too, have been for a long time. But recently I read that the world craze has pushed the price up and the Bolivians and Peruvians who rely on this as a staple food, are being disadvantaged because they can no longer afford it.

    I discovered a local Adelaide health food shop in our Central Market that supplies quinoa grown in Tasmania from Kindred Organics.


    Besides reducing the reliance on South American quinoa we are also able to reduce food miles and support a ‘local’ grower. I thought some of your foodie readers might be interested to know about Kindred Organics.

    Keep up the lovely blogging!

    Mary Louise

    • Now I don’t want to eat quinoa unles I know where it comes from!!! Thanks for the link.

      • Oh, no! I didn’t mean to scare you off. I love it’s nutty goodness and there are some creative recipes out there. When we cook it at home we just choose the Tassie one. I spoke to my health food place today and they said Kindred are starting to grow a red quinoa as well so maybe next year…
        Mary Louise

      • I can breathe a sigh of relief….I just checked the quinoa I bought at the Sourced Grocer and it is the Tasmanian one. At least I know I am not aiding and abetting starvation in South America.

      • Brava, Debra!

  27. That lunch looks and sounds divine! Envy you place like this 🙂 Mltucker has a valid point. Shall henceforth check where my produce comes from!

    • I think it is really important to know where our food comes from.

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