Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 20, 2012

Aussies get everywhere

One of the really fun things about blogging is meeting readers. I walked into the bar across the bridge from my Bagni di Lucca apartment and a gentleman approached me and asked if I was Australian, then, “Do you write a blog? Are you Debra? ”

He was with his wife, the blog reader, and 2 other friends from Australia staying in Lucca and because of the blog decided to spend the day in Bagni di Lucca……and then I just happened to walk into the bar as they were having a cool drink on a very hot day. Here they are.


I hear Australian accents wherever I travel….we get around!

I have met lots of people in the village who have come because of the blog. Sometimes when I am watering the plants on my balcony a car will stop below and a head will stick out of the window and I hear “Hi Debra, we read your blog.” I love it!

I had coffee with a fellow blogger yesterday. Melonie is from America and has a house in Crasciana and we have been missing each other for years, but finally caught up.She writes a blog called From Tennessee to Tuscany.

Blogging makes the world even smaller.

Did I mention that it is hot here? Yesterday the temperature was well over 30 degrees….too hot for me. Some children took the opportunity to have a swim in the river below my apartment. I really felt like joining them, even though the water would be freezing since it comes from mountain springs.



Take a look at Bella Bagni di Lucca to see the wonderful archery competition that was held in the grounds of Villa Ada on Sunday….there is a handsome knight involved.


  1. Yes Debra…I agree with you about blogging…it does make the world seem smaller…and it’s so wonderful to converse with people from far-away lands….how fantastic meeting those 4 Aussies in Bagni di Lucca! Let’s hope we can get together for coffee sometime soon! Off to Antwerp in a couple of weeks….your blog post spurred me to make some reservations! Merci beaucoup et a bientot.

    • I’m sure you will love Antwerp. The station alone makes the trip worthwhile.

  2. You are such a celebrity!

  3. Hi Debra, My wife and I decided on
    Bagni di Lucca for our next holiday
    while researching on Tuscany, because
    of your blog.
    You are a great ambassador for the area
    and a fantastic help for us travelers.
    Thank you , keep up the good work.

    • I’m sure you will love your stay here. I will be around in Sept/Oct, so we may meet.

      • It would be great to meet and
        maybe you can show as your
        finished new house !!!!

      • That would be great. I will let you know when I book my ticket.

  4. If you weren’t leaving I would suggest going up to La Pieve to cool off. Those couple of miles up the mountain makes a huge difference.
    Thank you for all that you do to bring the world to BDL and BDL to the world. Your blog really makes me smile when I can’t be there and I know the people of BDL are grateful for the beautiful light you shine upon their area.
    Buon Viaggio!

    • Grazie! I was at Vergemoli yesterday and even up there, much higher than here and Pieve, it was still hot. It was 37 in Lucca yesterday. I will be going back to lovely winter in Brisbane,

  5. Blogging sure makes the world smaller. Thanks for your blog, you have increased my desire to return to the area I haven’t seen since 1964. Thank you!

    When you return to Brisbane, will you still be posting here?

    • I have collected thousands of photos on this trip, so I will still be posting from Brisbane. There will be posts on Italy with the occasional Brisbane one thrown in.

      • 🙂

  6. You are right, Debra, you find fellow Aussies everywhere! Right now, in San Francisco, they are taking over the city. It is incredible the number who are travelling, particularly taking into account population numbers.
    I guess that with such a hot weather, going for a swim in the river is the right thing to do, even if the water is a bit cold. Rafael does it all the time whenever we are at the mill, but I find it a bit cold, even in the rock pool….

    • The exchange rate is good for us right now…which helps.

  7. Love it! It’s wonderful to find the world such a small place. And blogging really does lead to marvellous connections, doesn’t it?

    • I met you through the blog…it’s great.

  8. how wonderful to have such a positive influence on the lives of people, and to walk into a bar where your readers are sitting.. mind blowing! I always enjoy looking at your river view, the water has gone down hasn’t it.. we are hot here too, summer.. c

    • The river gets very low in summer, quite a different look.

  9. Gosh how nice it must be to know that people travel to Bangi di Lucca because of your blog.

    • I love it here and I think it is great that people come to visit because of the blog.

  10. Too funny….I thought you were starting a joke with “so, I walked into a bar….” 🙂 What a fun experience of Small World!

    • I do know a couple of ‘walked into a bar’ jokes.

  11. How wonderful to see the river in use….. Dai Debra! Tuffati anche tu!
    Meanwhile your fame around town and beyond is absolutely deserved! Jx

    • One day I might brave the river.

  12. You’re living the dream life, Debra — summers in Italy, meeting fellow Aussies in your adopted home, enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of Bagni di Lucca, and hot summer weather. Better than Brisbane in the depths of winter.

    • I am about to return to Brisbane for winter, which I love. It has been incredibly hot here and I am very keen to leave it. I hate hot weather!!! Right now I am not having a relaxing time at all, I am rushing to get things finished in the house we are building, hanging curtains with sweat dripping from my chin….give me winter any day.
      Having said that, I love it here in Italy and I know that I am very lucky to be here for months every year. I will be back in September, when the summer is over.

  13. That must have been such fun – how lovely to meet some of your enthusiastic audience – and I enjoyed seeing them too! We have a nice, chilly welcome waiting for you in Brisbane i.e. brilliant blue skies, lovely warm sun and very cool nights. I love, love the Bella Bagni di Lucca post – such wonderful costumes and handsome knight:)

    • I love Brisbane in winter! Time to come home.

  14. Debra, we enjoyed meeting you in bagna di lucca. I can see why you love it there. The scenery and architecture are great. It will inspire me for lots of paintings in the future. Donna and I absolutely lived the musical recital in the old church in lucca, breathtaking, we met all the artists afterwards. We are now enjoying the cooler weather in beaune in burgundy. Thanks for all your tips. Jenny

    • I am pleased you met Mattia and the others. They are a lovely group. I am going to miss Tuesday nights at Angeli Custodi. I hope the rest of your trip goes well.

  15. Wow! You are quite a superstar! Have you contemplated on writing a book about your travels?

    • Strong word..superstar. A book could be fun.

      • Just tell your publisher, suppliers about how popular you and your blog is

      • What do you mean by publisher and suppliers?

      • For your upcoming book. Hehe. To convince people to publish it. 😀

  16. Now I have a new challenge. To get to the Lucca region while you are there. You rock star! You have groupies…

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