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Ride a bike in Amsterdam

The population of Amsterdam is around 750,000 and I suspect there are at least that many bicycles in the city. There are bike paths everywhere and it takes a bit of getting used to as a pedestrian in the city. Not only do you have to look out for cars and trams, but bikes fly at you from all directions.

I’m sure it is a great way to get around the city, particularly in good weather. I wasn’t game to try it but it certainly made interesting watching.


Bikes come in all shapes and sizes and colours.





This seat doesn’t look at all comfortable.









Bicycle parking can be quite inventive.



This was my favourite bike.



  1. I biked through Paris with a rent-a-bike. Quite possibly one of the scariest but memorable experiences from my time there.

    • I would ride a bike around the Lucca walls, but city biking is not for me.

  2. Even in Europe, something obviously so every day in Amsterdam can seem so exotic for us! Great post. And I could have guessed you’d love the flower bike! xx

    • I wonder why bikes became so popular. It must be a bit ordinary riding in winter.

  3. I LOVE this. I used to live in Amsterdam and I can’t tell you how much I miss my bike and biking there. I bike in Milan too, but you always have to be careful about getting hit by a car or a bus. Not the same.

    • I wouldn’t ride a bike here in Italy, I want to live.

  4. I like the polka dot bike! I think more cities need to do this.

    • Brisbane is trying to do it, without a lot of success.

  5. I should go there…. I love bikes and I loved too in these photographs…Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • Amsterdam is a great place to visit.

  6. I’d love the pink spotty one! Though I can’t see me cycling much here, except on the walls of Lucca of course!

    • I’m with you….walls of Lucca only.

  7. Yes those bikes are fantastic….but they can be lethal for tourists! You just never know when one will pop up!!

    • They seem to come at you from everywhere.

  8. Great collection of photos! Yesterday I watched a Rick Steves show on Amsterdam, and I was amazed at the parking garage for bikes – who knows how many were there!

    • We saw one parking place that held 2,500 bikes.

  9. I can’t believe how many bikes there are on the bridges in the first photo!There are certainly some cute ones amongst them!

    • The sheer volume of bikes is a bit scary…..they are everywhere.

  10. The bike on the fence in the flower bouquet belongs on a card — birthday, Valentine, anniversary. Very artistic. There’s a story there!

  11. That is a lovely selection of bikes. My favourite is the pink one with blue polka dots.

    • My favourite, the one with the flowers, appeared on the fence for just a short time. I took the photo from the bus window and a little while later it was gone.

  12. Incredible photos, Debra,

    • Amsterdam was a great place to be with a camera.

  13. There are a LOT of bikes in Amstedam, aren’t there? That’s a huge first impression. But these photos are priceless! Love the bike with the wooden shoe in front. What a hoot!
    Great idea for a post, Deb!

    • I wonder why people in Amsterdam took to bicycle riding with such gusto.

  14. As John and I are deaf, we couldn’t hear the warning bike bells behind us, so we were constantly on the lookout. I felt like strapping a pair of reverse mirrors around my head so I could see what was happening from behind. Or maybe carry a plague on our backs: “Warning, Deaf Pedestrian.” Any better ideas? We had the same experience in parts of East Berlin but not as scary as in Amsterdam.
    I love the dignified way the Dutch ride their bikes, The yellow wooden shoe bike is my favourite.
    Adelaide, being mainly flat, is perfect for bike-riders, but we need to adopt the Amsterdam system of separating the bike tracks from the roads.

    • I will have a go at making you a hat with mirrors attached…..or possibly they could be glued to your sunglasses and stick out in front a bit…..there must be a way.

  15. This is a great post! I love all the fun and different looking bikes! I haven’t been to Amsterdam in years but know I would fit right in! 🙂

    • Amsterdam is a great city to visit, we loved it.

  16. Great work, Debra – I’d meant to do an Amsterdam bike post myself some time, but they seem so normal to me now I forget to look at them the way you have.

    • There are just so many bicycles! Next time I might try cycling in Amsterdam.

  17. I visited Amsterdam for the first time last month and I was amazed at how many bikes there are! :O

    • Some of those cycle parks are huge. I wonder how people find their bikes in the crowd.

  18. Your pics are so gorgeous…
    I ‘ve known it already about there’s so many bicycle in Amsterdam from my aunt who visited there last year (and also from the books that i read). Hoping someday i’m going to travel there cause i wanna see it myself 🙂 I love riding a bicycle anyway (for sport)

    • I knew they rode bikes a lot, but I wasn’t prepared for the number I saw.

  19. You snapped some wonderful examples, I went a bit mad when in Berlin as they embrace bicycles for all occasions too.

    • It seems strange to me when they have such extreme winters in these places.

  20. I thought just crossing the street in Amsterdam required a lot of bravery The trams, the bikes, the motorbikes in the regular bike lanes, the buses, the cars! It’s easier to cross the street in Times Square!

    I had to laugh at your photos because I found something a bit poetic in all the different styles of bikes. And isn’t it a bit strange how they oftentimes randomly park on the sidewalk?

    • I agree with you, we found it quiet scary walking around Amsterdam. I guess you would get used to the bikes.

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