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Below zero in Helsinki

I arrived in Helsinki to minus 1degree. That may sound cold, but a few days ago it was around minus 20, so I felt very lucky indeed. I like the cold and I happily wandered around the city admiring the snowy scene.



The cold weather doesn’t stop the Finns getting about.




But there were no takers for outdoor dining.


The strong men at the station are always favourites.



Esplanadi Park looks gorgeous covered with snow.



Early morning by the harbour was beautiful.



That is one of the boats that cruises around breaking up the ice to keep the harbour open.

I always take a walk in the park behind the station.










No visit to Helsinki would be complete without the beautiful white church that overlooks Senate Square.



My second day in Helsinki was minus 14 degrees. Now that is cold for a girl from Brisbane.

I have a new blog on Helsinki. Take a look at Beautiful Helsinki.


  1. What beautiful images! Thank you!

    • Helsinki is gorgeous in winter! I was lucky to have mostly clear blue skies.

  2. Gorgeous photos – glad the cold didn’t keep you away!

    • Minus 14 was a bit cold. My fingers were frozen while I was taking photos by the harbour. It was worth it though, I love Helsinki.

  3. Oooo! You’re getting winter there, then again in Bagni di Lucca! Enjoy!

    • I love Helsinki in winter. It is so completely different from my home in Brisbane.

  4. Oh, the snow is so beautiful. I love the cold weather, as well!

    • I love the cold, I prefer it any day to hot weather. I am lucky that I can avoid summer as much as I do.

  5. Bit different to Brisbane Deb. Missed you last night at the EP function to launch their new range. You would have loved it. x

    • Helsinki could not be more different. I love them both. I hope there is some EP left for me in May.

  6. Beautiful, so beautiful photographs you captured dear Debra, Thank you, with my love, nia

    • It is easy to take pretty photos in Helsinki.

  7. You could eat snow off those tables! We ran into two young people from Finland yesterday at the petrol station in Launceston, they were working their way round, just picked cherries in Tas and off to the mainland & then Bali, bet they did not miss the snow this time.
    Just bought some lovely wool things from Waverley Mills in Launceston, but probably need to be in Finland to get the most out of them. Roz

    • Yea, I know I’m weak. I could have brushed the snow aside. I may have had trouble getting the waiter’ attention.

  8. Beautiful photos… pretty cold indeed!

    • The second day was a bit cold and there was light snow as well, and a little breeze.

  9. Brrrr, minus fourteen! I love the pink glow in the sky in the images of the harbour.

    • I managed to catch the pink harbour twice. It is amazing what you find if you get up bright and early.

  10. Looks unbelievably freezing…but divine!! Inspiring photos Debra.

    • It could have been so much worse, and the city is very well organized for the cold.

  11. This reminds me so much of Minnesota! Except this year we have no snow! Since the temps are in Celsius I am sure it gets even colder here as we can reach twenty. Slow zero F!

    • It gets much colder in Finlnad too. I was very lucky and the snow is so beautiful.

  12. This was a fantastic walk about Helsinki, i have never been there. What a stunning shot of the woman and her tiny child walking.. don’t you want to run after people sometimes and get their address so you can send them a print!! and that glorious park. Great shots debra.. c

    • That little boy looked so cute in his too big suit. His mother must be expecting a growth spurt.

  13. Fabulous photos, I love the colours and I love the little fellow’s pants – he’s obviously expected to grow into them. I had a look at the Helsinki – ‘official blog’ and discovered that google has a translate button. So now I really want to go to Helsinki and try blueberry and cranberry cider – it has to be good for you!

    • The little boy had to be restrained from diving into that pile of snow beside the road. It did look like fun.

  14. I haven’t been to Helsinki or anywhere that far north in Europe as yet; the photos are superb. Any tips on the best places and locations to stay when you are in Helsinki? eK

    • I have stayed at the very lovely Klaus K, the Glo and this time the Holiday Inn, which is very close to the station and where the bus comes in from the airport. I would recommend any of these. They are central and the rooms are lovely.

  15. Snows are like extra decorations.

    I don’t do good on too much cold like you do. -20 Eeek!!!

    • If you rug up enough it is not too bad. It is difficult to take photos with frozen fingers though.

  16. It’s so hard to imagine the cold at -1 let alone -20! Lucky for us you ventured outside to take some fabulous photos. I love the pink sky over the ice bound harbour.

    • It was worth getting up early for that.

  17. Helsinki looks beautiful, all that snow suits the city, and your photos are great, just as usual. I’m afraid that you are going to find more cold weather when you get to Bagni and temperatures well below average. I look at the weather report every day and I can’t stop shivering!!!! Even here, in San Sebastian, we were having -2º at 11 AM… And there is another cold front coming all the way from Siberia. Who came up with the idea of global warming? Ice age is more likely….

    • I have arrived in Bagni di Lucca. It is cold, but the snow has gone. More is expected, we shall see.

  18. I love Your photos Debra. They are selected with great taste. It has been cold and it is still. I who live about 50 km / 30 miles to the North of Helsinki, we are shivering from cold. This Friday morning there was -27 ºC / -16.6 ºF. Guess if I have had to warm our fire place every day.

    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Great photos. Enjoy your stay in Helsinki, I hope it is not getting too cold there.

  20. hehe yes I think the temperature is all relative. I’ve never been in that cold a temperature and I don’t know if I would fare very well! 😮

    • Because the sky was blue and there was a little sunshine it wasn’t too bad.

  21. Are you acclimatizing for Bagni di Lucca?

    • I have arrived in BdL and it is colder here than Helsinki.

  22. I really enjoyed your beautiful photos. Europe is having such a cold winter but you have captured the beauty of a cold day…so many looking almost like black and white photos.

    • I love the pale blue that comes through in some of the snow photos. I think winter can be very beautiful.

  23. I absolutely dread the cold, but for this I’d gladly layer up! How absolutely gorgeous!

    • I was OK on the first day, but I really didn’t have enough on for minus 14.

  24. Fairytale phtos, just amazing.

    • Helsinki is a gorgeous city.

  25. Hi Deb
    Looking at your blog, gorgeous photos! Would love to paint most of them. Takes us back to our visit to Italy in 2010. Just about to send a link of your blog to some friends of ours who are interested in visiting Bagni di Lucca.
    Jill and Des Hall

    • Helsinki is postcard beautiful in the snow, it would be lovely to paint. Thanks for sending the blog to your friends. Tell them to email me if they need information.

  26. Beautiful. We were there in the Fall. Chilly but comfortable. Love the snow scenes.

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