Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 31, 2012

Faces in Venice


Everywhere I go I see faces. Venice is full of delightful faces, here are some of my favorites.




The 2 above are on the front of the theatre in Venice.




I got 3 for the price of 1 here.


A gold face near Rialto bridge.





His eyebrows are bit chipped, but I like him anyway.




I hope the subjects who posed for this looked better in real life.




An early peace sign.


He was keeping watch over a vineyard on Torcello along with the next one, whose “hair” I quite liked.










Take a look in the Venice category for much more on this gorgeous place.

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  1. I love faces…it’s funny, but I was expecting real people. I particularly liked the one of the Madonna, but hate those nasty pigeons….I know they are part of St. Mark’s square, but they absolutely ruin everything. Despite that, I loved the photo. Toni

    • I have done a series of faces in various places. Sometimes there are people. I am not always comfortable taking photos of people.

  2. Great faces, Deb. The door knob (assuming that’s what it is) is amazing. I also enjoyed the dove on the head of the Madonna.

    • The door knob is lovely. I have seen similar in Rome.

  3. The cat and mouse was quite a surprise at the end and made me smile. The pigeon looks extremely comfortable on top of the Madonna’s head!

    • I love the cat.I laughed out loud when I passed it.

  4. I love the cat and mouse poster! IL Gatto! From top to bottom, it’s a beautiful post. The pigeon action is great, too! Cheers, Theadora

    • I love the cat as well, it was my favourite face in Venice.

  5. Loved this post, especially the cat poster and the door handle. I was expecting real people, too, but this was more interesting!

    • Sometimes I take photos of people, but I find it difficult to approach people. There are also posts on faces in other cities.

  6. Love all the photos and the poster of the cat!….my challenge now, is that I try to translate everything including that wonderful poster…..and then learn a new vocab. list.!! Must be some kind of new addiction…in any case my Italian teacher will be pleased. 🙂

    • I loved the cat too. I need to work on my vocabulary. I will be back in Italy and I will have 4 months to practise.

      • Four months would be great!…I am looking forward to one week study in Florence in August…wish like anything it could be longer!…still better than not at all 🙂

      • Why are you going in August??? It will be so hot in Florence then.

  7. You’re photos are, as always, captivating… have quite an eye. What type of camera do you use?

    • Thank you. I use a Canon G12 and I love it. I haven’t got past point and shoot yet and I don’t use photoshop, because I don’t know how.

  8. What a collection of faces… varied and interesting.

    • There were many lovely faces in Venice.

  9. Wow Debra..really like this collection of faces – and what a great concept. They’re all so old…yet still so beautiful.

  10. That door knocker is my favourite-so striking! 😮

    • He is pretty impressive.

  11. Love these themed posts Deb. I love the Madonna and bambino. They remind me of modern day refugees.

    • They are beautiful.

  12. Great pics, Debra. Just as usual. You really spoil us!!! I love the Madonna and bambino, the one with the pigeon (and I do love pigeons… I must be one of the few people who do!!!!). There is a lady in Bagni di Lucca who could have been the model for that statue. Her face is almost identical.
    And I also love the San Marco lion. Almost human!!!!

    • I actually like pigeons too. To those who don’t, I suggest they take a look at their war record.

  13. These are lovely, but I prefer your statue bum post. 😉

    • I will definitely be collecting more bottoms on my travels.

  14. Great faces. Agnes tulloch

    • Thanks. It is fun finding them.

  15. Great selection. I really want that door handle! Thick snow here in Bagni di Lucca today.

    • Your photos are amazing! I hope it is still there when I arrive. I am going to reblog your post, I love it.

  16. I love that all the faces are a bit different! It’s not like there’s a standard mould they use…thanks Deb!

    • Venice is full of delights.

  17. Photo six and seven in this post are for me like a Chiparus bronze statue from the 1920’s…….OH Deb, we love your photos. It is so inspiring……..thanks so much…….

    • I love that one too.

  18. I love your detail with faces, Deb, and wonder if some of those resemble Venetian dignitaries or rogues? – was thinking about the face on the winged lion – wonder whether the artist possessed a sense of humour? Love that perpetual pigeon on top of a carving or statue. Why not enjoy a pretty perch?

    • Pigeons always pick the best spots.

  19. I loved the “faces” – it’s funny how I see them all the time but don’t really notice them! Thanks for pointing out all their character! Next time, I will certainly pay more attention to them! What a great idea to make this a focus of your photos!

    • I love the details wherever I go. I could spend days wandering around taking photos of these things.

  20. Some really interesting features. I’m sure some of them would turn out great as prints.

    • I would love to see the prints if you do them.

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