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Seeing spots at GoMA

To keep going a little longer with the bright colour theme, I would like to take you to a current exhibition at GoMA, our wonderful Gallery of Modern Art here in Brisbane. It is called Look Now, See Forever, showing the work of Yayoi Kusama, one of the most important and exciting contemporary artists to come from Japan.
She has been involved in film making, fashion, sculpting, writing, installation art and public happenings for nearly 60 years.
Born in 1929, Yayoi Kusama looks like no 81 year old I know. She suffers from ‘depersonalisation syndrome’ which leaves her suffering from hallucinations. Her art appears light hearted and whimsical and in glorious colour. She dresses to match her art.


I think my Mum needs a red wig.

Spots are a recurring theme. The exhibition begins with Dotted Pumpkins, gorgeous shiny pumpkins reflected in lots of mirrors.


We then move past the room where we see the artist telling her story and on to Dot Obsession, with giant inflatable objects covered with dots in a room covered with dots.


I wore a suitable dress to take the photos.


The next room is filled with her beautiful large scale works, Flowers that Bloom at Midnight.





The next room, which I think is everybody’s favourite, is where visitors get to take part. The Obliteration Room started out white. Visitors are handed cards of coloured dots and invited to stick them wherever they wish. By the time I made it to the exhibition the room had almost disappeared in a riot of colour.





Apparently, on opening day, a little girl was given the first card of dots and told she could put the dots wherever she wanted. She stuck the first one to herself.

GoMA does a wonderful job of making art accessible to everyone, particularly children. What better way to encourage an interest in art from an early age. Downstairs from the exhibition is a fairyland for children.





The detail in these installations is incredible.




Children can sit at a computer and create their own fantasy by gathering pieces to make their own art piece. What fun!!!


The exhibition is on until March 11, 2012. Go by yourself, or borrow a child and really have some fun.


  1. I’ve always been put off by modern art – thinking it was quite elitist (like if you didn’t immediately understand the message behind a rusty dirty bucket you were a cultural cretin!).

    I actually love this! It looks so fun and playful 🙂

    • I’m with you on the rusty bucket/frozen sardine thing. I admit to being a cretin when it comes to some contemporary art.

  2. Oh dear Debra, this is so beautiful, fascinated me. What a creative people… I wished to visit there… Thank you so much, with my love, nia

    • It is a fun exhibition, I have been a few times. I love it and it is free.

  3. I love the Obliteration Room – it’s like Web 2.0 for art!

    • It is great fun for kids and adults. Who doesn’t want to stick spots all over everything?

  4. What fun!

    • GoMA does some wondeful stuff.

  5. Amazing – the colours are so beautiful. The obliteration room must have been a lot of fun for the children (and grownups!)

    Pam Proctor

    • Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves.

  6. hi Deb,
    i took Lulu along the other day and of course it was a hit.
    cousin Julie

    • Hi Julie, It would be fun to be a little child here.

  7. Beautiful exhibit. Thanks for sharing. It’s is nice to see bright fun colors.

    • I hope I am a bit dotty when I am 81.

  8. Debra…Love the photo of yours truly in the spotty dress :)What a fabulous exhibition…many thanks for sharing !

    • I don’t usually put myself in the blog, but the coincidence of the dress was too much,

  9. Thank you for sharing these photos!

    • If you are near Brisbane I hope you visit the exhibition.

  10. Thanks for this great post Debra…I’m off tomorrow to see this fabulous ‘dotty’ exhibition….isn’t it wonderful. She’s an amazing creative artist…I love her dottiness!

    • I’m sure you will love it.

  11. What a fabulous exhibition. I love the way GoMA encourages the children (and adults! ) to participate in their exhibitions

    • GoMA does a fabulous job. The attendances for the gallery are very good.

  12. Most interesting, Debra and the usual great photos. Thank you. Not exactly my “cup of tea”, but very imaginative and different. And coloured dots are very fashionable right now.

    • I think her work is a lot of fun. I love that she is still creating in her 80s.

  13. I cannot believe that we are going to be in the area in those dates! I would love to take my daughter, I might turn into a cchild myself!

    • Have a great time. Look for the Matisse exhibition as well. I did a post on it a little while ago.

  14. What a fun place and funky work. I want to eat fairyland!

    • It looked very delicious.

  15. This modern art is out of this world! I love it. The kitchen is crazy and the red and white polka dot room is brilliant! Thanks for sharing these photos, they’ve brightened a grey day. 🙂

    • I love the dotty rooms. I think the whole exhibition is great fun.

  16. Hi, I just stumble upon your blog via wordpress. So glad I did or I would have missed this. I’m making a date with my now grown daughter to go and see this when I’m next in Brisbane, I love spotty dotty things. Definitely need more involved with the spots, lol.

    • The exhibition is wonderful. Be sure to see the Matisse exhibition as well.

  17. This looks awesome – the obliteration room must be a blast with kids! It’s nice to see modern art that seems to be as much about having fun as anything else.

    • Everyone loves the Obliteration Room

  18. Good God, Deb, this artist’s work is stunning! Those large flowers are magnificent. Isn’t it strange how many great artists suffer from mental illness? It fascinates me that she does.

    Great post, my friend!


    • Her art comes from a dark place. It is amazing that it is so bright and cheerful.

  19. Amazing lady, I love COLOUR and spots will visit Goma soon.
    Fantastic Photos once again Debra.
    I feel since reading your posts that I look at things differently now with eyes Wide opened.
    I hope that I will be that colourful at 80 !!!

  20. Gorgeous world! I have seen two different exhibits in Tokyo and she’ll be showing in London in February. I’m excited.

    • She is amazing. Enjoy the exhibition in London.

  21. Absolutely wonderful. I’d love to go see it, and my kids would be beside themselves.
    Loving your colourful posts at the moment Debra.

    • Kids love this place.

  22. So filled with color and fun!!! I could so easily get lost in it all!

    • You could certainly get lost in the red and white spot room.

  23. I am dotty about spots too! What an inspiring and aspiring artist and a role model for us ladies on the way to the eccentric 80s! I love the idea of putting in dots everywhere. Just wish Yayoi Kasuma will bring her exhibition to Adelaide. Her art is so vibrant and family-friendly. Thank you for introducing us to Yayoi Kasuma and a different kind of modern art.

    • I think is is great. I love spots.

  24. Hi again, Debra, love your spotty dress – goes well with the red and white dotty theme.

  25. LOVE LOVE this post. What whimsical and joyous art. My daughter would melt all over that fairy display.

    • GoMA does a wonderful job, we are very lucky to have it.

  26. Art that is full of joy. What a lovely start to my day. Thank you!

    • The exhibition is a lot of fun.

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