Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 6, 2011

A cold December day in Helsinki

The blue skies we flew through didn’t really give any idea what Helsinki would be like.


You can just see the coast of Finland at the bottom left of the photo. When we landed it was snowing. Not the lovely fluffy snow, it was the wet, sloppy kind. Overnight it must have changed, because this morning there was a beautiful dusting of snow over everything. I headed straight for the lovely park near the new music centre.


There were no people sunning themselves here like there were in September on my way over.


I love the winter landscape. The park was full of people walking, running, pushing babies in strollers and obviously enjoying a beautiful winter day.



There were ducks enjoying the brief patches of sun.


As well as the ducks, there were these 2 handsome fellows.


One of them was quite a show off. He came out of the water, presented himself to me and spread a wing to show me how lovely it was.



I walked all around the edge of the water, taking advantage of the clear day.



When the sun shone everything was golden.



When the sun went behind a cloud everything turned silver.




There were birds looking for food. They were obviously used to people and came forward in case I had something for them.



It was about 1 degree on my walk this morning. When I left the park I headed straight for Fazer for a hot chocolate. If ever you are in Helsinki you have to have one of these.


The days are short in Helsinki at this time of the year, but there is blue sky and some sun. I think the city is gorgeous at any time of the year.


Take a look in the Helsinki category for more on this beautiful city. I have been here in spring, autumn and winter. I really must come in summer one year.

I have a new blog on Helsinki. Take a look at Beautiful Helsinki.


  1. looks lovely – bit chilly but perfect Winter day!! enjoy!

    • It is a bit colder in Helsinki than it was in Lucca when I left, but that is to be expected.I love it anyway.

  2. I too enjoy winter landscapes. How fun to experience Helsinki in the snow. It looks so lovely.

    • I think I was very lucky to have snow today, it could have been freezing rain.

  3. It looks lovely, but very cold. Fortunately, hot chocolate helps a lot. Enjoy your stay!

    • Hot chocolate helps many things. I had only one day in Helsinki. I am at the airport now waiting for the next bit.

  4. The city under those skies looks like it’s made of sugar. I know you are happy to be in this country that is so much “home” to you. I’m happy for you.

    • I love Finland! Helsinki was beautiful today with its light dusting of snow.

  5. Debra, you make the most ordinary things extraordinary with your wonderful photography. I’m Pam Proctor’s friend who met you last fall in Italy, and Karen Overton’s friend here in San Marcos CA. Hope to see you if you house-swap with Karen!

    • We are very keen to come to San Diego. We have heard so many good things about it.

  6. Oops . . . forgot to include my info on the previous reply

  7. Those two handsome fellows were Canada Geese – I was surprised to find them in England, then I found out that they were introduced into parts of Northern Europe, right across to Finland! Much of my family live out in Canada so I have something of a soft spot for those geese.

    • I knew they had to be geese of some kind. They are beautiful. Thank you for identifying them for me.

  8. Helsinki looks lovely with its dusting of snow and clear blue skies – if I ever get there I will try the hot chocolate at Fazer.

    • You won’t be disappointed. They do excellent food too.

  9. Dear Debra, you captured so beautiful photographs. They are all amazing and I wanted to be there… I haven’t been in Helsinki but how interesting I always remember, and have an image during winter days… Have a nice day, Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Helsinki is beautiful, full of Art Nouveau buildings.

      • why are you there??

      • I love Helsinki! I usually fly Finnair from Australia to Italy and back. I like the airline and I like Helsinki stopovers.

  10. That park around the inlet is beautiful in any season. You have captured it beatifully. I have walked that path many, many times and also did on our last day in Helsinki in in October. Thank you again for the memories your blog creates…..

    • That park is beautiful in any season. I loved my cold walk there.

  11. I love love love that first photograph. I get such a stark and clean feeling from looking at it. I’m also a fan of Karl Frazer chocolates, but then again, I think its impossible not to be.

    • I always go to Fazer for lunch or a coffee or hot chocolate.

  12. Beautiful shots!

  13. What a privilege to see Helsinki in all it’s seasons. I have never been to Finland but your photos have inspired me.

    • Finland is a beautiful country, the people are friendly and helpful and the food is great. You must go.

  14. Brrr! It got chills just looking at these pics. We didn’t see this side to Helsinki, only the Summer.

    • Helsinki is beautiful in all seasons. I love it when there is deep snow as well.

  15. Looks amazingly cold and beautiful. You’re so lucky to see Europe. Ah, one day …

  16. So fun to see your wintertime pictures of the lovely Linnunlaulu area – my home away from home last May. 🙂

    • I had a beautiful cold day in Helsinki on the way home. It snowed overnight and everything looked gorgeous.

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