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Faces in Rome

My run of good weather has come to an end. It was raining when I left Bagni di Lucca and Rome was the same. Apart from the fact that my shoes suddenly decided they were not waterproof, this didn’t really stop me trudging around Rome. After a change of shoes I was off.
Here are some Roman faces I saw on my wanderings.


I think it is appropriate to start with Julius Caesar. He was standing guard at the Forum.


Friends at the Piazza Navona.


Getting wet in Campo de’ Fiori. Perhaps the rain will wash the bird poo off his nose.


Mosaics on a corner in Piazza Farnese.


Standing in the rain outside the Pantheon.




The three faces above were in the Pantheon. The sheep looks particularly happy. Who wouldn’t, living in this gorgeous place?


The 1 above and the next 2 are in the beautiful church of Santa Maria in Trastevere.



The skull and cross bones was above a confessional. A warning perhaps?


This seagull was huge!!! I wish I had a matchbox to put beside it to show you. He was well aware of his stature. He was standing tall and proud on top of a car and attracted quite an audience.


The lovely lady and her friends are watching over the tomb of the unknown soldier at Vittorio Emanuelle II.


The boy was on guard as well.


She was in the church beside Termini Station, the enormous Santa Maria deli Angeli.


An interesting “Men at work” sign.


He must feel a bit silly in that hat.


A face that only a mother could love.


Caterina da Siena in Villa Borghese gardens.


Beside Caterina was the beautiful face of Fausto Cecco, an aviator of note, judging by his hat.


Graffiti on a wall.


This is not really a baby keeping his glasses on by suction. It was an advertising poster – I have no idea what it was for.
Next stop Helsinki for some really cold weather. I hope it is not raining.

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  1. Wow, the graffiti is beautiful! (so are many of the other faces of course).

  2. Wonderful – I wasn’t expecting the statues and paintings!

  3. The statue at Santa Maria deli Angeli (Termini) is the one of St Rita of Cascia (I recognize her because of the thorn wood on her forehead). A very popular saint in the Catholic world who is believed to help you whenever you have huge problems which cannot be easily solved.
    Great photos!

    • Thank you for that. I have not been in that church before. It is huge!

  4. FABULOUS! Love seeing all those faces. The sheep gets my vote. That’ll keep me in a good mood for a while.

    • I think the sheep is gorgeous, he looks so happy.

  5. Love all the faces Debra, especially the one of Fausto Cecco. safe trip home.

    • I think he has a beautiful face.

  6. save a date for a coffee!!! safe travels xx

    • I’ll see you at Campos soon.

  7. What an amazing array of faces. The image of the horse in the middle of the others made me laugh. Thanks I needed cheering up this morning.

    • He was a bit wet, the poor horse.

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  9. fab, I loved the local faces too esp the horse, some of those heads are so grim looking, You never ever see a smiling statue do you!! c

    • You have set me a task now – looking for happy statues.

  10. Beautiful photographs… I love Italian art culture… These are amazing sculptures. Thank you dear Debra, Have a nice journey and I hope not too bad the weather in helsinki… With my love, nia

  11. So much history in your country.

    • There is so much to see in Italy, it would take several lifetimes

  12. Amazing post, Deb! I love it. This is another one that should be Freshly Pressed!

    • Thank you, I love face spotting. I have collections from Naples and Venice to come.

  13. Wonderful portfolio……you made me think……and I did some research….the baby is keeping his specs on by suction……a perfect, and unusual, gift for my Californian grandson . Thank you!

    Also, I was looking for information on the very beautiful Fausto Cecco, but when I do a search I only come up with your blog Debra. Any more information?

    • Amazing! What will they think of next?

  14. Okay, found Fausto Cecconi – In 1930 he obtained the world record for duration and distance in a closed circuit contest, scoring 67 hours and 13 minutes non-stop flight, with 800 km and 8188 meters. In December of 1930 he took part in the Italy-Brazil Cruise transatlantic flight and was promoted to captain for special merit. He was killed in an explosion in 1931, caused by gas vapour build up in the cockpit…..he sounds like a Marlon Brando character…but the real thing.

    • Thank you for doing that research. I photographed him because he was beautiful. There was no information about him near the statue at all.

  15. Fantastic photos Debra…I love the way you focus on a special aspect of a place…in this case faces!! loved them!!
    Looking forward hopefully to meeting up in the near future on your return to Australia…so much looking forward to visiting your beautiful part of the all now booked!

    • I am in Helsinki on my way home. See you soon.

  16. Ha you know we saw some absolutely massive seagulls in Helsinki! They were so enormous we had to take photos of them!

    • The northern seagulls are huge, I’ve seen them. The Roman one was pretty big too

  17. Glorious portraits, I love the sheep particularly and that horse is just great! Really brought a smile to my face this morning 😀

    • I just love the look on that sheep’s face.

  18. Amazing pictures ! Love close ups…….really lets you in on the details. Wouldn’t the one of the sheep make a fabulous Christmas Card?

    • I love that sheep. He looks very happy with his world.

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  24. Five weeks til I go to Rome. I get more excited when I read any of your Rome posts!

    • There are quite a few tips for Rome…just go to the Rome category.

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