Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 2, 2011

What’s happening at Vergemoli?

Things are moving ahead on our stone house in Vergemoli. The weather has been on our side. This November has been dry and sunny, perfect building weather.
We are trying to make the house as pleasant to live in as possible. We have insulation between the brick layer and the stone exterior. As well as this we are installing under floor heating.
Here are some exciting photos for you.


This is layer 1 and 2. The second layer is a type of volcanic stone which helps with insulation. After this there is another layer of insulation and then the heating pipes go in.



On top of this is another layer, over which there will be terra-cotta tiles. Now that’s a floor!!!

We have a bath!


I didn’t climb the ladder to the top floor, but there are bathroom fittings going in there as well.

Nila was on hand to inspect the building progress.



Another excuse to show you our fabulous volcanic arched doorway.

And here are some more photos of the gorgeous views around the house.






If everything keeps going well the house will be ready for sale or rent next spring.

Take a look in the category – new house in Vergemoli – for the whole story, from pile of rocks to our lovely stone house.


  1. Wow, it is coming along very well, the doorway is fabulous! The view even better. Great job.

    • The house is looking great. The view is spectacular.

  2. Nice Dog,

    • Nila will be pleased to hear that you approve.

  3. It’s coming on. I can’t believe you are going to sell it!

    • It was always intended for sale. I won’t be unhappy if it doesn’t sell immediately. I am looking forward to staying there next year while I decorate it.

  4. Lovely views, beautiful area, beautiful house. Nila looks well. Lovely dog. Thanks Judy.

    • I put the photos of Nila there for you especially.

  5. Looking good! Love the doorway, and the surrounding scenery looks absolutely stunning in the Autumn colours. Can I say I’m a bit jealous of that lovely undefloor heating! Definitely one of the advantages of a new build.

    • We have a solar panel as well, so hopefully the house will be nice and warm in winter.

  6. It is looking great and the underfloor heating will make the house very warm.
    Nila is a lovely dog.

  7. I love the door and the views are stunning.

    • The house faces south and has sun all day.

  8. I wish this old stone cottage on the Canal du Midi was insulated and had under-floor heating….sounds like heaven.

    • The old houses are charming, but sometimes some modern conveniences are welcome.

  9. I envy the underfloor heating; Godzillavilla has wooden floors and insufficient ceiling height on the main floor to add the required thickness. I’ve heard you can put it in the walls as an alternative.

  10. Underfloor heating is indeed very exciting! The arched doorways are gorgeous. And the view, well, don’t even get me started…

    • The view is spectacular always.

  11. That is a fabulous arched doorway, and what a charming and peaceful place to live.. that must be like a dream come true! c

    • We are very happy with the progress of the house. It has exceeded all expectations.

  12. The place is stunning–the view, to die for!

    (By the way, I’ve updated my blogroll and added you–and accepted the Reader Appreciation Award you gave me. Thanks again, my friend.)


    • Thank you for including me.

  13. Amazing-I’m ready to move in!

    • You can come up to see the house when you come back next year.

  14. Oh wow, it’s just gorgeous. Debra, your stone home is coming along wonderfully. How on earth do you hand the keys over to someone else after watching it grow the way you have? Just gorgeous.

    • With great difficulty.

  15. Great looking house and such a stunning surrounds. So good that the weather is being kind to you. I look forward to the updates. Aussiegirl

    • Hopefully early next year there will be some good interior shots.

  16. Beautiful. I’d buy it in a heart beat.

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