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You can fish for trout in our river

At certain times of the year and if you buy a permit, you can fish for trout in the Lima River which runs in front of our apartment. We can sometimes see trout from our balcony. My lovely new friends, Maria and Raphael, showed me a path which runs beside their house which leads to one of the best spots to fish from. It is a very quiet and secluded part of the river not far from the bridge at La Villa.

the entrance to the fishing spot

This looks like private property, but it is in fact a public thoroughfare to the track to the pond.

the beginning of the track

 Raphael has been working hard to clean up the track, which had unfortunately become a bit of a mess.

the track to the trout pond

can you see any trout?

This is a beautiful part of Bagni di Lucca and it is the view from Maria and Raphael’s house, which is an old mill built right on the edge of the river.

the view of the river from the house

 Maria and Raphael have done a wonderful job of renovating the old mill, but have now reluctantly decided to sell. Would you like to buy it?

the old mill from the other side of the river

 Maria and Raphael’s part of the mill is on the right. One of the old windows has been extended to the floor of the living room, giving them a great view of the river. The house has been beautifully restored. As many of the original features as possible have been retained, while making the house very comfortable. I think it is great that these wonderful old buildings are being brought back to life. I hope the house finds someone who will love it as much as Maria and Raphael.


  1. I will buy it when I get rich if it is still for sale! :)))))))

    • You would love it Rosaly. I saw it just before I left the village.

  2. A bit of a mess ???

    • There was lots of rubbish about before Raphael cleaned it up. The track leads all the way to the river, but I didn’t go all the way.

  3. But beautiful when you get to the bottom.

    How do you get back up though ??

  4. Nice shots! I miss the green so much!

    • Spring is lovely in Bagni di Lucca.

  5. must learn to fish for trout, it is an art.

    • You should come to visit us in trout season.

  6. Hey Debra!!!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for the email 🙂 🙂

    Just letting you know I received it and I’m in the process of writing to you 🙂

    Have an amazing day!!!! D 🙂

  7. I would love to see inside the old mill! It is great they kept as many of the old original features as they could. As I look for our 6 month rental I always dismiss the ones that have been stripped of the beautiful old materials.

    • Maria and Raphael have done a great job with the interior. They have tried to keep it looking the way it was when it was built.

  8. Wow. What a beautiful old building. Do you know how old it is? The water seems so close to the walls. If you managed to catch some trout, that certainly would be locavore eating.

    • I think Maria has answered all your questions in her comments. It certainly is a lovely old building.

  9. Such a serene spot, Deb. Feels peaceful just looking at it! I’m sorry your friends have to sell – I hope the mill finds someone new to love it!

    • I don’t think I could bear to part with it.

  10. Hi Debra, thank you for all your kind words. Rafael has finished clearing the access and now we can reach the rock pools. Water temperature at this stage is 15 degrees C and it is lovely. We have about 10 large trouts in the area and quite a few small ones,but Rafael does not intend to go and try to catch them as they have become sort of family pets. We do not know the exact time when the mill was built; however, it must go back to the 18th Century. Walls are about 60 cm thick and made of stone. It used to be a chestnut and cereal mill and they used to bake bread as well. Actually, my laundry is located where the old bread oven used to be.
    The water is close to the lower level, there are four more levels on top of it. An amazing building! To tell you the truth, we are having second thoughts about selling it… It would be impossible to have it rebuilt nowadays.
    It has been raining quite a bit overnight, which has been great for the plants. We may be getting some more rain tomorrow… hopefully!

    • I hope you don’t sell it Maria, I’m sure you will be sorry. I have only just met both of you, I don’t want you to leave Bagni di Lucca. I’m glad to hear of the rain. It will water my geraniums on the bridge.

      • I have been checking on your geraniums and they are doing well. Someone must have watered them as the soil was moist. This rain has been great and we are having a very cloudy day, so we may be getting some more.

      • I arranged for someone to water while I am not there, so it is good to see that it is all OK.

  11. Debra I can see why Rafael and Maria are having second thoughts about selling the MIll – Last year I stayed at Moulin Du Roc in CHampagnac De Belair , France – a old mill that had been converted to the most wonderfull bed and breakfast worth a stay if you are in the area.

    • They have put a lot of work into the mill. It would be a pity to let it go.

  12. How very special to live there – I’m sure that living in a place which gives you beautiful views to rest your eyes on is very good for your psyche add in a sizeable dose of peace and quiet, filtered through the sound of water and you have my idea of paradise. Oh, and please chuck in some beautiful music to listen to and lovely fresh, simple food….hmmm, I might come up with one or two more things while I’m vacuuming:) which is what I’m supposed to be doing instead of sitting here dreaming.

    • Dreaming is so much better for you than vacuuming.

      • That shall be my mantra – dreaming good vacuuming bad! I do ocasionally daydream about my design for a celestial vacuum cleaner which will snarf up nasty people and deposit them in the ‘basement’!

  13. What a nice idea to while away the hours! 😀

    • I’d be happy to just sit and look at the river.

  14. Hi, in 2013 me and my wife are planning to stay three months in Lucca. Since I am interested in fishing, could you please inform me when it is allowed to fish trouts in Lima? And how much it would cost?
    Best Staffan

    • You need a permit to fish in the river, but I am unsure of the cost. I will be back in Bagni di Lucca in January and can make inquiries. I don’t think it is expensive. I see lots of fishermen on the river.

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