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Season change in Bagni di Lucca

When I arrived in Bagni di Lucca a few weeks ago it was warm and sunny and the river as as low as I have ever seen it. Things are changing rapidly. Leaves are turning golden and falling from the trees, the days are getting shorter and colder. We have had heavy rain in the area and the river Lima was turned briefly into a raging torrent.

I love the misty mornings and the autumn colours. Come for a walk around Bagni di Lucca with me.

changing colours

I love the autumn colours

water in the river and mist in the mountains

at the bend in the river

looking up to Le Torre

from a different angle

I think they are liquid ambers, or Japanese maples

Tina's trees change colour

the tiglio tunnel loses its leaves

at the railway station

Click here to see Bagni di Lucca in beautiful spring.

While the wild weather and heavy rain didn’t cause damage in Bagni di Lucca, the nearby coast was not so lucky. The beautiful villages that form the Cinque Terre were badly damaged when heavy rain sent flooding water through the streets. Monterosso and Vernazza were devastated. Let’s hope these little towns can recover. Anyone who has ever been there, or would like to go in the future should think about sending donations to help with the clean up. Brisbane was devastated by floods earlier this year. I have seen how much damage water can cause, it is not pretty.


  1. Nice walk Debra, thanks…
    I also hope the damaged communities can recover soon,

    • You can see the damage on BBC sites. Some of the villages are still cut off, except by sea. The damage is terrible.

      • which damages???? there are no damages here…

      • Take another look at the post. I didn’t say there were any damages here in Bagni di Lucca. I said that Cinque Terre has been badly damaged. I would prefer that comments are not anonymous.Could you leave your name next time please.

  2. Glad that Bagni di Lucca was spared the flooding devastation, and we feel awful for the people and towns who werent spared. Our thoughts and hearts are with them.

    When we were in Bagni di Lucca not even a month ago there was barely a trickle of water in the river. What a difference! Looks lovely there with all the colors in the trees. Enjoy the fall Debra! We are saving $$ already for another trip back to Italy! We hope next year, but will have to see what other expenses pop up in the meantime.

    • When things improve a little I would like to go to Cinque Terre. I think one of the things we can do to help is to go there and eat at the restaurants, buy things from the shops and support them where we can, as well as donate now.

  3. The trees are stunning. Enjoyed the stroll with you. Thanks————–

    • Autumn this year is especially lovely. The weather has been wonderful (mostly) with warm sunny days.

  4. These photos are amazing! Thanks for a vicarious experience of your wonderful town!

    • Bagni di Lucca is gorgeous at any time of the year. You should visit.

  5. Just as you said, Bagni is beautiful in autumn. Well, it is gorgeous throughout the year; however, autumn has that golden glow that makes it even prettier. I can see that the Lima is carrying a lot of water. My thoughts and my prayers go to the people of the Cinque Terre. We always try to go there whenever we are in Bagni. It is a very pleasant trip. I can see myself walking through Monterosso and Vernazza. We would have never imagined that such a devatation was possible. The Italian Red Cross is accepting donations for the victims.

    • I can believe this could happen to Cinque Terre. The rain must have been incredibly heavy to cause the devastation that has happened.

  6. Sooooo lovely to wander round Bagnii again! We loved our stay there recently……mostly miss the beautiful pastries! Thank you for the photos.

    • Those pastries are mighty fine. I think I’ll have one now.

  7. Something we miss here in Australia, isn’t it?

    • We certainly don’t see it in Brisbane.

  8. I’m also currently obsessed with the beauty and colours of Autumn here in Bagni di Lucca. I think it has been easier to appreciate it fully this year as the weather is so mild. I just wish I could capture it as well as your photos do. Lovely post.

    • Thank you. I met Isabella Dusi in Montalcino. I come up one day and tell you all about it.

  9. Bagni di Lucca looks so picturesque, no matter the season. Those are some beautiful photos Debra, I can feel the crisp autumn air just by looking at them. Thanks for sharing!

    • I love this time of the year. The cool mornings and evenings are just perfect.

  10. Beautiful, thanks Deb. I can’t stop thinking of this beautiful area and all the friendly people.

    Cheers Judy.

    • You will have to come back.

  11. Congratulation for the wonderful pictures and details. Debra. thank you

  12. So beautiful – I don’t know how you ever leave!

    • Fortunately I like my life in Brisbane too, but it is always difficult to leave Bagni di Lucca. The only thing that makes it possible is knowing that I am coming back.

  13. Just seen something similar from my daughter in France.
    Autumn near Paris. Here in Stellenbosch, South Africa, one month of spring left. Then our hot summer. Spring was actually quite cool and a bit wet this year.

    • I think spring has been a bit cold and wet in Brisbane too. Apart from the one time with heavy rain the weather here has been wonderful.

  14. the nature in Bagni di Lucca is amazing. I love those changing colors. I love Autumn.

    • Autumn this year is especially lovely.

  15. Bagni di Lucca looks beautiful in autumn. I’m sure it is stunning in all seasons but your photos of the autumn colours are so pretty.

  16. […] was excellent most of the time and the autumn colours were exceptional.   autumn colour Click here and here for more of autumn in Bagni di Lucca.   A highlight for me this autumn was the Chestnut […]

  17. Love this! That vintage Fiat 500 <3

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