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That’s bull

One of the most popular places to be at the Ekka is the cattle pavillion. The huge bulls attract the most attention – with good reason – they are impressive!

a very big bull

Like the chooks, these animals come in all colours and sizes (perhaps not quite as many colours as the chooks).

there are shiny almost black ones

and happy brown ones

gorgeous grey ones

grey ones with little faces

the sahiwals are actually pretty

big white ones

a Piedmontese - trust the Italian one to be wearing a coat and quite possible eye make up as well

I think this one is pretty too

this Murray Grey with his owner is only 2 and weighs around 1,100 kilos

the Murray Greys have lovely faces

a brindle and a white

some have beautiful tails

some have long eyelashes

Baby animals are always cute and baby cattle are no exception.

cute baby with its smiling mum

how lovely

so cute

These huge animals are remarkably placid. The Murray Grey man told me that the animals are accustomed to noise, people and boisterous children. It would be in nobody’s interest to bring cantankerous animals to the Ekka.

city kids get to pat a bull

even very young children help out with the animals

 Mostly they just lie around or eat, or even both at the same time.

worn out after a hard morning

totally relaxed

I heard a little girl say to her father “Daddy these cows are all tired”. I guess all they are expected to do is eat and grow.

rump steaks all in a row

 The only one I saw even slighty miffed was this final one who was having his photo taken. He wasn’t at all impressed with being asked to pose.

hard at work looking handsome


  1. How precious, Debra! The calves are especially darling! Another great post–more fabulous photos!

    • They are great big beautiful animals. I think it is great that they come to town every year.

  2. Is this the famous black Angus???

    • I’m not sure what the big black one was. He is a handsome fellow.

  3. That’s a lot of Bull. 🙂

    • We grow them big here in Australia.

  4. Nose jewelry, long eyelashes, what’s not to love.

    • Those lashes are amazing!

  5. Great photos – I love the happy brown ones 🙂

    • They are gorgeous aren’t they?

  6. Such beautiful big beasts, I grew up with sheep mostly, cattle were more up North, perhaps that was a climate thing? Love the jewellery, and the babies. 🙂

    • They are so placid for such big animals.

  7. i really liked the smiling cow. very cool picturs Debra. it started my Monday off with a smile. thanks.

    • He was a very happy fellow.

  8. I learn something new every time I read your blog.. Thank you!!

    • I’m pleased you found it interesting.

  9. The grey one… handsome indeed! 😀

    • They are very impressive animals.

  10. Very beautiful and placid, totally different from their “cousins”, the famous Spanish Miura bulls. Next time that you come to Spain, I would advise you not to get that close to the local bulls. Here you have a sample of what could happen:

    • I think I would keep right away from Spanish bulls.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful animals. Lots of soul. I love them.

    • These animals were very well looked after and looking good.

  12. Another bit for my plate….. I love bulls but have a healthy respect for them after some very close encounters in the West Australian countryside in the past where I was working. I was in a very small paddock filled with about 20 bulls having to do some work. They are very nosey and stood all around me in a circle, when two of them decided to argue about their position to see what I was doing. I had nowhere to run, but managed to escape between them all and jump on the truck. The fastest move I ever made. I have also visited an artificial insemination farm in Holland. When I die I want to come back as one of those bulls, what a life….

    • That must have been an interesting visit in Holland.

  13. The Cattleman from Tamworth assures me that the big beautiful black guy is a black angus. Great pictures. Can’t wait to take the grand children to the EKKA to meet the Bulls.


    • Ethan and John will love them I’m sure. Thanks for the identification of the black one.

  14. They are so lovely. I was thinking that farmers must be amongst the most pragmatic people in the world. They raise these lovely beasts and given the close contact they have with them it would be almost impossible not to recognise their personality and grow to like them – and then they’re chops! Talking of which – I have a porky one in the oven – overcooking…….!

    • I think it must be hard to send them off on that final journey.

  15. I like the Italian one. They all look so well cared for.

    • They were all washed and brushed and looking great.

  16. Oh, that brings back memories – one of those bulls trod on my foot once, and even wearing my heavy boots, I limped for about three months.

    • I can imagine that one of those hooves could do some damage.

  17. Love the last posts you have written……talk about a lot of cock and bull stories……..

    • Well said! I hadn’t thought if it that way.

  18. I love how you showcased the details and beauty of the animals in your photos!

    • Thanks! I think they are beautiful.

  19. They are all “mighty fine beasts”. The Queensland Country Life boy in the jeans is okay too – (not that you noticed)

    • As a matter of fact I did notice. I thought Murray Grey man was pretty good too.

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