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Wetting the roof in Vergemoli

In Australia when the roof of a house goes on there is a celebration to “wet the roof” to ensure that it doesn’t leak. This always involves the drinking of beer. I wasn’t there for the ceremony in Vergemoli, but Rosi took some photos for me.

raising the Italian flag on the roof

It would appear that the Italian flag is hoisted into place on the roof. What a good idea!

Adriano shows the builders the photos

A couple of the builders don’t have a computer and they were unable to see the photos I took of them shirtless, so I printed some for them and sent them over.

I think they like them

having a closer look

These builders are now finished and the next group will move in, those building the internal walls, the plumber and the electrician.

discussions by the chimney

time to start work on the inside

the flag is flying

After the flag raising, it was time to go, so the truck was loaded and it was off to the bar in the village.

off to the bar

It would appear that Italian builders are not so different from Australians.

having a beer

Thank goodness they all had a beer, I would hate the roof to leak.

Thank you to Leonardo and the rest of the team – Giovanni, Gigi, Mohamed, Armando and the others whose names I don’t know. You have all done a great job. I will see you at the party to celebrate the completion of the house.

For those who have not been following the building of the house, look in the category New house in Vergemoli to see it grow from a pile of rocks to a fabulous 3 level stone house.


  1. Your house is looking fabulous, Deb – I love the chimney design. You’ve got a lovely bunch of builders who take obvious great pride in their work. They look like good friends as well. I like the ritual of “roof wetting”. I had not heard of it, so, wonder if it happens in other countries besides Australia and Italy?

    • I’m sure builders everywhere have their own celebration.

  2. It looks great Deb – can’t wait to see it in November

    • It is looking amazing. The men have done a great job.

  3. Just fabulous, darling, but you’ll have to go back now and get photos of all the new builders shirtless as well for us.. 🙂

    • What a good idea! I won’t be back until October. I might need to put the heaters on.

  4. Great to hear that the build has been relatively smooth and congrats on the roof, we can drink to it when we see you next week.

    • I think we should raise a glass or two to the roof.

  5. Deb it’s coming together beautifully. I love it. Your posts are so, Under the Tuscan sun. I’m desperately jealous. 🙂 Love the beer celebrations. My kinda do.

    • The house is growing well under the Tuscan sun. So far it has gone without a hitch.

  6. What a beautiful roof it is! Bravo!

    • It is a lovely roof. Let’s hope a buyer loves it too.

  7. I just google-mapped Vergemoli to find out where it was. I should have done that earlier, so we could have visited it last week.

    It looks great, though the winding road into the area looks challenging to a reluctant driver like me.

    • The road is winding, but you do get used to it after a few times. There will be a post on the road soon.

  8. Hehe well you learn something new every day-even about your own country! I have never been to a wetting the roof celebration. How I have missed out! 😛

    • You clearly need to hang around building sites more.

  9. Adriano, I’m proud of you!!! You build a beautiful house! love from Holland for you and Rosi
    Erica & family

    • Adriano has done a great job with the builders. We are delighted with the results.

  10. Well done! Time for the internal walls and the first fix! Will you be insulating in between the interior and exterior walls? It’s a very exciting project indeed. What nice beams in that ceiling. It will have a great atmosphere! 🙂

    • There is insulation between the internal bricks and the stones. If you go back to one of the early posts you can see it. I think the house is going to be lovely. I can’t wait to get back there to watch the inside develop. Thanks for visiting.

  11. House looks great Deb. Beautiful views in a lovely area. That Adriano doesn’t miss a trick. Ha Ha.

    Cheers Judy.

    • Hi Judy, Thanks for the comments. You will have to come back to Bagni di Lucca to see it.

  12. Good to know your roof is safe from leaking. Does it get more safe if they drink more beer? 🙂

    • Quite possibly. Feel free to have a beer for our roof.

  13. This was terrific to see – amazing how quickly the house was built in the end! And I love the flag-raising that accompanies the roof-wetting. Well done on getting through the challenges of building! Now we look forward to seeing how you will transform the inside, of course. 🙂

    • Adriano handled all the the challenges. We are delighted that it has all happened so quickly. I will be ther in October to help with inside.

  14. Looking great. Congratulations!

  15. That seemed to come together so quickly Debra. It looks wonderful. You must be itching to get back and see it.

    • I can’t wait to get back to BdL to see the inside grow.

  16. Wow, that house is going to be amazing! Thank goodness it won’t have a leaky roof. 🙂

    • I think is going to be wonderful. The setting is amazing and the house is looking great.

  17. Congratulations! It looks like it’s going to be a wonderful house.

    • We are delighted with the progress. I can’t wait to get back there.

  18. How fabulous. Congratulations!

    • It’s looking good!

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