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Marco in front of Ristorante Vinicio

Another vital component of our community is Marco, who owns and operates Vinicio’s Ristorante.  We can see his front door from our window so we know that just about everyone in Bagni di Lucca eventually walks in for one of his delicious pizzas.

Marco is wonderfully exhuberant and generous.  Together with Paolo from Bar Italia he makes things happen in the village.  Flowers appear on the bridge each spring, decorations are put up for Christmas, various feste take place each year and traffic jams are sorted with a wave or two of Marco’s arms.

On arrival in the village he is there to shout a welcome and throw his arms around us.  He is the first to offer assistance if you have car problems,  if you are laden with parcels, or just need help to negotiate life in Italy.

The restaurant was started by his parents Vinicio and Mirella.  His father died suddenly a couple of years ago and Marco has taken over pizza duties while his son Grigorio waits on tables with occasional help from his mother Carla.  Mirella still appears during the day to make sauces for pasta, soups and dolci.  Younger brother Cosimo is waiting in the wings.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the home of Mirella and Vinicio just before he died.  They were charming hosts and cooked one of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten from their outdoor oven.  Vinicio is sorely missed by everyone in the village.

Marco used to build a nativity scene beside his restaurant at Christmas until one year some wag took the baby Jesus from his cradle and left a sign – Torno subito – back soon.

A sad post script.

Marco died yesterday after a long illness. He was one of the first people I met in Bagni di Lucca and he was wonderfully generous to us. We will always remember is kindness at that time. I am sorry his life changed so much when he became ill.


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