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Why I miss Ponte a Serraglio when I am not there

I love my life in Brisbane, but I miss Ponte a Serraglio because it is so beautiful.

early morning looking down to Ponte a Serraglio

I miss my tiny balcony with its pretty flowers.

my balcony - with petunias and washing

I would love to be there all year and really make this look great. 

looking up river from the ponte

I could look at the view all day.

looking from my balcony towards Bagni Caldi

 The weather is spring 2011 was just about perfect. We had very little rain and the days were warm and sunny. The downside of this is that the river was quite low and there may be water shortages for the summer.

looking towards the ponte from the passerella - walking bridge

 We walk across this bridge most days as our car is parked in Villa Fiori, beside the bridge.

at the end of the passerella

looking the other way

 Villa Fiori was cleaned up a year ago and the grounds are lovely. 4 turrets were uncovered after being covered in vines for years.

the geraniums on the bridge

I would love to be there to look after my geraniums.

so pretty

 I hope they get enough water this summer.

butterfly geraniums

our apartment - the one with the balcony

From the apartment we can see everything that goes on in the village – I love it.

we can see everything from here

On a fine day we like to sit here to have lunch or just watch what goes on in the piazza. 

the balcony - without washing

 What I miss most is the everyday stuff that happens in Ponte a Serraglio.

flowers growing wild beside the road

the perfect clothesline

 And I miss the wonderful Ponte people. Click here, here and here to see some of them.

If you would like to know how we came to choose Bagni di Lucca click here.


  1. Sigh….

  2. If I were you, I’d miss it too!…

    • I love our little village.

  3. I love the shot of the balcony and the table awaiting the audience – ‘let the play begin’.

    • I would like to be there right now, watching the procedings.

  4. Gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind a little of that summer sunshine on your balcony to warm my bones up a little.

    • It is certainly warm there right now.

  5. Such a place… a spot of loveliness.
    You are so lucky!

    • I know, I love being in the village.

  6. You’ll be pleased to know that despite the 30 degree heat, the flowers on the balcony are still doing well, as are the ones on the bridge. We love it here too!

    • I plant the geraniums in April and they usually last until late October – amazing. I’m pleased you like it.

  7. Oh Deb. I feel for you. I understand completely. It is so lovely, so what people expect and need from Italy.

    • Italy is so beautiful. I am lucky to spend so much time there.

  8. I also miss Bagni di Lucca!!!! Glad to hear that the geraniums are doing well as it has been unusually hot.

    • How can we not miss Bagni di Lucca when it is so lovely?

  9. Your balcony is looking absolutely stunning and the bridge geraniums are looking great. Sorry to add to your reasons for missing Ponte but it’s one of Ponte a Serraglio’s big days today, the ‘Colori e Sapori’ painting competition. I can see the artists from here setting up for the day in the river bed and Villa Fiori park. I’ll try and put some of the paintings on my blog later so you can see it ‘virtually’!

  10. Your wonderful photos tell a story, how did this passion start ?
    When did you first fall in love with Bagna di Lucca.
    I can feel its happening to me !!!! help

    • Don’t fight it. Buying a place in Bagni di Lucca is the best thing we have ever done. We found it 8 years ago and it gets better all the time. There is a post called “Why Bagni di Lucca” which explains how we came to buy there.

  11. All of these pictures look like they could easily fill a postcard stand. It’s really beautiful there!

    • Sometimes I feel as though I live in a postcard. There actually is a postcard of the view from my balcony. It was obviously taken from the bridge below, but I like to think it is my personal postcard.

  12. I can totally see why … stunning! I’m imagining myself sitting on that balcony … oh I wish! 🙂

    • Sitting on that balcony watching the village is one of the things I like to do most of all.

  13. oh wow, beautiful views..

    • Ponte a Serraglio is very beautiful. You should visit.

  14. You miss this gorgeous village like I miss France. I know exactly what you mean. Best wishes, Therese

    • I love France too. I’m going to Paris later in the year on my way to Italy. I have visited your blog – I love it.

  15. My husband just looked at your pictures and said “I could spend 6 months on the balcony just reading the papers and I would be in heaven!

    • That could be arranged.

  16. When I am not in my lovely Tasmanian beach home I miss it badly too, just keep a photo on the computer desktop in the meantime.

    • We need those reminders while we are here.

  17. Oh yeah, I can see why you’d miss that. Nice… *sigh*

    • It is very nice indeed.

  18. Oh how beautiful! Just gorgeous. Love the little balcony, I would live there. Beautiful pictures. 🙂

    • I could live there too.

  19. It’s so beautiful Deb, no wonder you miss it!

  20. I’ll be back in October for more.

  21. It funny to look at the people from the village and I know about 75% of them already just after spending there only one week. Its a nice mix of people that I met there and many were so helpfull, specially Addriano (Aad) and Rosi.
    Love the progress of the house. My wife Nicolet has decided to visit for a week with her mother in August when she is in Holland for holidays and get a feel of the place just like I did. I hope she falls in love with it as much as I have. She is also staying at Addriano’s place.

    • I’m glad you had a great time. Rosi and Adriano are a lot of fun.

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  23. How wonderful – I can see why you would miss it so much. Love the petunias with the laundry 😉

    • I love my tiny balcony.

  24. Love the purple Clematis…I used to grow these in my mountain garden, Mt Wilson. N.S.W.

    • They are gorgeous flowers and they just seem to grow wild in our village.

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