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Armani Park in Milan

I have photographed the Armani wall before, but I had not noticed the little park in front of the wall until recently. In my defence, last time I was in front of the wall it was covered in a huge photo of David Beckham proudly wearing Armani underwear – very nice. David has been replaced and I was able to drag my eyes away from the wall.

not as good as David

It is hard to get an idea here of the size of this wall – it is huge. You can get a sense of it by looking at the people underneath. There is a delightful little park below the photo, a green space between the buildings.

a green space at the wall

The park is maintained by Emporio Armani in collaboration with the Milan authorities. I’m sure it is popular with locals.

one local enjoying the park

Look for the park – and the wall- on the corner of Via Broletto and Via del Orso.

I have trawled back through thousands of photos and I have found David!!! Lucky you.

David Beckham in 2008


  1. Lucky us indeed! Grazie!

    • He is a handsome devil, isn’t he? Lucky Victoria.

  2. There must be a soccer ball in there?

  3. Nice piece of eye candy.

    Not sure I’d want to share my husband with the world, in his undies!!!

    • I think it should be shared.

  4. yowza!

  5. No soccer ball and no socks I believe, why else would Victoria call him “Golden Balls”!!!! 😉

    • I’m sure he has a lovely personality and that is why Victoria loves him so much.

  6. hehe the “wall of David”-a non naturally occurring phenomenon that is a tourist attraction in itself! 😛

    • It is a pity he has gone now.

  7. Jeepers – who needs personality!

  8. Boom… What a hottie! Lucky us indeed. I quiet like the idea of having a wall like this, Canberrans just don’t seem to get into the billboard, I might put forward this idea, I mean… Who wouldn’t want to drive by this everyday???

  9. In general I like almost all Armani desigs. Now I know I also like -and very much- their wall in Milan and the little park… and that 2008 underwear advertisment!

    I agree, something so beautiful has to be showed, shared, just at a visual level…

    • Of course we only want to look.

  10. All I have to say is…..thank you.

  11. Thankyou Mr Beckham.

    • And Mr Armani for sharing him with the world.

  12. Good grief, no wonder you’ve never noticed the park before! I forgot everything I’d read when I got to the last photo in your post.. 🙂

    • He is really something to behold isn’t he?

  13. He certainly keeps your eyes focused on his undies.

    • Which is what Mr Armani had in mind I am sure.

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