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Ristorante del Sonno

One of our favourite places to eat is Ristorante del Sonno in La Villa. This part of Bagni di Lucca is one kilometre up river from Ponte a Serraglio. We like to walk up. It is a delightful stroll in the evening and trudging home helps to work off some of the calories.

making our way into the restaurant

I think the flags might represent all the languages the owner can speak.

they have a very fine pizza oven

The menu is quite extensive and it is never easy to decide which delicious dish to choose. I selected a prosciutto and gorgonzola pizza and I can report that it was great. The base was thin and crispy and the topping was perfect.

my delicious pizza

too delicious for words

The other dishes were excellent also, but not photogenic. However, the grilled vegetables looked very good.

Italians know how to grill a zucchini

We all fought over the caprese salad.

wouldn’t you fight over this???

I’m having the saltinbocca next time. It means jump in the mouth. It can jump in mine any time it wants to.

Ristorante del Sonno is at 146/148 Viale Umberto1. They have a website

Click here to find out more about eating in Bagni di Lucca.


  1. Hi debra

    We have been going to Cafe del Sonno since 2003 when we bought our place in San Cassiano near Bagni. Hilario “Il Patrone” and Jane his wife whio is incidentally the best Italian cook in the world, even though she does come from Sheffield, have become firm friends over the years. And it’s not just the great food (have you tried her vegetable mousse?) they always give us a wonderful warm welcome, even when they haven’t seen us for several months over the winter.

    Next time you go in there, say that Mike and Sue Gower send their best.

    • I won’t be back until October. You may be there before me. The food is very good, and I will certainly try the vegetable mousse. Is that sformato? We bought in 2003 as well.

  2. I now have a desperate pizza craving! But for that specific pizza! 😛

    • It was very good. I can still taste it.

  3. Thank you for all your positiv comments it is a great pleasure to make customers happy and a satisfaction reading such nice comments. Thsi makes our work and effort worth trying even more.
    Thank you again to all our friends.
    Ilario and Jayne

  4. You should indicate the address of all those restaurants, or the googlemaps location. I wonder meeting them, but I just don’t understand your “up river” or “down river” indications…

    • Ponte a Serraglio is very small, so it is very easy to find the restaurants and La Villa is also not very big, but I will put in the addresses for you and if they have them I will put a website or email address.

      • Thank you! I don´t think I’ll be able to meet them all, but it will certainly be very helpful for everyone who loves your tips and your blog (as I do, by the way).

  5. Proscuito and gorgonzola-2 of my favorite things! I have made a list of your favorite restaurants for my visit in Sept! Did you come up with any 6 month rentals for our trip in a few years that we could check out this September? Thanks for your help

    • I have not been able to find any six month rentals. The agents I know don’t handle long term rentals. I probably don’t know any more than you would be able to find in the internet. If you have seen anything I might be able to tell you of the suitability of its location.

  6. I would love to eat here the next time I visit your lovely town. That pizza looks amazing-I wish I had my very own pizza oven!

    • We are going to put a pizza oven into the Vergemoli house. I can cook very good pizzas in my oven here. It just needs to be very hot.

  7. Paninigirl-I want a pizza oven too! I heard you can buy a pizza oven that you put on top of your BBQ. But I think it will never be as good as the pizza in Italy. They must use magic to make the pizza taste SO GOOD!

  8. We’ve eaten in Del Sonno many times now and have always had beautiful food. Ilario is the perfect host – a warm welcome and perfect service.
    See you again soon Ilario.


  9. The best tonno e cipolla pizza anywhere! I have been eating there for years both alone and with my cousins . When I”m back in th States I dream of their pizza! Luckily I am here now!

  10. I want to trudge up and back with you sometime soon

    • I think it is time you came to visit us in Bagni di Lucca.

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  12. If you’re ever in Adelaide, Australia, the best pizza is at Cafe Bravo, Norwood. Thin, crispy and delicious.

    • I do go to Adelaide. Thank you for the tip.

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