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Spring happens quickly in Bagni di Lucca

Once the trees start to turn green it seems to happen while you watch. I love this. Because of our trip to Spain in April I missed the change from bare to green. This is what the trees looked like before we left.

tiglio trees on the road to Fornoli about to turn green

Le Torre in the distance

soon we won't be able to see it from here

new leaves

The new leaves were just beginning to appear. This is what the trees looked like about 2 weeks later.

Le Torre through the trees

The tiglio trees were pruned about 2 years ago so they may not form a complete tunnel this year, but by next year they should come together.

almost a tunnel

I walked from Ponte a Serraglio to Fornoli, crossed the iron bridge and walked back on the other side.

looking back towards Ponte a Serraglio from the bridge

a gorgeous spring day in Bagni di Lucca

looking down river from the bridge

On our side of the river the trees haven’t been pruned recently and you can see the difference.

the tiglio tunnel on our side of the river

I love the colour of the newly green leaves

In the grounds of the Villa Fiori an azalea bush that is completely neglected suddenly bursts into bloom.

azaleas at Villa Fiori

the neglected azaleas

they look remarkably healthy

azaleas with bee

While I am on the subject of azaleas I have to show you the huge azalea bush at Borgo a Mozzano. This nearby village holds an azalea festival every April. For the last couple of years the bush has not produced flowers in time for the festival. Better late than never.

Borgo's azalea

To give you an idea of the size of this azalea, the next photo has my car parked beside it.

the azalea and the car


  1. the “tiglio tunnel” as you call it is so beautiful. I love the way they line roads with trees here and in France. It’s so beautiful.

    • I love arriving in the vilage through the tunnel. It is so dark and mysterious.

  2. Thank you for springtime in Italy, your photos brought back many memories.

    • It is a constantly changing delight every day watching it all unfold.

  3. As you said, Debra, it all happened in a few days and the area is looking gorgeous.

    • I love every season here, but especially spring.

    • These trees are huge – very impressive.

  4. It is so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. My husband is going at the end of this month to look around and meet up with Jenny from Villatua. She has been great!

    • I’m glad Jenny has been helpful. I hope you find what you are looking for.

  5. Love the azaleas, they seem to like the climate in Europe where it is drier in summer more than the tropics, I cannot work it out, they must just be hardy.

    • They grow like mad here. the conditions must be just right.

  6. the tunnel trees are amazing…i love walking through it, lovely. and the pink flowers gorgeous.

  7. Gosh I didn’t realise azalea bushes grew so big, I do love azaleas. Here in Scotland we have lots of rodendrums, (they grow wild), which are the size of the azalea bush and bigger. They also are a beautiful sight when in bloom.

    • I have never seen such a big azalea. I love the flowers.

  8. Deb ,

    The growth is fantastic, Beautiful absolutely Beautiful.

    Keep up the good work.



    • Thanks Russell, see you soon.

  9. Can’t wait to arrive and blog about all these beauties too 🙂
    Beautiful pictures, as usual Debra!!

    Warm hug!

    • I look forward to reading your Bagni di Lucca blog.

  10. Love the growing greeness!

    • It is a very special time of the year.

  11. I love the picture of the Tiglio tree tunnel, – for me there is something so special about the quality of green that happens in that climate. I remember loving the sticky spring buds along my dawdling way to school in England. That azalea is a beauty but almost the same thing happens here with bouganvillia bushes you see scrambling over neglected buildings out west – they look blooming fantastic. They obviously like it lean and mean.

  12. I believe that bagnidilucca is more beautiful than in the pictures, 🙂 I love spring, not so hot and not so cold…

    • I love to walk up the hill in front of our house to look down on the village. It is always beautiful.

  13. Love that tree tunnel! There’s one close to where I live, but the trees are beginning to lose their leaves now.

    • Here it has just begun.

  14. Love this post! It has stunned me – coming from Australia, there wasn’t much difference seasonally. Yes, there were more flowers in spring, but most trees don’t lose their leaves in winter. I have watched a transformation like the one in your photos over the past couple of months and it blew me away! You’ve captured it brilliantly.

    • Thank you. I love being here in spring and watch it transform before my eyes.

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