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I want to live in the Alcazar in Seville

We didn’t really know what an Alcazar was when we approached it in Seville. We nearly didn’t go in and then we thought, why not? Who knows when we will be back in Seville? We were so glad we did, it was one of the highlights of our Spain trip. We would actually like to move in.

It is the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe. It was originally a 10th century palace, rebuilt in the 14th century for the christian King Pedro I.  It was built for a christian king in the Moorish style by Moorish builders.

The Alcazar is entered through the Patio of the Lions.

entering the Alcazar

very impressive

We did a bit of aimless wandering, constantly delighted by what we saw. I really want one of these gorgeous floor fountains.

I want one

If only I could find room for this pool.

I want one of these too

We wandered through this arch.

come through the arch

And we saw this.

Pedro's palace

Before we went into the palace we took a right and entered the Admiral’s apartments. Queen Isabel created this area to administer Spain’s New World  activities in 1503 after the success of Columbus’ voyages.  It was here that Amerigo Vespucci carried out his duties as Chief Navigator, here where Magellan and Elcano planned their first trip around the world and where Juan de la Cosa drew the world’s first atlas. I was most impressed to be standing in this room. It is dominated by a huge painting of the Virgin of the Navigators.

Virgin de los Mareantes - Virgin of Navigators

This enormous painting was painted by Alejo Fernandes in 1535. King Ferdinand is on the left in a gold cape.  Columbus is the fair haired man on the right. Beside the painting is a model of Columbus’ ship Santa Maria.

Santa Maria

From here we headed to the King’s palace.  He was known as Pedro the Cruel. Among other things he abandoned his wife and moved into the Alcazar with his mistress. It was designed to look like the Alhambra and contains many of the same features, beautiful pools, intricately decorated walls and ceilings and thick walls, designed to help make the building remain cool in Spain’s hot summers.

in the palace

detail over the door

looking up

isn't this exquisite?

a ceiling

another one

more exquisite walls

I want this at home

beautiful design

I love the tiles

From here we walked up the stairs to the Gothic wing. The enormous rooms have huge tapesties and beautiful tiles.

one of the huge tapestries

beautiful tiles

The palace has delightful gardens which could keep you busy for hours.

lots of work for someone

what a pity it won't fit in my courtyard

a simple but effective fountain

I love it!

a bronze Mercury in the pool

I love wisteria

I love these tiles

a quiet corner

The Alcazar ducks have carefully trained visitors to feed them.

clever ducks

wouldn't you love to sit here?

or sit on this?

and look at this?

The King and Queen of Spain stay at the Alcazar when they are in Seville. Who could blame them? I would never want to leave.


  1. Thank you Deb, it is a devine palace and I can almost feel the heat of the day, looking at the photos. It would have been a shame to miss it. So glad you shared the visit with all of us.

    • It was fabulous. Wouldn’t it be great to have it as your second home?

  2. It is a wonderful palace and your photos are great.

    • Thank you, we loved it.

  3. Beautiful place – architecturally similar to India. Adored the photos..

  4. It looks like you saw so many beautiful places on your Spanish trip Debra. Love all those gorgeous gardens and courtyards.

  5. What is it about archways that’s so alluring? I just love the way they frame your view of other things? Very beautiful and peaceful, thank you.

    • It is the most wonderful place. I was a joy to wander around there. I want to put one of those flat fountains at Vergemoli somewhere.

  6. Thanks Debra, I have really enjoyed reading about your travels in Spain. It’s on my list of things I would love to do myself one day. Sevillle, Granada, Toledo. The Alcazar looks stunning and so peaceful, those arches are amazing. Love it, love it, love it.

    • Thank you for following. There is one more tomorrow – my favourite – the Mezquita in Cordoba. It is an absolute must see.

  7. Do agree this is highlight.
    Brilliant photos and comments. Viva la Espana!

    • Isn’t it gorgeous? Lucky King and Queen of Spain.

  8. Mazes and ducks? No wonder they stay there, it’s gorgeous 😀

    • It is absolutely stunning.

  9. What a beautiful place and such a great pictures! I would like to live here too!

    • I’m sure they could find room for all of us.

  10. This is wonderful. I also love the floor fountains and the moorish detailed work.

    • I’m definitely having one of those floor fountains at the house in Vergemoli.

  11. Just devine. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Sandra, It’s nice to hear from you. I’ll see you soon when I am back in Brisbane.

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  13. Alcazar was the reason I went to Seville Deb. Totally gobsmacking…..the gardens, architecture and history were all magnificent….I remember it well. But again the day we visited Alcazar there was nothing but heavy rain….so wandering those glorious gardens was not an option. Maybe next time! So lovely to see your photographs of this magnificent palace.



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