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Peony sightings at Saint Zita’s festival

It is time for Lucca to celebrate the life of Saint Zita. The anfiteatro is again filled with flowers and people. We go every year to wander around and be part of the celebrations. I love the flowers. Here are some of my favourites.

peonies are my favourite flowers

another look

a perfect white one

look at this one!

yellow is beautiful too

There are lots of gorgeous flowers to look at.

the anfiteatro is full of flowers

lilac and white wisteria




I think this is a clematis too


this is too



The peonies and clematis come from Vivaio della Camelia e Azalea in Porcari – email:

Click here to see the flower festival from last year – and pictures of Saint Zita, the reason for the festival.


  1. So beautiful!

    • Absolutely, very beautiful indeed 🙂

      • I hope my peony opens soon.

    • Aren’t they?

  2. Peonies are my favorite too!! So beautiful!

    • My peony on the balcony has buds – I can’t wait to see the flowers.

  3. How is it that you have all my favorite flowers in one post! Peonies and magnolias and clematis…oh my!

  4. Peonies are among my favorite flowers, too. They’re in bloom in my garden, too, and I’m so glad! Have you ever been at the Centro Botanico Moutan? Itìs a place near Viterbo where they grow and sell exclusively peonies (and where I bought mine). It’s an enchanted place! Hee’s the link:

    • I am going there, thank you for the tip.

  5. My peonies are just opening! It’s all go in flower world! What a glorious festival of petally perfection you have there. Thank you for these beautiful photos once again.

    PS Does anyone know why ants love peonies so much?

    • I have no idea why ants love peonies, perhaps they just have good taste.

  6. Beautiful!

  7. Fantatic photos Debra! Beautiful flowers and I wish I was there too! Next year I will! :=)



    • You will definitely see it next year.

  8. Oooohhhh the peonies. Thank you for a great burst of colour on this grey Brisbane day. I recognise some of the roses too.

    • Brisbane certainly has had a lot of rain this year.

  9. We went yesterday to Lucca, but there was no flower display. We managed to pay a visit to St Zita in her chapel at San Freddiano.
    There is an interesting event on Sunday 1st May at Lucca, and we intend to go and watch it. They call it “Freedom Sunday” or Festa de la Liberta and it celebrates the freedom of the city from Pisan domination granted in 1369 by the Holy Roman Emperor. There seems to be colourful events including a parade in medieval costumes, with crossbowmen, flag throwers and a band from Porta San Pietro to the Duomo.
    And you should buy “bucellato”.
    Perhaps we shall meet there…..

    • The flower display was there for a few days. There is always next year. Unfortunately we are going to Bologna tomorrow and I will miss the festival in Lucca. What a a pity, I love these events, especially if there is flag throwing. Is this an annual event?

      • Yes, they have been celebrating it for the past 642 years…… It is usually held on the first Sunday after Easter. And you must eat “buccellato”, it is part of the tradition.

      • We love buccellato. We did a post on it a while ago.

  10. I am enjoying any work with flowers! Nice pictures!

    • Thank you – I love peonies especially.

  11. […] anything be more beautiful? Click here to see my Bagni di Lucca peony, and here for Lucca peonies and here for St Tropez peonies. Advertisement GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

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