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Gibraltar – steady as a rock

Gibraltar has a rock.

the rock of Gibraltar

It has monkeys – tailless Barbary macaques. Some are cute and some are not.

cute monkey

this one was very happy with his chip packet

the baby was more intent on picking flowers

I'm sure flowers are much better for a monkey

cuteness is over for this poor old thing

there are lots of monkeys on rocks

There is a cave with stalagmites and stalactites.

inside the cave

There are eucalyptus trees. It is always a surprise to see these outside Australia.

eucalyptus tree

There are tunnels in the rock. The British blasted these tunnels during the Spanish and French seige – 1779 to 1783 – and big guns were installed to chase away the French.  During World War II 30 miles of tunnels were added. It is possible to walk through some of the tunnels.

inside the tunnel

there is information along the way

There is imposing rocky scenery.

rocks on a rock

more rock

There are great views from the top.

sea mist at the top

the view of the port

There is a fairly ordinary statue of Admiral Nelson.

Admiral Nelson

This reminded me of the old George Formby song, ” If women like them like men like those, why don’t women like me?”,  in particular, the line about Nelson and Lady Hamilton. “Take Lord Nelson with one limb, Lady william Hamilton she fell for him. With one eye and one arm gone west, she ran like the devil and she grabbed the rest”.

But mostly there is the rock.

the rock

Apart from the rock, the monkeys and the tunnels I can’t see much reason to go to Gibraltar. I was spectacularly unimpressed with the rest.


  1. oh Deb I am so impressed! I don’t even know where this place I had to look it up!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Gibraltar is British owned and right at the southern tip of Spain. It has quite a history.

  2. There IS one thing that is unique to Gibraltar; the air landing strip and local road are one and the same! Distinquished by a set of traffic lights; when they are red you, the motorist, line up and wait. You watch the plane come in, land and then the lights change and you’re on your travels. Right across the surface where the plane just landed!! This unusual ‘port/strip’ can be viewed very clearly from one (or more) of the look-outs in the tunnels that you speak of, making it more obvious than when you’re on the ground. Second to this the tunnels and the monkeys DO seem to be the main attraction; except one pharmacy that was faced with beautiful ceramic tiles, depicting all things ‘drugstore’ related. Did you see that?

    • We walked across the landing strip at the airport to get into Gibraltar. The rock is most impressive and the monkeys are a lot of fun. Unfortunately we missed the pharmacy. The Trafalgar cemetery was quite sad. There seemed to be lots of very young people buried there. I’m sure Gibraltar has its charms, but they weren’t obvious on the day we were there.

  3. P.S. Your photo/s of the pansies on the bridge are just stunning; with that backdrop!Wow!

    • Soon it will be time to replace them with geraniums. I hate to see the pansies go.

  4. Well, the rock is quite impressive! I suppose it’s all about the history and strategic significance of the place. It’s a bit like what we have here in South Africa. Cape Point is spectacular, whereas the true most southern point in Africa and the meeting place of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans is at Cape Agulhas ( which is rather nondescript, and often shrouded in mist.

    • The rock is very impressive, but the town needs a little love.

  5. It has history, it has macaques, it has misterious mist, quite a rock! I like the massive profile of it.
    A kind of popular legend says it will be British as long as the macaques are there, isn’t it?

    • I think that is the case. The monkeys look well settled.

  6. Deb, the rock of Gibraltar!! Next time I use that expression, I’ll know what it means! Thank you.. 🙂

    • The rock certainly looks steady.

    • Me too Celia. I’ve heard the expression, now I know where the actual rock is. Interesting that you were spectacularly unimpressed with the rest there.

      • I sailed through the Strait of Gibraltar in the Achille Lauro in 1972 on my way to Italy the first time. It is only about 14 kilometres wide at its narrowest point. Ferries go across from Gibraltar and Morrocco and from Tarifa to Tangiers regularly.

  7. I wonder if that monkey knew that its cute days were over?
    What a contrast with the history and the monkeys, compared to all the high rises and port.

    • That poor old monkey was sitting quietly with its hand on a tourist’s knee. I think it was aware of its circumstances.

  8. you can catch a boat to Morocco from Gibraltar!

    • Yes you can do that. It would be a reason to go to Gibraltar.

  9. awesome Rock!! it’s a wonder! :O

    the monkeys yeah, they are cute, I am smiling… hihihihi…

    • There are a couple of hundred monkeys on the rock. There are 5 family groups who like to squabble occasionally.

  10. *sigh* I adore monkeys! And you really travel around don’t you! 🙂

    • We did 5,000 kilometres on the Spain trip.

  11. My father was stationed for a time in Gib during the war and worked on building the further 30 miles of tunnels. I visited Gibralter recently whilst holidaying in Spain. I really wanted to visit where my dad was stationed and to see the rock. Sadly I did not get to visit the tunnels or go to the top of the rock as the cable car was closed that day. Thank you for sharing your pictures of the tunnels.

    • The cable car was closed the day we were there too, so we took a mini bus tour to the top. It was quite good, the driver had lots of local knowledge.

  12. The rock does look spectacular, but I guess there’s plenty of spectacular rocks to look at in the world – if there isn’t much culture or other interesting stuff around, I’ll take your word for it and keep it low on my list of places to visit!

    • Yes, don’t bother, go somewhere else to see cute monkeys.

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