Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 15, 2015

Eat at Al Corso in lovely Lucca

A new restaurant has opened in Corso Garibaldi in Lucca. This is the gorgeous street lined with magnolia trees, many of which are in full bloom right now.

We enjoyed a delicious Sunday lunch at Al Corso today. Although it is brand new, the owners, Elise and Andrea have had lots of experience in their other restaurant, La Conca, just outside Lucca.

Elise and Andrea at Al Corso

The room was friendly and inviting and it was good to see lots of people in such a new place.

Al Corso Lucca

Al Corso Lucca


The first heavenly bread was eaten very quickly and 2 new packets appeared (and were also devoured)

Al Corso Lucca

I ordered rabbit which was rolled around zucchini and served with a very tasty sformata.

Al Corso Lucca

My friends ordered chestnut ravioli with pine nuts and pancetta.

Al Corso Lucca

…tortelli with ragu.

Al Corso Lucca

…and mixed seafood, which was in a very light and crisp batter.

Al Corso Lucca

In the name of research we ordered 2 desserts, raspberry, strawberry and pear sorbet.

Al Corso Lucca

…and mille foglie with marscapone with chocolate sauce. Both were excellent.

Al Corso Lucca

Al Corso will definitely become a regular place for lunch or dinner in Lucca.

If you hurry you will see the magnolias.

Corso Garibaldi magnolias

Corso Garibaldi magnolias

Corso Garibaldi magnolias

I will repeat a quote I found in a book on Lucca…because I love it.

“If you will be there around the half of March you’ll find the emotion of walking between the wings of magnolia trees, whose leafage full of flowers look like a big rose-coloured fireworks even though…unnaturally static.”

Al Corso, Corso Garibaldi 137/139, Lucca

Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Tuesday.

0583 057069


  1. Love the quote! Looks fab……

    • It is a great new spot…we will go together.

  2. I love how in the name of research you tried the desserts Debra 🙂 All the food looks absolutely lovely.

    • It is a tough job, but I am up to it.

  3. It is on my short list to try this week….

    • Perhaps we could go together?

  4. It looks like a great place and the food seems to be delicious! Thanks, Debra!

    • It is always good to discover a new spot.

  5. Tortelli with ragu for me!! Everything looks amazing! I’ll add this to my list of must try restaurants.

    • It is a great new addition to Lucca. I’m sure you will love it.

  6. Just another reason to return!

  7. Have some good friends coming to Lucca next month so will pass on your wonderful new discovery to them to try. Am quite envious as Jan and I helped them chose an apartment ( thru Deb)

    • I’m sure your friends will love Lucca…how could you not?

  8. The wings of magnolia trees….now that’s an inspirational expression! Inspirational research too! Adore Lucca!



    • I love that description. I read it years ago and think of it each time I walk on the street.

  9. Just delightful. The meals look amazing. The desserts sound delicious and the magnolias are divine

  10. One of my favourite street in Lucca when the magnolia are in flower….and to add such a lovely restaurant is a real bonus.

    • It is a wonderful street, especially when the trees are in bloom.

  11. Looks wonderful. Hope to see you in July.

    • I will be back in Australia by July. I have to go home occasionally.

  12. What interesting food – it looks delicious and in such a lovely location. That’s such a good description for the Magnolia flowers – in the half of March.

    • …whose leafage full of flowers. It sounds like part of a sonnet.

  13. I think I would have happily devoured every one of those dishes! They look spectacular I must say! 😀

    • I devoured your lime and chilli chicken tonight and it was great.

  14. That bread looks heavenly indeed! As do all the other delicacies. Looks a great find and s lovely interior to boot!

    • It is a good addition to Lucca’s restaurants.

  15. The food looks outstanding!

    • We all enjoyed our meals.

  16. These pictures are too much. I want to hop a plane and come over for dinner. Your blog has put this town on my bucket list.

    • Lucca is a gorgeous town. You must visit.

  17. I can’t wait to try this restaurant. I love the quote and maybe some year I will be in town in time for the magnolias.

    • I will see you there in spring perhaps.

  18. Deb, the sacrifices you make! Buon appetito

    • Just as well I am tough.

  19. What a delicious looking restaurant Debra. The magnolias are magnificent. Lucca must look beautiful at the moment with them in bloom.

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