Posted by: debrakolkka | April 19, 2011

Lugliano disappears in the mist

Spring weather can be changeable. We have had some beautiful sunny days, but there is still the odd rainy and misty day. I love them. I was walking back from La Villa just before we went to Spain and watched the clouds roll in over Lugliano, the village above Ponte a Serraglio.

the mist rolls in

the village almost disappears

I think it is beautiful

Soon the moss will dry up in the warmer weather.

mossy tree trunks will soon be gone

2 weeks later and the trees have leaves and the weather is warming up quickly. This morning when I walked to La Villa it was a completely different view.

Lugliano on a sunny day

the tree has new leaves

Spring is a beautiful season in Bagni di Lucca. I love watching the changes.


  1. We look forward to seeing it – it’s even better with the mist, I think!

    • I love winter here. I love the morning thunder storms and the misty days, I even like the cold.

  2. Sent a shiver down my spine – anything can loom out of the mist!

    • It is fabulous isn’t it? I love these misty days.

  3. I love fog-it makes everything so atmospheric!

  4. beautiful Deb…gee life’s tough for you isn’t it!
    i think we have decided to get married in Rome in September…keep you posted.

    • September is a great month to be in Italy – good choice.

  5. Those photos in the mist are incredible – love the silhouettes of the trees. You’re really taking amazing photos with that camera of yours.

    • I’m pretty happy with it. I probably need a bigger zoom, but I wanted a compact camera I didn’t have to fiddle with too much.

  6. Great photos – love the mist: I like the quality of sound and light at such times and the smell of the air. I also really like the fresh, spring green you get at this time of year in the northern hemisphere and the sticky spring buds. Tonight here in Brisbane it’s quite chilly and steady rain is falling – have to go to bed quickly so I can lie and listen to it before it stops – such luxury.

    • It is a great sound, rain falling on the roof.

  7. The first photo too my breath away! Nice work!

    • Thank you. The views here take my breath away.

    • Have to agree with Beautifulamnesia Debra, gorgeous picture, well done.

      • Thank you.

  8. I wish we were going into Spring here *Sigh*

    • Autumn has its charms.

  9. Mist just adds this incredible sense of mystery to any scene – lovely!

    • I love those misty days here.

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