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Cadiz shines in the sun

Cadiz is possibly the oldest city in Europe. Phoenecian traders arrived there around 800BC.  I’m glad they did, it is a great place to visit. It has beautiful beaches, lovely streets to wander in, good shopping and restaurants – what more could you want?

Plaza San Juan de Dios

The old city is squeezed on to a headland jutting out into the sea. It is quite small and compact and easy to get around. Plaza San Juan de Dios is a good place to begin your visit to old Cadiz. It is the orignal town square and has been the centre of activity since the 16th century. After the discovery of America, this square was the setting for the markets that sold the multitude of exotic products brought from the New World. I can imagine the excitement when a ship came in.

the beautiful coastline

the beach is very popular

the sand is clean, the water blue and the sun is hot

The yellow domed cathedral you can see in the photos was planned in 1716, but wasn’t finished until 1838, so it is a bit of a mix in design. The golden dome would have shone in the sun to welcome home the sailors.

the lovely golden dome

a mix of styles

an interesting roof line

from the front

We walked all along the coast  enjoying the glorious weather.

pretty coloured houses along the seafront

another popular beach

an interesting bathing shed?

the entrance to the pier

and the next one

very nautical

We stopped at a bar beside the pier for a drink and found a very cute flamenco stage.

flamenco stage

another look at that bathing shed

waiting for the tide to come in

look at the size of that seagull

Castillo de Santa Catalina

the little church inside the fort

inside the fort

the gardens beside the sea

by the sea

We had a delicious dinner at El Aljibe near the main square.

El Aljibe

inside the restaurant

We stayed at Hospederia Las Cortes de Cadiz in Calle San Francisco. It is a great hotel in a 1850s mansion. Each room is named after a famous Spaniard. The young man at the front desk was particularly friendly and helpful.

Las Cortes de Cadiz

our room

the internal balconies

Cadiz rooftops from the rooftop terrace

Cadiz also shines at night.

Plaza San Juan de Dios at night

I love these palm trees

the entrance to old Cadiz

I suggest you go in.

Click here and here to see a lovely Australian beach.


  1. I think I’m in love. The colors. The sea. The ancient buildings…

    • It is a gorgeous place, we loved it.

  2. …but I just checked out those Australian beaches…ahhhhhh…perfect.

    • I feel so lucky to have grown up at that beach.

  3. Oh this is so ME – I’ll have to go there one day. Thanks Deb..x

    • You should go to Cadiz, it’s lovely.

  4. As lovely and special it is to visit the wonders of this world we live in, nothing on earth is as special as an Australian beach. 🙂 Love inside the restaurant, oh and that poor chap sitting in his boat waiting for the tide… Very cute.

    • Cadiz is gorgeous and the beach was very good. I hope he didn’t have to wait too long.

  5. What strange architecture, those housefronts that are higher than the buildings themselves. I saw that also on the Cibeles post office in the center of Madrid. It also wears a high “comb” like that, and tourists think it must be Madrid’s cathedral.

    Hmmm. I don’t know what to think of it.

    • I thought it was lovely.

  6. Everything looks a most attractive shade of blue, cream and green!

    • I think the colours are pretty.

  7. I’ve been reading through all your Spain posts with great interest – I’m so excited to be going there later this year! I hope you had a great trip.

    • It was a great trip. We loved Seville, Toledo, Cordoba and Cadiz – Madrid not so much.

  8. Gorgeous photos Deb!! They make me miss Cádiz so much, I was just there this past weekend and the weather was amazing. The locals have the most genuine smile, you’d be hard pressed to find someone like that here in Salamanca. Did you try all the deep fried seafood (pescados fritos)?

    • We did notice that the people were friendly. We didn’t try the pescados fritos. We will have to go back.

  9. I probably remember Cadiz most vividly of all the Spanish cities I visited. Spent a lot of time exploring the old part of the city and walking along the seafront. Looking at your beautiful photos is a wonderful reminder.

    • We didn’t know what to expect of Cadiz and were pleasantly surprised.

  10. Such good shots, as usual… you catch details I love to see. The rooftops in these are great!

    • Thanks, I loved the rooftops as well.

  11. Lovely!

    • It is a beautiful place.

  12. I love the look of the internal balconies. Beautiful colours.
    The beaches look gorgeous too. Splish splash.

    • The beaches are very good in Cadiz. I was tempted to jump into the water.

  13. Hey, I check out all the pictures in homepages, you did so many trip! Cool..
    I like the Toledo, nice garden, and the cakes make me craving.
    the little girl is so cute, so classic dress…

    and this one is my favorite, seems like the weather is getting warm now… best time to go to beach! 😀

    • Cadiz is beautiful and the beach is very good. There is even surf.

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  15. Gorgeous! I wanted to go this summer, but didn’t make it. Maybe next year.

    • Cadiz was one of our favourite places in Spain. The beach was great and the town was very interesting. I would go back in a heartbeat.

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  18. Whaddayaknow, your image is way more awesome! Well, me and my friends were there for the night life anyways. 😀 I lost my pictures of Cadiz to make a post about it. I remember it so well because we slept outside waiting for the ferry the next morning. 😀
    I’m not really fond of pictures of beach with people all over the place. But yours look so much better. The people makes the location feels appreciated and adored by many.

  19. Reblogged this on 616elynne616's Blog and commented:
    Was looking on Google Images of cacti and found your link…so happy to see the beautiful photos of Cadiz….a distant cousin lives there….my Grandmother Maria came from Malaga and I have yet to visit that part of Spain. Thank you so much for all your wonderful photos, writing and info!

  20. Thank you so much for your photos of Cadiz….my distant cousin has been living there but I haven’t been able to visit. My grandmother Maria was from Malaga and hope to visit Andalucia one day. I love your blog, photos, info and all! Thanks again!!!

  21. A friend of mine was just comparing Cadiz to San Sebastian. He said it was equally charming. Could that be possible? I love
    San Sebastian so much but would be thrilled to find an equivalent in the South of Spain.

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