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Wandering in Cordoba

Cordoba has Europe’s best Islamic Mezquita (mosque) which I will give its own post. It is incredible, you won’t be disappointed. The old town has several other points of interest.

the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

I think the palm tree sets it off nicely

Cordoba has a remodelled Roman bridge

it has an 18th century monument to the plague

There is a lion at the base of this that has the most peculiar look. He looks like a cross between Warwick Capper and Farah Fawcet Majors. See what you think.

what about that mane?


side view

The baths of the Caliphate Alcazar are well worth a visit, even though there is not a lot left. The exhibit shows how Arab baths worked. The city used to have hundreds of such baths. They obviously liked to be clean.

inside the old baths

where the boiler was

the room where the caliph would recieve treatments and greet guests

showing what happened in the room

I want a skylight like this

Wandering through the narrow streets that once formed the Jewish quarter is very interesting.  There are pretty houses, shops and lots of very inviting restaurants to discover.

a tiny Cordoba street

I loved this house

the lady who owned it was deadheading her geraniums

the street of the flowers

a flamenco spot getting ready to open

the restaurant where we had dinner

Spanish dinner

the walls of the Mezquita

the walls at night

the view of Cordoba from our hotel

the foyer of the hotel

We stayed at the Parador of Cordoba. The hotel was very nice and our room was enormous, with a beautiful view over the city. However, in future we would prefer to stay in the city so we can walk outside and be part of the action. The Parador was a way out of the city and required a bus (which we could not find) or a taxi to get into town. We will know better next time.

I will put up the post about the incredible Mezquita when I get back to Bagni di Lucca and I have more time to go through the photos.


  1. Fabulous, fabulous. The lion certainly looked unhappy – funny mouth. Gorgeous white street. Loved it all.

    • It was a very wierd lion.

  2. Love this. I want to go! Having geranium envy of that street!

    • I think we need something like this in BdL.

  3. Love geraniums lining the street. How lovely.

    • That little street was so pretty and I think the girl in the red dress added to it.

  4. I can’t wait for your Mezquita post, it is one of the most magical places on this earth… did you go early in the morning. Oh I am even more jealous than usual of your travels Debra.

    I loved it so much the one time I visited it. I want so badly to go back now. Extraordinary place, I remember the flowers and coming back home and looking for plant pot rings, and finding some plastic ones, attaching them to my guttering in homage to Cordoba; they fell down in the night.

    • I absolutely loved the Mezquita. I had no idea what to expect, which made it even more amazing. I am so glad I was able to take photos. They will be up next week.

  5. I’ve just discovered that if I click on the photos I get an enlarged version! Have I just discovered a little known fact!! What a fascinating place Cordoba is – but that Lion is odd. It’s definitely feeling hormonal -it’s got that “I am NOT grumpy……” look. I love the pottery vessel in the old baths.

    • I felt sorry for the poor old lion.

  6. Take me here….. plueasssssseeee…. Love the flamenco spot, oh and the flower street… Its gorgeous…

    • Wait until you see the Mezquita.

  7. Well Deb, you beat me to it!!

    I will be covering Córdoba in the next couple of posts, and the Mezquita is so special it will probably have its own dedicated entry as well! Córdoba is definitely up there among my favourite Spanish cities, truth be told I liked it a lot more than Seville. In fact I’ll be back in 2 weeks for the Cruces de Mayo, it’s said that the city is most beautiful in the month of May.

    • I preferred Seville to Cordoba, but the Mezquita is incredible. Did you go to the Alcazar in Seville? I loved it!!! I think May would be too hot in Spain for me then. I am finding it too hot now. We are now in Granada and will visit Alhambra tomorrow. We will be dueling posts.

      • I have an old ex pat acquaintance in Granada, he did all the english signage at the Alhambra. Having said that, I don’t know if he still lives there. He had an old house in the Albaicin. Oh look, by the powers of google I’ve found him :

        Carmen Books
        Libreria de Antiguo y Ocasión
        c/ San Matias 10 – Granada

      • We have a tour of Alhambra booked for today. If we get into the new town sometime later we may look for the address.

  8. Seville’s Alcázar was absolutely breathtaking, I could have spent an entire day wandering the palace and its gardens!! I had a bit of a rough day when I got to Seville but experiencing the Alcázar really turned things around. I never did make it to Granada though, so you’re definitely one step ahead!

    • I loved the Alcazar. I want to move in. I’ll let you know about Alhambra soon.

  9. I remember Cordoba! Arrived there on a 4-day holiday weekend – nothing was open. We (I was travelling with a South African friend) were lucky that a kind Spanish family took pity on us, and helped us get to the camping grounds, buy food etc.

    When you’re backpacking through a country, and a lot of your day is taken up travelling on public transport and worrying about logistics, you miss out on seeing some of the sights. Your Spanish series has been wonderful to follow. I can remember some of the places of interest very clearly, others not so. Your photos are bringing back a lot of memories.

    The person that made the lion sculpture had obviously never seen a lion himself before! It looks like it’s wearing a wig.

    • I know, that poor old lion must have seen himself in the mirror, he looks most upset.

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