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We left for Spain on Saturday morning. We could have driven over to Madrid in one day but we decided to take our time.  At the end of Saturday we found ourselves in Carcassonne, a beautiful town in the south of France.

the medieval castle at Carcasson through the vineyards

The castle is huge, and very impressive as you drive into the town.

from the base

up close

inside the castle compound

The newer part of Carcassonne is also impressive. There is a lovley bridge leading across the river.

looking across to the new part of town

looking towards the castle

a fine home for the pigeons beside the bridge

a pretty park in the town

a lovely old house

Neptune's fountain - he looks a bit puny compared to Bologna and Florence

he doesn't look happy - would you?

Block G - where we stayed

the park nearby

the sitting room


Sniper - the very fat Devon Rex

the lovely lady outside the hotel

I’ll give you a bit more information about lovely Carcassonne a bit later. I’m sitting on a cold, damp stone bench in a Spanish village called Ainsa, taking advantage of the free wifi.


  1. We were in Carcasonne on a wet day two years ago. Just another castle, we thought, but a great lunch a pretty town made up for it. I’m jealous of your first photo on this post – I didn’t get anything nearly as good as that.|

    BTW, just sent you an email on Did you get it?

    • I was lucky with that shot, it was a reasonable day, not sunny, and we just happened to arrive that way. I’ll have a look now for the email.

  2. What a beautiful place! Admiring the romantic turrets in the misty distance, I am reminded of knights in shining armour, damsels in distress and jolly banqueting halls. I love the thinly ornate arch over the old stone bridge. At first glance, I thought the middle of the arch was in the form of a tiny cupcake! My mouth is drooling over the delicious looking breakfast table. Those asparagus look yummy!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, Deb – continues my fantasies about the South of France.

    • It is a very pretty place and the hotel was great, especially the resident Devon Rex called Sniper.

  3. OK. It’s GORGEOUS and I’m jealous. But my favorite touch is the ASPARAGUS for breakfast! That is over the top! Yum.

    • The breakfast was excellent.

  4. Bonjour 🙂

    Le photo c’est tres magnifique…

    You should have come to Bordeaux because you were near by 😉

    • If we hadn’t been heading to Spain we would have – next time.

  5. Thank you for sitting on that cold, damp stone bench to post these treats. Our visit to France is on the count down in weeks now. Enjoy “sunny” Spain.

    • We are now in Spain and it is indeed sunny.

  6. Lucky, lucky you. Enjoy, and keep posting.

    • I know I am lucky and thank you.

  7. Great post, great photos, as usual. It’s like we’ve all tagged along with you. Grazie!

    • Thank you for reading.

  8. Gee., thanks for letting me tag along with you on this trip Deb, love the massive castle & the photo of the vines., they all look so incredibly old & uniform don’t they.

    • It is a beautiful setting. Thanks for coming along.

  9. Fantastic castle. How long did it take to get there from Bagni? And as a B&B owner I am of course desperate to know if asparagus for breakfast works? Did you try it? It ws lovely to meet you in real life the other day, hope you are having a great time in Spain.

    • It took about 9 and a half hours. We stopped for lunch along the way. The asparagus was delicious. We stayed last night in a small village called Ainsa, in the north of Spain – very pretty – photos will follow.

  10. very impressive. simply breathtaking. this is what i like about your site. it just makes me want to go to all these place. keep up the good work. George M.

    • You had better get moving George.

  11. Your photos include the everyday things which give the places you visit such a personal feel. They give a heart beat to the places you visit!

    • Thank you, I really liked the cat.

  12. Julie, Ann and I were there last September, before we saw you in Lucca. We loved Carcassonne.
    Enjoy your travels.

    • Thank you, we liked Carcassonne as well.

  13. Beautiful shots of a surreal location. John and I visited Carcassone a few years ago but our pictures don’t begin to compare with what you have captured, Deb. You are amazing!

    • Thanks, it is a pretty place.

  14. Wow…the scenes are soo beautiful… I bet you enjoyed your stay in Spain…

    • We are still here in Spain. We were in Madrid today – tomorrow Toledo.

  15. What a beautiful area! Armchair travel for me at its very best. Thanks Debra.

    • The whole area is very beautiful, you would love it.

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