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The big green man

my favourite float

This float was my favourite. I’m not sure there were hidden messages, I just thought he was fabulous. The music that played as he appeared was from Star Wars – the scene in the bar with Sy Snoodles. My son was four when we saw the first Star Wars movie and he became an instant fan, so did I.  I bought the soundtrack for him and I found him one day listening with a blissful look on his face. He said “Mummy, I get so excited when I hear this.” I’m sure he will be thrilled that I have recounted this.  I love the music too, especially that bit. Perhaps that influenced my attraction to the big green man.

Don’t you think he is impressive?


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  2. He is huge! And I don’t remember him at all from Star Wars but I haven’t seen it for many years. My nephew is a Star Wars boy all the way though. Known as Darth Jacob in the family 😉

    • I don’t think he was in Star Wars, they were just using the music. My son’s nickname at school was Chewbacca. He is nearly 2 metres tall and reached this height when he was 14.

  3. Yes, the Green Man is certainly impressive!!! I love the story about you and Brandon. It’s interesting how a piece of music can jog a memory of a different time. I love the detail of your pictures, Deb – can imagine the movement happening on the float, and the scale of the Green Man against the tiny figures of the people. The Italians DO know how to put on a magnificent show. Bring on more pictures, please!

    • The green man has somehow appeared out of order. I don’t know why. I found him fascinating.

  4. I sure do think he’s impressive Deb, love the detail in him. What a float huh 🙂

    • I just loved this one. I loved his eyes. The enthusiactic bunch of singers and dancers who went along with him helped as well.

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  6. Amazing. Beats our Matilda float for the ’82 (?) Cth Games!

    • I was there when Matilda winked, she was pretty good.

  7. Hi Deb,

    This is amazing. Having just worked on building floats for the Adelaide Fringe, I can appreciate the work that goes into even the simplest floats. Great stuff. And looks like a great day for it! MLT

    • It was an incredible day. I imagine months of work went into building these floats and then hundreds of people come together on the day to make it work. Today is the last day for the Carnevale and unfortunately it is raining. Hopefully it will be better by this evening for the fireworks.

  8. Hehe, I still have that record Ma. However, the question is whether they played the music from the cantina scene in Star Wars, or was it from the scene in Jabba’s Palace, in Return of the Jedi? That was where Sy Snootles was singing with the Max Rebo band (Max was the blue elephant looking guy on the keyboards). Hmmm, although I am no longer the Star Wars geek I once was, It’s seems that my brain still retains reams of useless trivia…

    • You have got me there, Bran, I can’t be sure. Anway, it was very loud and it took me to a galaxy far, far away.

    • Oh my, it seems I have spelled Sy Snootles’ name incorrectly.

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